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  1. The Mini World is Young Again

    I'm not the youngest on here but I'm 28. At my miniatures group I'm the youngest by far and they like having me there, discovering the hobby.  Enjoyed the articles :) 
  2. NAME Clubs

    I finally made it to my nearby miniatures group. Had a lot of fun and semi-made a deck chair. Have a lot to learn! But definitely worth it. 
  3. IMG-8094.JPG

    From the album stuff for doll house

    Miniatura October 2015
  4. IMG-8074.JPG

    From the album stuff for doll house

    Miniatura October 2015
  5. IMG-8498.JPG

    Thanks for the comments the fireplaces are by Sussex Crafts. I have another one made by them so have three for the dh!   Miniaddicted- the ice skates and the masks are my favourite things I have for the house.  
  6. IMG-8498.JPG

    From the album stuff for doll house

    Kensington summer show 2016 haul- absolutely love the stuff I bought

    © Tinkerbelle

  7. Kensington Dollhouse Festival

    Hi guys just been today and didn't see this topic until now but there were some lovely things. Lots of international exhibitors. I got some things from Canada, Sweden and New Zealand. Hopefully someone else went and took pictures otherwise I'll make sure I do next time. 
  8. Reac Japan modern chairs-wholesale

    Elf miniatures are getting in a select few of REAC chairs. I've pre ordered a black egg chair- no idea exactly where it's going! lol  
  9. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

  10. What's your Elf Name?

    Giggles Pointy shoes
  11. My mum seemed really interested in miniatures while we were in Germany and now wants to do an Alice in Wonderland room box with me! Soo happy that someone in my family is now keeping an eye out for things that can be used in miniatures :) 

    1. Sable

      I can't recall how far you are from London. My sister lives just outside London and just posted on Facebook about a new show at the National Theater called "wonder.land" It's a takeoff of Alice in Wonderland.

    2. Tinkerbelle

      about 45 minutes outside of London- so not too far. think I may of heard of it but will definitely check it out- I'm obsessed with anything Alice.

    3. SQUEAKY

      I have created Alice in Wonderland minis and minibooks. You can see them in my album or in my Etsy shop creativecraftsforU. Thought they would be fun to see.


  12. tea time

    From the album A home for Tinkerbell

    I love the accessories that come with Tinkerbell- it will go in the room box nicely.

    © Tinkerbelle

  13. ooo ooh house house!

    From the album A home for Tinkerbell

    I have loved the movie Hook since I was a child and her clock home is how I always envisioned how Tinkerbell's house looked like  I do like the newest idea of her living in a teapot ( there is an idea that the teapot was the mad hatters and Tink stole it- love that as I also love Alice in wonderland) but I have always seen her living in a clock. So somehow I am going to be inspired by that.

    © Tinkerbelle

  14. These will be a great place to start

    From the album A home for Tinkerbell

    I have a copy of Peter pan and a movie version- they are a good place to get ideas as to what tinkerbell is like. lol

    © Tinkerbelle

  15. Shall we start planning? Books first?

    From the album A home for Tinkerbell

    I've had a room box fairy home idea for the last couple of months. Now I have my inhabitant it will be easier to plan. At 5 inches tall she is around 1:12 scale but some things may not work. Looking forward to this project    

    © Tinkerbelle