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  1. Magazine give-away

    All spoken for.  Thanks.
  2. Magazine give-away

    the Miniature Showcase and Miniature gazette  magazines still need a new home.
  3. I was recently given a small (6 inch) stack of magazines.  I do not want to keep them and they are slated for recycling if no one wants them: Miniature collector  1993-fall                                 1986-summer                                 1989-winter Miniature gazette    1999- fall, spring, summer                                  1990-spring, winter                                  1991-winter                                  1992-summer, winter                                  1993-winter, summer                                  1994-fall, winter, spring                                  1995-spring                                  1996-fall, winter                                  1997-spring, summer, winter, fall                                  1998-winter, summer, fall, spring                                   2000-spring, fall, holiday                                   2001  sep/oct, nov/dec Miniatures showcase  1993-mar, jul, sep                                     1990-summer Dolllhouse Miniatures    2000-jul Nutshell news        1996-aug
  4. finished

    From the album Bellingham

  5. I am another one who could not connect this morning.
  6. front-1.JPG

    From the album Rosedale

  7. left.JPG

    From the album Rosedale

  8. back.JPG

    From the album Rosedale

  9. front.jpg

    From the album Puzzle house #2

  10. back.jpg

    From the album Puzzle house #2

  11. stairs.jpg

    From the album Puzzle house #2

    rebuilt the stairs and changed the location
  12. inside dormer.jpg

    From the album Puzzle house #2

    opened the area around the window slightly, moved the partition to the right, squared the door
  13. right.jpg

    From the album Puzzle house #1

  14. left.jpg

    From the album Puzzle house #1

  15. back.jpg

    From the album Puzzle house #1