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  1. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    Yes - Shellie from MiniEtchers. I think if you email her she can put 1:24 together. If I remember correctly, I got them in an online mini show that she was doing. It is also possible to order just the 3D printed lamp and shade if you have LED lights. I have a bunch of LED supplies from Evan Designs that I forgot I had already. I used them for ambient lighting on the Lisa since is gets pretty dark inside. Anyone else have any cool half scale projects going on?
  2. Lit up Victorian Lamps 1:24

    From the album 1:24 Victorian Townhouse

    Next step: Building some furniture to hide the batteries and wires for each one!
  3. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    I've been working on some functional Victorian lamps for my 1:24 LDD Lisa. The kits were 3D printed from Shellie N., using LED lighting. I used a combination of fabric, lace, and paint to make them frilly like my Google Images Victorian inspirations. Now I have to build some furniture/trunks to hide the battery and wiring for each one.... They look a bit better in person than the photos!  
  4. 1:24 Victorian Working Lamps

    From the album 1:24 Victorian Townhouse

    I used Google inspiration for these. A combination of fabric, lace, and paint to make them look as frilly and VIctorian as possible.
  5. 1:24 Tiffany Lamp

    From the album 1:24 Victorian Townhouse

    Made with fabric that simulated a stained glass look. Lamp body is 3D printed from Shellie N. - part of a lighting kit.
  6. collection2L.jpg

    Love Outlander and LOVE this! How clever and beautiful!
  7. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    I use wood glue (I think it is low in moisture) and only use a little bit on the bottom. I don't really need to use any weights that way. The more moisture on the sticks, the higher the warp risk. I don't usually have to but sanding is an option. The pre-staining of sticks (as someone mentioned) also works pretty well. A couple of coats of varnish and I'm usually good to go. My new Craftsman roombox floor was done with coffee stirrers (1:24 scale) in this way.
  8. 1:24 moldings?

    Hi, I have also used Northeastern scale lumber and as sources. Look for smaller scale versions here: and here:  
  9. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    I'm super excited to see how the Sea Side Villa evolves. I had my eye on that a long time ago when Norm's site was still active.
  10. Have you ever stained a dollhouse?

    Emily, my 1:24 Victorian townhouse is stained. I love the look of wood plus I was worried about all of the tight joints/tabs.
  11. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    I just posted pictures of some lovely 1:24 toy and plant additions to my Victorian Townhouse. I also posted a new album with a 1:24 Craftsman roombox that I have been working on like FOREVER. Most of the toy and plant additions are from this year's half scale swap. Such talented people! Here are some teasers (first is from the Craftsman roombox, second is from the Victorian Townhouse): Anyone else got any new 1:24 projects to share?
  12. fully furnished craftsman.jpg

    From the album 1:24 Craftsman Roombox

    Full view of roombox minus the plexiglass front cover. I wanted to keep it dust free so I bought a regular roombox kit and adjusted things to fit 1:24 scale.
  13. craftsman entry.jpg

    From the album 1:24 Craftsman Roombox

    The entryway. I will still be adding more later. The rubber plant and little orange tulip were made by talented 1:24 swappers. With the exception of most of the plants, everything else was handmade or made from a kit by yours truly.
  14. craftsman reading area.jpg

    From the album 1:24 Craftsman Roombox

    Entry close-up. The little book was made by a 1:24 swapper circa 2019.
  15. craftsman hearth.jpg

    From the album 1:24 Craftsman Roombox

    I put together most of this furniture ages ago, waiting to put it in the right project. The topiary, flower vase and book are from the 2019 half scale swap. So many talented people there!