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  1. Cross your fingers!

    Deb, Fingers crossed, sending positive thoughts, meditating while looking at Primary Tiffany all going on here! If I can think of any other positive things we'll do those too.
  2. Looking for a Home for Duchess

    Susanne, she is beautiful! Whenever I''ve brought a new cat into my home I've always isolated the new kitty for awhile and then started letting it mingle with the others for short periods while I'm with them. So far this has worked for me. I wish I lived closer I would take her!
  3. 6/21/08 Which are you?

    I'm very much an extravert. I love talking to other people.
  4. Biospot spot on flea treatment for dogs

    I also had heard that BioSpot could be dangerous. I use Frontline.
  5. Serious feline battle issues

    Have you tried putting aluminum foil temporarily on the areas where they are doing bad things? Also, do you have litter pans in several rooms so that if one kitty is frightened it can still use the litter pan in another room. I have 11 kitties that are all spayed or altered and all live in my home. Fortunately other than an occasional loud indignant meow from an older female when she doesn't want to be bothered by one of the younger kitties the get along very well. Years ago, I had two unrelated, unaltered male adult kitties who fought all the time. However they stopped doing that after I had them altered. I have several litter pans both upstairs and downstairs and scoop them once a day. The kitties have used their pans.(knock on wood) Good luck
  6. Look Ma! I'm a sprinkler!

    Deb, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts your way. I sure hope the new doc will take you and come up with some good answers. There HAS to be some logical reason why you have been feeling so terrible Hang in there my friend.
  7. Or New Addition

    Kelly, I agree with Heidi $200 is a great deal. Having said that, I sent you a PM on April 5 but I don't know if you received it. Essentially what I said was that my cousin,who has very little money, has a credit card called CareCredit that she uses for vet bills. She says there is no interest as long as the bill is paid off within 6 months I know lots of vets in my area take this card.(I'm in Ohio too) CareCredit has a website if you are interested and you can also checkthere to see which vets take the card. I sure hope you are able to get the little doggie's surgery done.
  8. If ignorance is bliss, what is stupidity?

    Our public libraries and our post offices provide tax forms.
  9. I know most of you are sick of the sight of snow

    Love the snowman with the Crocs! You folks look like you're really having fun.
  10. Or New Addition

    Come to think of it, I have a kitty that has a hernia too but the vet doesn't seem to think it needs repairing.
  11. Or New Addition

    Kelly, Check with your local animal rescues and see if they offer free or very low cost spaying coupons. I 've heard that they do in some Ohio counties.
  12. The blizzard is ON!!!!!!!!!

    We have about 8 to 10 inches here in southwest Ohio and it is still snowing Weather forecasters here are calling this the worst blizzard since 1978. In 1978 the National Guard was send out to help with the roads here. I don't think that will happen this time.LOL
  13. adopting a dog from humane society

    Congrats, Pat, I'm sure after an adjustment period the kitties and the doggy will get along fine. I'vhad many kitties and doggies over the years and there was never a problem.
  14. Not what I expected

    Sheesh,Deb, I know this must be horrible for you. Are there any meds you can take for the symptoms while you have to do this waiting for the surgery? Universal healthcare come on. Hugs to you my friend.
  15. Not what I expected

    Hang in there ,Deb. I wish these doctors would realize how scary they sound to their patients sometimes. I've had doctors do that to me too. I'll bet you're right, they want you in the office for the first dosage of new meds. I'm sending positive vibs to you while I'm looking at one of your beautiful textile pieces on my wall. Gentle hugs to you.Deb.
  16. We have a new fur-baby

    He looks like a very sweet kitty. I'm so glad you adopted the little guy.
  17. I have a hard decision to make

    Is he in pain,Heidii? My feeling is that just because an animal is not as lively as it once was is no reason to have it put down. As for blindness, as long as the animal is in the house they can get along well. I have had two blind dogs both did very well in the house. My little dog,LoraOprah, no longer barks when someone comes to the door either but she fine.
  18. And new doctor

    Deb, I'm glad you like the new doc and that he's doing his job well. I'm sending positive thoughts your way,Deb. Hang in there.
  19. Doggie Health Warning

    Yes, grapes, chocolate,and onions
  20. WLS

    Lynette, I am so happy for you. You and your journey have been such an inspiration. tearfully, Judy
  21. getting ready

    I'm really happy it went well for you ,Lynette.
  22. Eye candy

    Gina I like the catts too but I don't grow them now because of not enough light. I do grow phals and paphs though. Fortunately the phals are my favorites. After my phal flowers dry up, I cut off the spike just above a node and often gat a second spike of flowers that way. Sort of a bonus!
  23. Eye candy

    Beautiful phal you have there! What kind of potting medium do you use?
  24. getting ready

    Good for you,Lynette! Don't forget those bandaids though. Please let us know how your day goes tomorrow.
  25. WLS

    Hurray, hurray for you Lynette! (standing ,clapping) Don't forget to wear your most arch supporting,comfortable shoes! Sounds like a nice place to work. Don't forget to take your proper foods and get plenty of sleep! I can't help help it Lynette I just feel very proud but protective of you.LOL