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  1. BeaconHillBath01.jpg

    Towels on the shelf are cut and folded pieces of cheap baby towels (very thin and soft) from the Dollar Tree store.  The hanging white towels are cut from an old and often washed 100% thermal cotton undergarment (bought at thrift store).  I think this thermal undergarment fabric would also work for a simple bed covering like a blanket.
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    Samantha, So sorry about your furbaby.  I know how difficult it is to see the decline in the health of a loved member of your family.  
  3. CJN Miniatures&More Fire

    I am wondering about the electrical wiring in an older building.  I would rather surmise it was started by faulty wiring than arson.
  4. My thoughts are with Connie and her family and friends as they deal with the aftermath of the fire at their brick and mortar store in Edmonds, Washington.  Connie's words and pictures best describe what they are going through at this time so I am posting link to her public Facebook Page (you do not have to sign onto FB to see this public page). I (and I think others on this forum) have met Connie either at her store or at her booth at the Seattle Miniature Show.  It is now a heartbreaking and very difficult time.
  5. Upper Cabinet Unit

    Beautiful.  Love all the details.
  6. Applying Wallpaper

    Next time, I am going to try what Sable suggests.  The last time I used Krylon Matte Finish spray and the dollhouse wallpaper is usable, but I do see a few slightly hazy whitish spots when the light hits the paper from different angle (not really sure how to describe it).  Lots of furniture will cover or make less noticeable the problem spots.  I probably sprayed it on unevenly, but hoping that won't happen with the Fixable.  
  7. Help!! Beacon Hill roof.

    I think Tracy's idea of making and shingling a template and then sliding the template in would be the way to do it. I did not, but taped individual shingles together with masking tape and then slid each row into that tight space.  Well, they are in now, but what a mess to get them in place doing it that way.  They kept sliding around and coming loose from the masking tape instead of going in nice and easy.  I had to use a good light source to see into that dark space while shingling.  Now it is fortunate that the space Is tight and dark as the individual shingles are not too noticeable.
  8. Annual Miniature Shows

    Two annual shows owned by Pat Bennett.  The Portland Miniature Show in the fall (Oct 6&7 in 2018) and the Seattle Miniature Show in the spring (March 2&3, 2019).  Current links:
  9. ChandelierBHTower.jpg

    This chandelier is not in a room, but just hanging from a support beam in the tower roof and only viewable through the two windows.  Just some added bling to this space.    
  10. IMG_20180316_153114027.jpg

    Like the hinged ramp to the garage and the unexpected bunk bed for three.  Great use of space.
  11. ChandelierBHTower.jpg

    From the album Beacon Hill Rehab

    Husband helped me install chandelier in the tower of the Beacon Hill.  Husband used scroll saw to create duplicate window that I am installing on the opposite side of tower to view the chandelier from front and back sides of house.
  12. The back of the house, love those stairs.

    Looking forward to seeing your work on this house.  Love the curved stairs.
  13. The Rosedawn is home and my dog Molly is doing an inspection.

    Love this picture.  Your dog Molly looks so very cute and tiny on this large dollhouse.
  14. 40% off minis

    Just placed an order for my first grab bag (thanks Carrie for the info about the availability of the grab bag).  Also ordered a 1/24 scale bedroom set.  Not sure if it will go in my old Fairfield or in my new yet to be built Fairfield (bought kit at the last Seattle Miniature Show) or in the Canterbury that I am bashing into 1/24 scale.  Of course work on the 1/24 houses will happen after completing rehab on the Beacon Hill which is going very slowly.