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  1. Chantily-kitchen-wip2.jpg

    It really depends on your vision.  Right now it looks like a beautifully maintained or even new vinyl floor.  If it were printed not so shiny it could become a beautiful linoleum floor.  Both of these type of floorings were very common in homes. Just to let you know, I am hesitant to even offer an opinion on your flooring for this house, as I have seen your beautiful work on the Beacon Hill and know whatever you finally decide upon it will be beautiful and well done.
  2. Beacon Hill bedroom closet

    I am closing up and hiding the closet behind wallpaper.  Playing around with furniture and the plan is to put an armoire that is part of bedroom set along that wall.  Have considered removing the part of the closet that sticks out into the hall, but have not checked it out well enough to start cutting the wood.  So not sure if I will attempt to do that.
  3. Beacon Hill fireplaces + chimney kit bash

    I can totally see why you considered putting the LR fireplace and 2nd floor BR fireplace on the opposite walls.  Also understand about the problem caused by moving them with the chimney coming up at the tower on the roof. On my Beacon Hill rehab, we are keeping the 3rd floor fireplace (will make it a sitting area), but not putting in the 2nd floor BR or LR fireplaces.  I don't always make the best decisions when making changes to a dollhouse, but feel very comfortable with this change for now.  Plus fireplaces could be added later if I don't use them in a different house. Have fun.
  4. Seattle Miniature Show

    Had an enjoyable time at the Seattle Miniature Show today.  Enjoyed meeting Carrie and her husband.  So glad the sun came out today to show off the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
  5. Wiring an partially completed dollhouse

    Are you planning to use tapewire or round wire or LED lighting?  There are quite a few options.  Husband used round wire on our big porch rehab house that we recently completed and is now attempting to teach me more about it on our current rehab, the Beacon Hill. We cut grooves for the round wire in thin plywood templates that will be glued onto the existing walls.  We are running quite a few wires in some of the grooves and I didn't want to weaken the existing walls.  The grooves in the floors (for the ceiling lights) will be covered by flooring. I am attempting to put a picture to show what we have done so far with the electrical in my Beacon Hill album in the Member's Gallery, but not sure I uploaded the picture correctly -- so may have to try that again. Looking forward to seeing progress on your rehab project.  
  6. BeaconHillRehabSiding.jpg

    From the album Beacon Hill Rehab

  7. Seattle Miniature Show

    Husband and I hope to be there when they open on Saturday.  We are looking over the list of dealers and it looks promising that we will find something to buy within our budget.  Hoping to find some fancy flooring for the Beacon Hill.  Husband's favorite and first stop is the NAME booth.  I do notice that the dealer, Arta Minis, sells vintage and discontinued Bespaq at discounted prices. Also want to take a peek at the Loren Kerf Dollhouse Shell being offered by Debbie Graham in the mini-acres sell area.  We just rehabbed the same shell, but perhaps we wrongly deduced the name was Loren Korff.  Wonder if the shell was originally designed and sold only here in the Pacific Northwest.  Would be fun to someday learn more about this house.        
  8. Thought I would share our experience with ordering items on the German Ebay.  We had two shipments from one seller who ships internationally:  One package arrived within a week and the second package (shipped same day) arrived within two weeks. The same day we ordered items from a seller who does not ship internationally.  It shows the item(s) have been shipped to our daughter who lives in Germany, but were given no tracking number.  So far, daughter has not received the items.  It has been slower than the items shipped internationally. From our experience, I prefer to order from those who ship internationally on the German Ebay.  It is also less of a hassle for our daughter.  If she is not home to accept the package, it is left with a random neighbor and even after living in Germany for a few years, she still finds it difficult to communicate with most of her neighbors.
  9. 16th Century house

    Fascinated by this build.  Thanks for sharing pictures of the build in progress.
  10. After reading this thread, decided I needed to at least look at better quality furniture.  Before, I wouldn't even look for it as I assumed it was so far out of my comfort range in cost.  Just received furniture (bought on Ebay) that looks like some of the pieces really are Bespaq and even a Wickerville (Marie Terrones) settee and table.  Posted a pick of the furniture in my Beacon Hill album. Thanks for all the suggestions. 
  11. BeaconHillFurniture.jpg

    From the album Beacon Hill Rehab

    Well, after reading about quality dollhouse furniture on this forum, decided to actually start looking for some at a price I considered affordable.  Found this lot on Ebay and offered what husband and I considered a reasonable amount.  The seller readily accepted.  We plan to use most of this furniture in the Beacon Hill.  Just need to reglue some of the delicate legs and a couple of other small things.  Looking for a couple of candles for the chandelier.  The best part is that they have no smoke or musty smell whatsoever.  The roper stove and monitor refrigerator look brand new and came in their boxes.  
  12. BeaconHillRehab03.JPG

    From the album Beacon Hill Rehab

  13. BeaconHillRehab02.JPG

    From the album Beacon Hill Rehab

  14. PorchHouseRehab.JPG

    It looks like the original builder used VERY thin brick (long on the treads and very small on the risers).  Will try to attach a picture of the brickwork. I liked the look of the broken and missing bricks on the curved edge, but did use stripwood to replace a couple of missing bricks (where it would be a trip hazard).