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  1. October Gazette

    Milo is a cutie.
  2. For those who play the Word Game

    Oooh That was fun. I had to make myself quit too.
  3. For those who celebrate....

    Cute kids,Susanne! Do you get get those nifty costumes for them?
  4. Question ??

    Cayrol, I never have to sign for UPS packages. I think maybe years ago I signed a form sofor UPS so I wouldn't have to sign each time I got a package. Your son told you you couldn't get more houses!!!! Come on now you're not his child. My son would never dream of saying anything like that to me. Perhaps some assertiveness from you is in order. It makes me mad just thinking about it. Send your son to Ohio I'll straighten him out!LOL
  5. WLS

    Lookin lovely! Lynette you've inspired me! I just ordered an exercise bike yesterday to help me with my bad knee and for weight lose. You're doing great dearheart!
  6. A Picture of our new kitty

    Daisy, He's a very cute kitty.
  7. Getting my new kitty Today!!!

    Daisy, There is a tablet called Capstar that will immediately kill all fleas on the kitty. I'm not sure what age they need to be for this though.
  8. Getting my new kitty Today!!!

    I also was thinking that $186 was awfully high for a neutering. I've never paid that much even for a spay and that is more expensive than a neutering. My vets are pretty expensive too. Where are you located,Daisy?
  9. idea ruined???

    I would not give it to her. It sounds like she would not appreciate the hard work and time you've put into it
  10. Christmas Idea

    Heidi, Your plan sounds wonderful. It sounds like a winner all the way around. Your daughters really are cool.
  11. Question about 2 cats in a household??

    I have 4 neutered males. One is elderly and the others are just a few years old. I got 2 of them when they were kittens so the stayed in the bathroom for awhile and then I gradully introduced them to the other kitties. I have never had any problems with them spraying or fighting. They often sleep and play together! I would recommend that you have more than one litterbox since some kitties prefer it. It probably wouldn't matter if you got a male or female as long as they've been fixed.
  12. WLS

    Big Congrats Beautiful!!!!!! You're an inspiration to me.
  13. cheep home cooking

    That's a very good website..lots of useful info. I have to admit the article on making and washing feminine hygiene products about made me ill tho.
  14. I dont think its fair!

    Lynette ,You are not being selfish at all. I wish your family would be more understanding..Perhaps they will be after teyve had time to think about it. Stick to your guns on this! After all you've had major surgeryand to top that off that surgery determines what you can eat. Your family will be just fine having dinner elsewhere.
  15. Happy Birthday Nutti

    Happy Birthday,Lynette!
  16. WLS

    You're lookin good beautiful lady!
  17. for our kitties

    Pat, My I have housecats that I had to treat. My vets told me how to do it very economically. You get Frontline for large dogs. Get a syringe with needle from your vet.You stick the needle into the plastic side of the Frontline and withdraw Take the needle off and apply this to the back of the cat's neck. Do this for each cat. Ifyou are not sure where this is on the syringe ask in the vet's. You can also do this on dogs but you need to know the dog's weight and then ask the vet how much to put on the dog. If your cat's are heavily infested you can get pills called Capstar that immediately kill all fleas on the cat. This pill doea not keep the fleas off however. You have to use the Fronline for that. If you do the Frontline for 2 or 3 months that should do it. Yes, I said Frontline for DOGS.
  18. I am victorious!

    Yep, I inherited my mechanical aptitude genes from my dad too. I once had a boyfriend who went into a tizzy of insecurity because I installed a new faucet in my home. Which he was incapable of doing of course. LOL Good thing I didn't marry him My father could do everything from survey land, build,electify,plumb,fix your car or diesel truck,repair TVs orjust about anything else. Then to top that off,he was very musical,could play several instruments by ear and do beautiful lettering and artwork as well. He was very well read also! 9could play several instruments by ear
  19. I have a question about cacti.

    Heidi, I have grown African violets for years. The soil should be really light...lots of perlite added. Also good light but no direct sun It is a good idea to keey them away from plants you've had outside too because of the possibility of mites. I learned that the hard way!
  20. I have a question about cacti.

    Yes, let the sliced off portion dry for a few days. Heidi, does Monster Face bother your stickery cactuses? I have other succulents but would not dare have cacti,with stickers,because of my curious kitties. When I was still teaching we even had student who "kissed" a cactus in a classroom. The school nurse had to pull out the stickers with tweezers
  21. 2007 New Season TV Shows

    I Love Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy,Dancing with the Stars,Charlie Rose,Bill Moyers Journal, Now and several Sunday morning political programs. I forgot American Idol which is probably the only time I watch Fox. I keep saying I'm going to get cable but still haven't done it! I hate gore as on CSI .Ugh!
  22. Another death in the family

    Gina, Iam very sorry for your loss. Hang in there dear.
  23. Favorite Autumn Recipes

    Oh my! Lynette, I wish I lived closer. Your maple leaf chili sounds awful good.
  24. New colors etc

    The Autumn skin is just beautiful! Thanks Dean.
  25. WLS

    Yay for you Lynette! I am so happy for you! You go girl!