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  1. Watson Mill - initial dry fit

    Yay! I am so excited that there's another Otterine build to follow  can't wait to see your thought process on this one 
  2. Hi from Tasmania, Australia

    Hello from Adelaide! Great to see another Aussie on here  postage kills me too - both time and price, but better slow than never hey!
  3. My First Dollhouse Build...The Garfield!

    just a couple things off the top of my head... A good quality steel ruler for measuring and using as a straight edge for cutting. Small saw and mitre box. I got a junior hacksaw and mitre box in a set from the hardware store, but you can get finer hobby specific ones too.  Duskmasks and safety specs! Specially if you do get a dremel but even hand sanding throws up a lot of dust. a collection of good paintbrushes with soft/fine bristles in various shapes and sizes. I have a few now ranging from tiny pointed end up to about an inch wide flat head. Makes life easier if you have the right brush for the job. Clamps!!!! Good to have a variety of sizes and types. Also some type of weighs to weigh down flat pieces to ensure they STAY flat when drying.
  4. Porch progress

    From the album Green Cottage

    siding in and painted. Windows and door from Alessio Miniatures. The laser cut design was a pain to paint.
  5. Front progress

    From the album Green Cottage

    Siding in place and painted. Window and door from Alessio Miniatures. The laser cut flower design is gorgeous but it was a pain to paint the edges of. 
  6. Painted

    From the album Green Cottage

    made from balsa wood and Popsicle sticks.. Edges sanded down to accentuate the grooves
  7. False wall dry fit

    From the album Green Cottage

    Because those attic corners are wasted space! and because I heart beadboard.
  8. Garfield for Christmas!

    SNIFF it?! Lol. Maybe that's why we all hear houses talking to us.. Too much time spent sniffing wood and glues! As to the house... a wise old teacher of mine once used this little analogy - "how do you eat an elephant?!". The answer being a little bit at a time. You won't manage it in one sitting so you just start with one little manageable chunk, and work your way through it.
  9. Painting, Good or Bad?

    Love the base colour! Can't wait to see what you do with the trims. She's already starting to sing! 
  10. My sister gave me a cupboard she had painted up and worn, sorta shabby chic style.  and I got vouchers for Bunnings (hardware) and Spotlight (fabrics/crafts.. A bit like JoAnn's) which will be put towards building materials and such.. Already hit Bunnings yesterday to get paint, wood & paintbrushes :)
  11. Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas from a very hot Australia! Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season. 
  12. Any tips or advice before I start Siding?

    Thankyou!  Do do you typically apply all sheets for one wall at once, or apply one at a time, clamping and allowing to dry before proceeding to the next sheet?
  13. I'm going to be applying the siding to my little cottage over Christmas, but have never done this before... So before I jump right in head first, does anyone have any tips or tricks to share on best type of glue, how to apply, etc. I want to avoid buckling and warping. im using milled siding sheets.
  14. Holiday themed projects

    woooaaaahhh.. They look great! And so realistic. Making me crave gingerbread now!
  15. Cross Stitch Picture

    From the album Green Cottage

    A quick and easy little project for today. I used a chart from my Dolls House Needlecrafts book as a starting point but adapted the vase & omitted other parts of the design to fit it into the frame I already had. Stitched on 22 count Hardanger in Anchor threads and took roughly an hour or so. Hoping with a bit more practice I'll be able to tackle some silk gauze projects soon!

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