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  1. Bishop Show - Chicago Fall 2013

    I wish I could go but moving expenses are killing me at the moment. If I should win lottery in next 24hrs I will be there!! Have fun Brae make sure you post your finds!
  2. I wish I could go but up here in Alberta we are starting to melt which comes all the spring repairs!!!!! Please take pictures and post I would love to see some of the beautiful miniatures!
  3. Carson

    Wow this is beautiful!!! More pictures please!!!!!
  4. Online Miniature Show - Today & Tomorrow

    Wow!! I love this!! Thanks for sharing this with us!
  5. Just reminder the Baltimore Miniatures Festival at Crowne Plaza 2004 Greenspring Drive Timonium MD is this Sunday the 11th this is one of Molly Cromwell Shows and it is alot fun!!! I will post pictures after the show for everyone to see!
  6. OMG...Guess what happened to me...!!!

    Amanda you made me laugh!!!! Those are cute!!
  7. Cambridge Rehab Pic

    From the album Cambridge Rehab

  8. Cam 3

    From the album Cambridge Rehab

  9. Cam 2

    From the album Cambridge Rehab

  10. Cam 1

    From the album Cambridge Rehab

  11. Hiding Miniatures, a New Twist 1/29/10

    I also do alot craft fairs and sell alot of my stuff I have made there is always something that has place in my heart and is hard to part with but I do it so I can buy new supplies and Dora kuhn house! Still I always know what I will watch leave my table first last year it was my favorite dinning table and chair set a woman bought it even before the craft fair opened but made me happy to see it leave with someone who admires something I treasure. This year I am sure it will be my greenhouse! Her is a picture, I spent hours on it and wish I could keep it but if i were to keep all my art I wouldn't have a place to sleep!
  12. Dora 2

    From the album Dora Kuhn

  13. Dora 1

    From the album Dora Kuhn

    My New Bavarian Dollhouse for my Dora Kuhn collection!
  14. Cambridge Rehab

    From the album Cambridge Rehab

    My 8 dollar Cambridge!
  15. Tysons Corner VA 2011 show?

    Tysons Corner Show is getting closer and closer to the date!!! Here are some pictures of last years show to get you into the mood! From my album