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  1. Welcome to the family Candice, one thing you will be quick to learn is how much this mini family cares for each of its members.
  2. I have no idea but the one with the baby is GORGEOUS!!!
  3. Trains and Such...

    My dearly departed Uncle had a train set that was pretty massive. I think it was "O"or "O27" scale. He actually had an addition built on to his trailer house to set it up. My dad helped him build a train table that went around the entire room with a drop down bridge for you to enter into the center of the table. It was all set up with 40's- 60's nostalgia. When I was a kid I took it for granted and he would often want to have help and I thought it was boring. Now... I would spend everyday over there. Things are being sold very very slowly (there isn't much of a market for it in my area) and it is kind of sad to see the deconstruction of his baby. But I guess it is better to let someone use it who will enjoy it than to just let it sit and get dusty.
  4. Bishop show - April 2012 in Chicago

    **Sigh** so close... yet so far away... Maybe one day I will get to a mini show.
  5. !This is for everyone!

    I just wanted to say Thank You to all you miniaturists out there on this forum. :throb: Since joining the Greenleaf forum I have seen so much kindness, and generosity. As well as true concern for one another. Thank you for being such wonderful people. All of you. :throb:
  6. Valentine's Minis are up in my shop.

    Thanks you two... I didn't even know I had a duplicate post. Thanks for the sweet comments.
  7. Valentine's Minis are up in my shop.

  8. I just listed a few cute minis just for Valentine's Day. visit
  9. My first doll for sale

    Man, if only Celeste new about this, she would probably have him sent to Canada.
  10. any homeschoolers?

    have you ever considered natural learning/unschooling? IE: letting the world become the classroom, and letting the child choose what he wants to learn when he wants to? I use this method with my son, every once and a while I will add some lapbooks that I created for our library and if my son is interested in that subject at the time that is what he will learn then.
  11. Happy Birthday Mar!

  12. New Garfield-builder from Riverside, CA

    Hi and welcome to the group! I have a dream of owning a Garfield one day. I can't wait to see your progress.
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