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  1. Haunted Dollhouse Kit Construction Blog

    The haunted house is one of my favorites.. you have reminded me to buy it and start early for this coming Halloween. Thanks and keep sharing your pictures.
  2. 8/24/07 Addiction

    My addiction is to all things miniature. I find my self loosing track of the time when I am working on a project. I enjoy looking at real life things and trying to make them in miniature. Have a great day.
  3. Some books on my blog

    Thanks for the information and I love your work.
  4. Printies

    Hi, I agree with Sherry just click on the print button and that should work. good luck !!
  5. Thanks for welcoming me!

  6. Happy Birthday Deb!

    Happy Birthday, Debi...Im wish a wonderful day and many more.
  7. "Wicker" bassinet with quilt and bumper pad/mattress

    I love the quilt...and so little. I have made real life sized quilts years ago and can't imagine making something so small on the sewing machine. Great work.
  8. Nice Compliment 6/15/10

    :wub: Someone once told me that the best job would be doing what you do when you truly loose track of time....I guess for me it would be my miniatures and gardening.
  9. Nice Compliment 6/15/10

    Hi to all of you that love miniatures as much asI do. I know when someone says my work looks so life like that is what I am striving for and makes me feel happy and proud.
  10. Miniature Show

    Sorry, I missed the show this year but heard it was fantastic. I hope to see you there next year!