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  1. 100 2109 (615x540) (575x505)

    You can get plexiglass at places like Home Depot and Lowes. In many cases you can have them cut it to order.
  2. The Front view

    Hey I think it's adorable! Bravo! And I once owned a real life house that had green shakes for 'siding'.
  3. Why I have not been posting for a long long time

    Oh Wolfie...I am so sorry to hear of your losses. Life can be so hard. I'm glad you have good friends around you, to help you through this trying time. I haven't been on the forums either..this past year has been a stinker for me too, but nowhere near as difficult a time as yours. I hope we can both get back into action'll be good therapy. Thinking of you. Praying for you, too. Merri
  4. Upstairs Maids in the Georgian House

    Boy, I bet nothing gets past these two without an observation! LOL!
  5. VanDeVeere

    OMG I love her!
  6. Heya Janet...I'm building the same house in 'full scale'. What fun. I almost got the half I'll be watching to see how yours turns out! You're doing a wonderful job already!

    Welcome to the forum, btw!

  7. I haven't been visible for a few days. We just put our old dog down today..and it was hard. That we got him through the holidays was a miracle in itself.

    I wish you luck with the Brookwood, and I'm a wee bit jealous, lol. I wish I had room for that house. But our home is very tiny, and the only place I could put another dollhouse, would be if I hung it on the wall.


  8. Prayers needed for my daughter Sarah

    Prayers from me too, hon. I hope everything turns out ok. Know that we're all pulling for her to have a complete recovery.
  9. florist.jpg

    What a cool front porch! Yup, it's a keeper all right!
  10. oh, those legs

  11. flower garden

    Ohh just found this. What a COOL THEME for a dollhouse! I'll be watching for sure.
  12. Painting fom Avon

    Avon? AVON? OMG! Seriously, you're right. You never know where something cool might turn up. In a previous picture you mentioned earring backs used as handles for a bowl...that does it, I'm NEVER THROWING ANYTHING AWAY AGAIN EVER, LOL!
  13. Japanese Landscape Carving of Cork. nephew gave me a real life one of these for a wedding gift, and it was HUGE...but this is more amazing because of it's teensy size! Love it!
  14. Close up Showing Slot on Bundling Bed

    This almost looks Swiss in origin. Whatever it's original home, I love it and the little hutch too! Perfect for your miner's shack, btw!
  15. Tennyson: Home At Last!

    wow, and all that for only 20 bucks? Whew! Awesome!