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  1. What's everyone working on?

    So excited.  Stopped by local hobby store today (HobbyTownUSA) and bought two half scale doors and a half scale stairway.  Plan to go back next week as the manager said he is expecting a shipment of dollhouse minis.  Hoping that more half scale windows will be in the shipment.  Today found only one each of a couple different styles of windows.  Don't want to buy windows unless I can buy more than one of same style. As the modified Canterbury now sits in dryfit, I keep thinking of Moominpapa, who moved his family into a lighthouse.  If I remember correctly in the book "Moominpapa at Sea", Moominpapa and his family knew nothing about lighthouses or the duties of lighthouse keeper.
  2. Thank you for sharing photos and story of this very special roombox.  Love the details you have recreated, especially, the amaryllis and the burn on the floor.
  3. CanterburyLighthouse001.jpg

    From the album The Canterbury (1:24 scale)

    Creating 1:24 scale lighthouse/keeper's house from 1:12 scale Canterbury Dollhouse Kit.
  4. What's everyone working on?

    Recently returned from Germany and Baltic Cruise.  For souvenirs bought 1:12 Miele stove, dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave at an arts and crafts store in Trier, Germany.  Bought a few Reutter Porzellan at a small, but so enjoyable, toy museum and cafe (Suomenlinnan Lelumuseo) in Helsinki, Finland.  Took time to chat with the young sales girl and enjoyed coffee and vegan pastry on the patio. Brought home a 1:24 couch, 1:12 scale "Coleman" cooler and 1:12 scale recycling bin that my grandson 3D printed for me. Enjoyed viewing the extensive and so detailed model train displays in St Petersburg, Russia and in Hamburg, Germany. Now that I am back home, I am trying to move my dollhouse supplies and projects down to the unfinished basement with the intent to move back upstairs before the cold weather returns.  My oldest grandson is coming to spend a couple of months with us stateside. I was working on a 1:12 "beach house" before the trip.  But after seeing the picture of the Canterbury Sharon (smjsome) posted, I dug out my Canterbury that I bought awhile ago (used, it is missing one sheet). I am making the Canterbury into a 1:24 scale lighthouse/keeper's house.  I have it in dryfit and working out some of the possibilities.  Last Christmas, my husband bought me a Lionel train Beacon Tower and a small transformer, it is not 1:24 scale, but the top of the tower is the same dimensions as the Canterbury tower.  I have replaced the Canterbury's tower with the Beacon and plan to hide the transformer under/behind landscaping.  My husband will help me with the lighting. I have enjoyed reading and viewing pictures on the forum, just have not signed on to make comments for awhile.  
  5. Making books

    Thanks for posting link to your blog in the caption.  Great looking books.
  6. It's Digital but is it Art?

    Mike, I have reached my limit on being allowed to embed pictures in a thread, so I posted my creation of art using Fotosketcher in Member's Gallery.  It is a picture of my two grandsons when they were younger running along on the beach.  Thank you for sharing information about Fotosketcher.  It is SO EASY to create works of art with this free software. 
  7. FarmhouseConversion003.jpg

    Realism, yes, and it truly was a surprise when I first looked in the bowl of the toilet.
  8. FarmhouseConversion006.jpg

    Since that last upgrade, I can't figure out how to successfully add a description for each picture uploaded -- so I figured, for me, it is easier to add description on my photo.  Maybe, the next upgrade will make it easier to upload pictures and descriptions in the gallery.  I started looking at baby clothing only after someone on this forum mentioned having success finding small prints that way and also Holly mentioning the men's ties (for small prints).  I am fortunate having family members with 3D  printers.  Neither one is all that familiar with dollhouse scales and my grandson lives in another country and my brother lives in another state. I wait for them to let me know if and when they want a new project to work on. Jodi, I am taking the easy way on the flooring for this build while also trying to use up some of my stash of wallpaper samples.  I like to imagine that the flooring is commercial grade linoleum or vinyl -- cheap and durable for an AirBnB rental.
  9. What's everyone working on?

    Working on converting the Dura Craft FH505 Farmhouse into a beach house.  Feel so fortunate.  My brother 3D printed a 1:12 scale toilet for one of the bathrooms.  My grandson 3D printed beach chairs.  My husband computer designed a pattern for a somewhat smaller than 1:12 scale stackable washer and dryer that my grandson plans to see if he can 3D print.  Every beach house needs a washer and dryer and the normal 1:12 scales just won't fit in my small available space. My daughter sent me some very TINY sea shells and pieces of coral. It was not easy, but after hitting thrift stores on a two day drive along Interstate I-5, finally found some small print fabric for the beach theme to cover the chair cushions. Stopped off at Heirlooms Dollhouse Miniatures & More in Aurora, Oregon and bought two HOM chair kits -- to give me six chairs to go around the big dining room.  I tried to make a smaller footprint of the house, but how I wish I had room for a larger house.  I did enlarge the porch as I plan to put lots of rocking chairs on the porch and the second floor deck. I love Jodi's organized workspace.  I have the most disorganized and messy space when I am working and because of that habit, I waste a lot of time looking for things on the worktable and sometimes forgetting and using a piece of wood for something that I had intended to use for something else. 
  10. FarmhouseConversion005.jpg

  11. FarmhouseConversion004.jpg

  12. FarmhouseConversion002.jpg