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  1. Belleview

    From the album Dollhouse Country

    Please refer to forum topic for details.
  2. Marriage or a relationship?

    That really depends on the cat. When we first got ours, she had a parasite and after her first vet visit we were given two liquid medications to give her twice a day. It took us over an hour, twice a day, to administer them - and one of them we couldn't get down. Finally we broke down and got it in pill form, also twice a day, and it took us about 5 seconds! Cats really are such individual creatures!
  3. Asking for some special Greenleaf TLC

    Selkie, I'm so sorry to hear that. Wishing you the best of luck, and sending the most positive energies your way possible. Good luck with everything, and I hope things turn out better than you can hope for.
  4. Asking for crossed fingers!

    That's a new one on me! :popcorn: At least they were back in the barn and didn't decide to keep going! We had a doe who figured out that the electric fence pulses, and would make either a ticking or a snapping noise when it did. She'd sit by the fence, get the timing down, and carefully bite through the strands of the fence in between pulses! Some friends of ours also had a doe who figured out that if she wasn't grounded, the electricity didn't hurt - so she would take running leaps and make sure all four feet were off the ground as she passed through the wires.
  5. Congratulations, everyone! Forget the official winners, they all look fantastic :popcorn:
  6. Asking for crossed fingers!

    Oh Julie, how wonderful! My family started out raising LaManchas when I was 10, and when I was 11 I was allowed to purchase my first Nubian I had to sell my herd while I was in college, and I miss them terribly - and due to a series of rather unfortunate events, they have all since passed on. But having and showing them were some of the best years of my life.
  7. Asking for crossed fingers!

    Thanks, everyone! They ended up doing fairly well, considering. There were a total of 411 entries in the breed, so a lot of the classes were so large they had to be cut, meaning over half the class is dismissed from the ring without even being placed. Quite a few of our animals were dismissed from the ring, but we did still have several really great placings: 19th place junior kid (Moon Mist Handheld Victrola, or "Vicky") 1st place (yay!) junior dry yearling (Longvu BX #000000 Magic Woman, or "B") 14th and 15th place milking yearlings (not sure who they were, though!) 12th place 4 year old - out of 43! (CH Longvu G Vipasanna Meditation, or "Vipa") Overall, for a National Show this is a really good set of placings, and we're pretty pleased as punch! Everyone brings out their absolute best animals, of course, and we were competing against the TOP herds in the country. At a "regular" show we typically take home top honors, but on a national level this is still fantastic
  8. Asking for crossed fingers!

    Hi all, I don't do this often but it means so very much to me. My father & sister are currently down in Louisville, Kentucky with our herd of LaMancha dairy goats for the American Dairy Goat Association's National Show. They start showing dry does (not in milk) today at 3pm and the milking does tomorrow at 8am. We have had a top-notch show herd for the past 13 years (over half my life!) and anticipate doing well, but you never know - at the National Show two years ago, none of our animals even made the cut to have a numbered placing! It was very frustrating, but it happens. This year, however, both judges for the breed have historically consistently liked, if not LOVED, our herd. This is what my dad has been working toward for many years now, and our animals are his pride & joy. I don't ask for prayers for this sort of thing (it feels like a rather selfish request) but if anyone here is willing to keep your fingers crossed that they do well today and tomorrow, I would really appreciate it ;) Thank you!
  9. Washing an afgan...need advice

    Another VERY soft natural fiber is Merino wool; it's my mother's favorite to spin and knit with and makes the most amazing socks, hats and mittens :laughbounce: Something I would be concerned about that I haven't seen mentioned yet is the possibility of felting. This typically happens in a washer, when the fibers become entangled, and it can happen in all water temperatures (though it's worst in warm and hot). It's the agitation in the washer that causes it, and it can do so even on a delicate cycle. So honestly, if it's a natural fiber, I would hand wash it in cold water.
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    From the album Visiting with Celeste!

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    From the album Visiting with Celeste!

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    From the album Visiting with Celeste!

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    From the album Visiting with Celeste!

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    From the album Visiting with Celeste!