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  1. Crossing the Rainbow Bridge... again

    I am so very,very sorry! That is such a horrible thing to have happen Take care,dear.
  2. Dollhouse furniture makeover finished chairs

    Very nice!
  3. Apparently I Need a Dog House -- for me !!

    Bless your heart Greg.You're an angel!
  4. Any Kindle people on here?

    I have a Kindle. I gave it to myself last year for my birthday. Absolutely love it!
  5. This too shall pass. Breathe
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    Perla looks adorable in her Snuggy. Maybe I will try one for my chi too.
  7. Need to vent about a teacher

    Yes, the first teacher should have sent a note out to the second teacher.
  8. 9/26/09 What would You Do If

    I'd work to see that everyone could have affordable,excellent healthcare.
  9. Can I ask for some prayers?

    Charissa, Positive thoughts and good vibes are coming from me here in Ohio. Hang in there,sweetie. Please continue to let us how you're doing. Big Hugs!!!
  10. When did that happen?

    Rhonda, I forgot to add in my last post in regard to you worries about Social Security and "windfall taxes" etc. You might want to look on and to get information.
  11. When did that happen?

    Rhonda, There are approx 300 million people living in this county, total. NOT 300 million illegals.
  12. Harry Potter movie

    Wolfie, you are not the only person not in love with Harry Potter. I have tried to read a couple of the books and tried to watch one movie. H. P. is just not my cup of tea.
  13. Harry Potter movie

    Nope, Harry Potter is not my cup of tea. However, The books certainly have encouraged kids to read more. That's wonderful!
  14. Predicting electricity will double or triple in cost

    Well, I have signed petitions as well as emailed and called my congress folks to vote "YES"
  15. Clearing congestion-with no decongestants

    How about a prescription spray like Nasacort. I use it and it works fine for me. Doesn't bother the blood pressure either.