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  1. Dining Room floor

    Wow! Its beautiful.
  2. The Wildwood Stable

    I'm getting ready to tackle a barn. I like the loft setup.
  3. Tudor House/Downstairs Right

    Beautiful. I love the round base for the house. You did a great job.
  4. House Side Progress WEB

    Wow! Very impressive
  5. Hi Everyone

    Welcome!!! Hope to see some pictures soon. Enjoy the forum.
  6. New member from Michigan

    Welcome from your neighbor state, Wisconsin. I think you will really enjoy the forum. Good luck on your first build. :hug:
  7. 3rd floor in progress

    From the album Stacey's Farmhouse

    The third floor is going to be a nursery and a crafters work room. I have been going back and forth on what wallpaper to do in the nursery. I think Ill stick with the cloud wall paper for some of the walls. <_<
  8. Living/Dining room

    From the album Stacey's Farmhouse

    Not loving my curtains. First time making curtains for a house. I prefer the woodwork although stitch witchery is a great help.
  9. Making good progress

    From the album Stacey's Farmhouse

    I havent posted in a few weeks. I got the lighting in and have wallpapered the first 2 floors, working on the third. It's coming along!
  10. First working light in house.

    From the album Stacey's Farmhouse

    Thanks dad for the ceiling fan.
  11. Hi im new

    Welcome to the forum. :lol: I am sure you will find this site full of ideas, support and eye candy. Good luck on your first building project.
  12. Todays project brickwork around foundation

    From the album Stacey's Farmhouse

    Today I made a stencil then used it to do brick on the foundation. I didnt have any more majic brik so I had to get creative. Its not perfect, but I'll be adding landscaping and bushes later anyway.
  13. Frustration! Help!

    Welcome to the forum Kimberly. Don't fret, it is your first house. I'm only building my second house so I am no expert. I have rehabed a house and I repainted the entire thing without taking it apart. Steps are always frustrating. You can always leave them out or buy preassembled steps. Just be patient, read up on some of the construction blogs, and keep asking for support. You will get it here. :lol:
  14. Childhood Dream come true.

    Welcome to the forum! I always love a good bargin - especially the free kind. Good luck on your first build. :lol: