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  1. I just now saw all of your pics of your 1/2 scale bungalow.  It is amazing to say the least!  I just got this kit and it's the first dollhouse I've ever built so I'm doing a lot of research.  I want to make my porch posts brick also and I've been trying to find the best method.  It looks like you put your bricks on last - after building the porch.  Where did you get the mini bricks?  Or did you make them yourself?  So far I only have the porch rails and ballisters painted and hopefully can get them glued together after Christmas. 

  2. Laundy Basket

    Wow that's great!
  3. Trim and paint

    Looks great! What an awesome addition to the house!
  4. Houseworks kitchen cabinet kits. Going to paint them white but do I paint the interior of the cabinets too? Thoughts

    1. chapchap73

      I painted just the parts that showed when they are open

    2. darahsmile

      I agree with Chap. If you love making little scenes like baking and all that more than likely the shelves are going to be full of little goodies! No one would see the raw wood :)

  5. Clay flaming logs

    Looks great!
  6. View looking down

    From the album Half Scale San Francisco Row House

    View looking down from above into the entry way. Imagine a banister and being able to look down into the foyer.
  7. Stair layout

    From the album Half Scale San Francisco Row House

    More dry fitting. Fine tuning the layout of the stairs. Planning a grand entry way.
  8. Scratch built Half Scale San Francisco Row House

    It's sandeply plywood from Home Depot. 2x4 sheet for just under $10. It took 2 pieces. It looked better than the birch.
  9. From the album Half Scale San Francisco Row House

    Here it is in dry fit. Still need to cut more window and door openings.
  10. From the album Half Scale San Francisco Row House

    Found this picture of a San Francisco Row House. I love the detail.
  11. Original Half Scale Queen Anne Row House

    From the album Half Scale San Francisco Row House

    This is a picture of the original Queen Anne half scale row house.
  12. Shingles done maybe...

    Love it! Amazing detail!
  13. Seating area

    Wow this is amazing!!!!!!!
  14. I have 3.5 windows and 6 doors
  15. Lucky for me is a rainy day so I get to work on my fling Working on a ceiling treatment and I love it!