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  1. the last exterior wall

    i am finishing up the last exterior wall now, and it was a hard one. in the plans, this was a bare wall, nothing on it, except some optional windows, if you wanted to put them in. BORING!!!!! so, i got a little creative. i used 8" sonotube to make the wall. sonotube is a round heavy cardboard tube used as a form to pour round concrete pillars, and it comes in a lot of different diameters. it's 1/8" thick, so i had to glue 4 pieces together to make it the same thickness as my walls. then it got tough, making all the round trim and so on. i bent the wood, using steam, but had a lot of trouble since the diameter was so small, but i finally got it how i want it. i made my posts, and put it all together. still debating on the plain band just below the roof, i might add some kind of detail there, not sure yet. also, one of the pics has a color painted on the front of the house, i am thinking of that color as my main body color.
  2. lower front

    back already!!! well, i built the door frame for the front of the house, i will make the door later, but i needed to get the frame in place so i could finish the siding on the front. the finished front entry will have narrow windows beside the door, and a transom above. once again.........anyone want to help me paint???????????? hahahahaha. next, i think i am going to move around to the other gable end, and finish siding there, and continue on with the roof.
  3. been a while, but much progress

    hi, it's been a while since i have posted on here, i've been working on the house, but some trial and error work, so i haven't wanted to post, until i was pretty much set on my design. i have pretty much finished up the top of the front of the house, lots and lots of detail work. i scoured over pictures of real houses, looking for designs i liked, that took time, and then making it work, which included some tearing apart and changing. i find i kind of make some of this up as i, that being said, i have sided the front upper part of the house, both tongue and groove siding, and shakes. i came up with a design for the fan window that i'm really happy with, and some gable detail i also like really well. i have also installed soffits under the eaves, to give it a real finished look. windows are in, and i have just started roofing the front porch. i cut shakes for the roof in different widths, and i am putting them on kind of randomly, to simulate a real shake roof. wow is this roof going to take some time!!!! so here are some pics, so you can see my progress...... p.s. anyone in the area that wants to help me paint this thing!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Have you ever done something dumb?

    well, you know your car keys, and the button you push to unlock your car doors???? well, i walked up to my house door, pushed the button, and couldn't figure out why the house door was still locked!!!!
  5. starting to design the front

    ok, back at it, i took a break, because i had to build a rl shed onto the shop. that's done, now back to the house. i still have some round shingles to put on the tower, but i need to put the shingles on the porches roofs before i can do that. i think i have decided on how i am going to do the front, so i started, and if i don't like it, i will tear it off and start over. i decided to take some of the the trim from the tower, and continue it around the front of the house, so the windows will be similar, but the top of them will differ from the tower. i think i have settled on a window design, made one up, and set it in to see how it looks, and i think i like it, so got a few to make now..... i am also thinking of changing the front attic window, it looks to much like an egg to me, i think i will make it a half round. i may also play with the shape of the other round window, not sure i like the way it flattens out on top, any suggestions???
  6. Shipping Internationally?

    yes, i have shipped a couple packages to linda in australia. i used usps, best deal i could find. i think they have a flat rate international box, but it's small, and i think a 4 or 5 lb weight limit, and i think it's about $14.00. the guy at the post office told me the box was about the size of a vhs tape box. i shipped linda's halfscale house to her, and the cost was about $73.00, but it was a decent size box, and i think it weighed about 9 lbs. i think ups wanted about $150.00 to ship it.
  7. Some good advice from a computer technician

    hahahahaha!!!!!!!!! my friend tried running mistress 3.2, and he got a virus!!!!!!!
  8. Hurricane season 2010

    oh how i love washington state!!!!!!!!! good luck all in the danger zones, be safe.
  9. painted stone and roof plans

    just look at all that room in the can get to everything in there!!!! STICK THAT ROOF, I TELLS YA!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!!! ii am really liking the look of what your doing, and i think the sticks on the roof will be a great look also!!! oh, by the way, what the heck is a whinge?????????
  10. decided on the lower level

    well, i decided on the look for the lower level of the tower, it's a little different than i had in mind, but i think i like it way better!!! time consuming, but i'm really happy with it. since the height worked out right, i think i will continue the vertical siding right across the front porch when i side it.
  11. working my way down the tower

    well, i think i have finally settled on the design of the second story of the tower.....i tried some different looks, but i think i am going with this one. i decided to give each section it's own look, taking that idea from real houses from the past. now i have to come up with something for the first floor, but i have something in mind. i love this siding, the way it goes on, the way it looks, i really, really like it!!!!!!
  12. Showing off...

    congrats amanda!!!!! my wife became a Phlebotamist about 4 years ago......her clinical hours were at a local hospital, and they liked her so much, they offered her a job, and she's been there ever since!!!! she loves it, and great bennies!!!
  13. questions and discussions

    well, if anyone wants to join us, the program is called teamspeak.... just download the client version for your computer, mine was windows 32 bit, just make sure you get the client version, for most of you it will be the 1st or 2nd on the list. unzip and install the address is the port is 9987 choose your nickname, and put in the password (greenleaf)
  14. questions and discussions

    wendy, i haven't used skype, so i don't know. this is just voice, but you can have many people on at a time. there are also different channels, so if somebody wants to discuss something different, they can switch to a different channel.
  15. questions and discussions

    hey everyone, i have been thinking about something, and i thought i would throw it out there and see if anyone was interested. sometimes, it is difficult to ask and answer questions, and try to explain things typing. sometimes asking and answering questions can take days. so, i told linda about a program i use to communicate with friends. it's called teamspeak, and i have put a server up. it's pretty simple, all you really need is a microphone and speakers, or, preferably a headset with a mic. you just download this small program and connect, and you can talk, not type!!! if anyone is interested, let me know. the server is up and running, and i will help anyone who needs help getting it set up and working. it's free, simple, and much easier to explain a technique, ask questions, or just tallk to each other. let me know, and i will get you the information, and assist you if needed!! dave