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  1. Searching for duracraft farmhouse 505

    Take a look at this site -- there are two pages of revisions dated 3-11-97 in this pdf for the Dura Craft FH 505 Farmhouse.  Not sure if it is what you are missing.
  2. IMG-6373.jpg

    Amazing kitchen.  I can picture movement and activity in this kitchen -- washing dishes, reaching up for a paper towel, carefully nesting those pans on that shelf under the many details.  Also, really like the cabinets you made.
  3. IMG-0495.JPG

    So cozy.  Love the colors and everything about this.
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    This doll house for sale on craigslist is a little larger footprint than the doll house husband and I bought a few months ago and are currently working on.
  5. 28gauge(cat5e)wire.jpg

    From the album Porch Mystery House

    Husband is working on the electrical of this rehab house.  Wallpaper and flooring will cover the grooves and 28 gauge wire (cat5e) with solder connections.
  6. Round wire fun

    Welcome to the forum.  Looking forward to seeing pictures of your build.  My husband is working on the electrical of our big rehab house.  At this time, I prefer to listen and watch as he works instead of doing the electrical myself. Since the house is already built, he cut grooves into the walls and floors and covered the 28 gauge wire (cat5e) with solder connections with electrical tape.  I am covering all the walls (and wires) with wallpaper and some wiring will be under flooring. 
  7. gingerbread done.jpg

    Wonderfully done.  Love the trees.  Did you make them?
  8. Lighting question

    Joanne, I am glad you asked this question.  I have been wondering the same thing, but did not want to ask anyone (even my family).
  9. Help! This is Boring!

    Love this Gingerbread House.  Not only are you creative, but you must have the steadiest hand to pipe the frosting on each and every shingle.  Went over to your blog.  Your gingerbread house lit up is enchanting and magical.
  10. Heirlooms Dollhouse Miniatures shop!

    Husband and I have been to Wendy's store twice.  One time, found it to be closed due to the furnace being repaired, but Wendy let us in (after knocking on the door) to do some quick shopping.  Quite a variety of minis with good range of prices.  I am not a big spender.  I do enjoy admiring the artisan pieces, but usually buy something that she bought at an estate sale or auction. Store is conveniently located in the historical district of a town with good access from/to I-5.  I notice in Wendy's post, she mentions the desire to write a book someday.  After our first visit to her store and the other nearby shops (lots of antique stores), I came away wishing I had the ability to write a book that would become a Hallmark movie based on the shops and shop owners. I don't live close enough to go often, but plan to stop here when traveling that way.  I wish her success in this business venture.          
  11. AssortedWallpapers.jpg

    From the album Porch Mystery House

    Inexpensive wallpaper selection from
  12. The Orchid Tea Room

    We ordered the wallpaper assortments from  We liked the price per sheet.  This is our first time using dollhouse wallpaper with mucilage and so far we have had good experience with the quality of papers.  The selection varies.  We liked some of the patterns and some we did not like.  But overall pleased so far. I don't know how to post a picture in a thread.  Will try to post a picture of the attic playroom in the Porch Mystery House album (a work in progress) that shows a selection of the wallpaper we received.
  13. Slippers

    Love these slippers.
  14. What's everyone working on?

    The walls of old house aren't in the best of shape.  Had to remove old wallpaper and husband cut grooves deep enough to run 28 gauge wire.  Husband says the 28 gauge wire is heavy enough for 7 bulbs per wire.  The heavy watercolor paper goes on so easily and does a pretty good job covering the wires.  We aren't using tape wire on this house. I feel like we are such novices learning by trial and error, but we are having a good time working on this big project together.