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  1. Half Scale Greenleaf Tennyson

    From the album Half Scale Tennyson by Greenleaf

    Last year I difficult as I dealt with breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. I had lost myself for many years to illness but I am different now. I want to try to get back into what I liked to do. I am going to start with this little Tenny. I have to try to coax my muse out from under the floor boards so we can start to get some ideas. First step, clean off the table. 

    © Heidi Cleveland

  2. Wolfie

    I am sorry,  I am not allowed to talk about it and I deleted the information. Hopefully someone saved it so they can share that with you. 
  3. Wolfie

    I have more information that I received today that I wanted to add. I will just paste what was sent to me.  Hi Heidi, latest update from Viola : " I FINALLY got in touch with Gina after having been given the wrong numbers by the facility. Gina has had several strokes and is no longer able to type.. it might be easier to write to her if you want to be in touch (*edited *Contact Heidiiiiii or Our admin Minis OnThe Edge here on the forum) She told me that she had all her dolls stolen as well as much of her money by a neighbor. Life is hard for her now and she is not happy where she is... however her son is planning to move her to a care facility that would be closer to his home... but I believe it will be in a different state than he lives. I think Gina needs some snail mail love. 
  4. Information about Wolfie

    Long time no see me..I know. I have had life issues going on. But this is not about me. I was contacted by another doll person with information about our Gina aka Wolfie. I wanted to share to all of you because it is very sad. I will just copy and paste what was told to me.  I think that all of us that love Gina should shower her with lots of love with cards, notes, and letters. I was thinking about her for about a month for no particular reason and then I received a message about her. I guess ask and you shall receive.  I will poke around and see how everyone is doing. I hope all is well. 
  5. I am sad to tell you ...

    I am so sorry for your loss! (((hugs))
  6. I am in a recipe contest

    Thank you. If you have read the blog at all, I am still not doing well. This is a nice diversion from the daily that I deal with. Yes, it is a 24 hour loop. I will keep an update.
  7. I am in a recipe contest

    My Fresh Twist I randomly enter contests hoping to win this little thing or that little thing. I have never thought I could win a grand prize. It could actually happen. I am one of 20 semi finalists in the Fisher nuts My Fresh Twist contest. My recipe is the Walnut Pesto Pork Chops. I have added a link if any of you would like to help me win. You can vote every day from now until 11/20/2015. You are given three votes to cast and you can use them all on my recipe if you would be so kind. This past year has been a very sour one for me health wise and in other instances. If Fred and I could get away with this trip, it would make the end of this year a little sweet. WIsh me luck and thank you for your help!
  8. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    Ugh! It is so muggy. I can't stand it. 
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    It is already a hot job canning so I dislike doing it when it is in the 80s. Yuck  
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    (((((Hugs CJ))))) I have been dragging my backside about getting the jams done. Today will be a cooler day for me to do it. I was planning on doing strawberry and a strawberry blackberry. Or a blueberry blackberry. I dont have enough blackberries for a full batch by itself. Just dealing health wise. As long as I wake up in the morning and dont fall down, life is relatively good. I am patiently waiting for Fall to come.
  11. Sunflower seeds

    I have done pumpkin seeds so it might be similar. Check out Pinterest and see if it gives you any recipes. I would be interested for next year.
  12. Request for special thoughts for heidiiiii

    I feel about the same but I am adapting to it. The neuro has scheduled for me to have a spinal tap Sept 4. I am not happy about that but Fred and friends are shaming me to do it. I see my ear dr in a couple weeks and I know I will be having a catscan to see when I should have surgery to repair some more skull.  My hope is he says it can wait till next year but I will go by his recommendations.  I am not thrilled with my faulty brain but it is the only one I have so I have to be nice to her.
  13. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    It is again hot and humid but I am getting some nice big blackberries from the patch and my tomatoes are taking off. Makes me very happy. Except for the sweating.
  14. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    rain plus steadily getting more humid. Yum
  15. Request for special thoughts for heidiiiii

    It would not be a picnic to have a low pressure headache on the highway. I will make sure to say I aint doing outpatient. If I could do it locally here and results sent, that would be better.