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  1. MysteryHouseRehab03.jpg

    From the album Porch Mystery House

  2. MysteryHouseRehab02.jpg

    From the album Porch Mystery House

  3. What's everyone working on?

    I have not logged on for awhile, but have been very mini busy.  Enjoyed spending two hours at the Portland Miniature Show (a quick hello said to Claudia and a quick peek at her bed and breakfast).  Purchased a few items (vintage) that I went hoping to find.  Stopped at the dollhouse shop south of Portland and bought a couple of vintage items.   Recently bought a large 1:12 mystery house with a porch of my dreams.  It is as wide as the width of the bed of our pickup.  It does not look like a kit.  The lights and stove and fireplace worked when we brought it home, but the wallpaper was very dirty and bulging (due to electrical wiring running under it).  Removed the wallpaper and husband is now cutting grooves into the walls to run new wiring.  It had not been primed, so that is next step.  Will try to post pics later.  Reconfiguring a couple of walls as the bathroom was almost impossible to get into and had accumulated lots of dirt and grime.  This house came with a well made custom table on casters that has an opening in the center of the table for the transformer(?). We also bought a Beacon Hill (from the same wonderful seller) that was built, but in need of rehab.  My husband is also going to work on the electrical of this house. It took awhile, but my husband is now very involved. I have enjoyed looking at and reading about all of your projects.   
  4. Total newbie from Germany here

    Welcome to the forum.  I have not been to this store, Elektromechanik Pinder, in Leipzig, but they have a shop and do sell online.  I discovered on their website a tutorial for lighting a dollhouse.  I will try to attach the link to their website.  Of course there are other online sellers (thinking of Mini Mundus). I have enjoyed a couple of trips to Germany and have been fortunate to visit a few toy and dollhouse museums (two had attached flohmarkets).  There are a few pictures in my Members Gallery albums. I bought some Miele 1:12 appliances from a big craft store in Trier, but it is hit or miss if they are in stock. Since traveling to Germany, I have come to appreciate half timber framed buildings and bought and did a quick rehab on an already built Glencroft. Looking forward to seeing your progress on your Glencroft.  
  5. Regarding shows

    The Portland Miniature Show is Sept 30th and Oct 1st this year.  
  6. Regarding shows

    I see online that there is one in Burnaby, BC on Sunday, October 1st called West Coast Dollhouse & Miniature Show & Sale.  The address given is 4333 Ledger Ave, Burnaby, BC V56313.  Will try to post the link.  I don't really know anything about this show.  I plan to go to the Portland Miniature Show Oct 1st.  The Seattle show is in the Spring.  
  7. DCFH505BashPassageway.jpg

  8. DCFH505BashAug24.jpg

  9. Handpainted Canisters

    Your ability to paint so beautifully on such tiny surfaces is amazing.  Beautiful.
  10. Pantry shelf

    I like these HoM shelf kits.  Have put together two of them already and would like to make more.  I have two shelves that remind me of the HoM kit in my real life house.
  11. GreenBeans.jpg

    I think I will buy the Loctite Liquid Super Glue next time I am out and about.  Someday, I will have to give it a try, preferably, when I have not had a lot of coffee.  Again, yours looks great.  Thanks for sharing.
  12. DIYShingles01.jpg

    From the album Dura Craft FH505 Conversion

    Cutting and painting strips of vinyl (I think it is vinyl) for DIY shingles.  Gluing on with Fast Grab Tacky Glue.  Will see how successful this experiment turns out.
  13. GreenBeans.jpg

    Looks great.  I bought that same etched metal kitchen utensils back in March of 2014.  It is still intact in the packaging.  So intimidated to even think of trying to put together.  What glue did you use and how did you apply such a neat, small amount?
  14. What's everyone working on?

    So excited.  Stopped by local hobby store today (HobbyTownUSA) and bought two half scale doors and a half scale stairway.  Plan to go back next week as the manager said he is expecting a shipment of dollhouse minis.  Hoping that more half scale windows will be in the shipment.  Today found only one each of a couple different styles of windows.  Don't want to buy windows unless I can buy more than one of same style. As the modified Canterbury now sits in dryfit, I keep thinking of Moominpapa, who moved his family into a lighthouse.  If I remember correctly in the book "Moominpapa at Sea", Moominpapa and his family knew nothing about lighthouses or the duties of lighthouse keeper.