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  1. So, this isn't related specific to Minis but I hope you all will help my daughter show her love to her husband by getting photos of different states/ places. Your note should say "Chad, Autumn's love for you is so big, it has reached ____________" If you could help her out, take a photo and place it in comments. Please.   PS if you can, try to include a monumental outside area of your state or place. If anyone is flying, can you do one "Autumn's love for you is so big, it has reached the sky" with window/cloud picture?   Here's an example:  
  2. 2016 Creating Contest

    Thank you, everyone, for your help! It is still telling me what it is going to be, and I can't fight it. LOL Excited to get started, even if I'm late. :)
  3. 2016 Creating Contest

    Hello, I have been gone for WAY TOO LONG! Many reasons, but I would like to get back into minis and seen that the HBS creating contest in going on again. I have an idea but...there was someone that actually did the same similar idea years ago. Should I keep thinking, should I go for it anyway, if you were starting this late what would you do in this situation? Thank you!!!
  4. Overhill Shire Lightly Bashed 1/2 scale Buttercup Finished

    I love that fireplace also. Very unique!!! I can picture myself sitting in there.
  5. It's been awhile..... Life has been too much and thankfully it is slowing to an end with school. I just got my kit today!!! I am so excited to get back into miniatures again!!!!! I have missed it so much!!!! I have an exciting idea, and it is fitting in with what I am working on in RL. Can't wait to dry fit!!!
  6. 20130118 152129 1

    From the album Old Farmhouse

    Here is the end result. I used some pieces of sticks I found outside, I used gallery glass paint and painted on a piece of clear plastic, let it dry and then used pieces of that with the wood to create the fire look. It sparkles just like a real fire. Too bad it didn't have the crackling sounds... hmmm.....I... wonder........... ;) Might have to try a few things.
  7. 20130113 204730

    From the album Old Farmhouse

    I then covered it with crackle paint and then wicker white paint. I touched some of the paint in spots with a paper towel to lift it off. I bought the fire kit from Evans Model Trains This is the first time I have used their stuff. They are all LED's so they will not get hot. It comes with 3 colored LED's and a piece of cellophane, and it flashes.
  8. 20130113 200850

    From the album Old Farmhouse

    Here is the beginning of my fireplace. There is foam core under the wood. I found some scraps of miniature bricks.I LOVE these!!! I have never used them before, but feel in love with them. I have it painted with the distressing solution. This stuff is great!
  9. 20130131 073547

    From the album Old Farmhouse

    Once that was all dry I used stain all over the flooring, wiped it off and then dabbed some more stain in spots to create a few dark areas. I still need to sand the floor down a little bit to take the "new" look off. But, I love the way it turned out.
  10. 20130126 171124

    From the album Old Farmhouse

    Been trying to decide what kind of floor I wanted in the living room. I did some research and it seems that most old houses had wood floors. I like the looks of the old plank flooring. So, I decided that is what I would put in this house. I cut my wood to size and then used an xacto knife to mark it up and trim off the sides of the "planks". Some of the boards broke when I cut them on the ends, so I kept it that way so it would look like there were holes in the floor. I remember one house we lived in that had several boards that had broke over the years and little chips were missing. One of the boards you could see straight down to the basement. During the winter it was cold there, you could feel the breeze blowing up from the basement. Brrr..... I made my paper floor template and then added the wood planking. ;) Once the glue was dry I drilled tiny holes in the boards to resemble nail holes. I tried to figure out what to put into the holes that would dry quickly and would look dark like a nail head. I decided to add a little bit of black and brown paint to some filler and it turned out great. Here is a picture of the flooring with all the holes covered. (a little messy)
  11. Making Molds and Castings

    From the album Old Farmhouse

    Now I have all the castings done. They are really fun to make.
  12. Making Molds and Castings

    From the album Old Farmhouse

    Here is what the molds and castings look like.
  13. Making Molds and Castings

    From the album Old Farmhouse

    I needed to make the pediment for the windows. The size of the windows and the design of the pediment were so different from anything in the miniature line. So, I had some resin moulding and used a small piece of that, cut several strips of card stock with decorative scissors and glued those together, then added a couple pieces of matte board and some brackets. It turned out pretty close to what is on the house. I had to make the windows also. They are alittle bit bigger in length then what you can find in miniature. I love the looks of the pediment.
  14. Making Molds and Castings

    From the album Old Farmhouse

    Been experimenting with making molds and casting. It is fun!!! Part of what I love about this house is all the architectural details it has. But, that is also a problem as in miniature there is nothing like what this house has on it. So, I need to make my own doorway and window pediment, as I can not find anything like these.
  15. 20121028 211029 1

    From the album Old Farmhouse

    Of course, I don't want it to be "new" looking so my friends at Greenleaf forum told me about using a combination of Indian ink and alcohol to create a blend to use on anything to make it look "old and grungy" ;) I love this stuff. Cheap and it makes wood look great!!!