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  1. Faking a structure - sneak peek

    Looking fantastic! You are such a tease. Show us more. Lol
  2. 1/2 Scale Kitchen Roombox

    Very cute!
  3. New from Indiana building The Garfield

    Welcome Courtney, I'm also from Indiana. I started with a large house also (Duran Craft VH-600) and I haven't seen anything that is telling me that I should have started smaller.   You will find so much encouragement and help here. I don't think anyone has gotten into anything that the rest of the group couldn't help figure out.   Don't forget to share pictures as soon as you can. We love to see everyone builds!
  4. Water fountain in the making

    It looks fantastic! All your long hours have paid off well.
  5. HighclereBench Comparison

    Wow I love the details! It is very pretty!
  6. Mini food...

  7. Removable back wall in action

  8. IMG 4378

    That is very pretty!   I would have had to shut my ears, so I didn't hear my wallet scream, and bought it too.
  9. stairs 2

    From the album stairs

    I came up with this design. Since it is above the floor it doesn't interfere with the inlay.
  10. Traditional stairs

    From the album stairs

    I planned to use these stairs to start with. Then I noticed the inlay in the flooring runs right through it.
  11. First floor is glued down

    Love the floor. Very nice start
  12. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    So much rain we are thinking of building an ark.   Our yard has turned into swamp land but no major flooding in our little town yet. Many other towns around us are starting the sandbag routine as the rivers fill to capacity.   It makes for hot and sticky air in between showers so I hide in the house with my air conditioning. I can't tolerate the heat any more.   More time for minis!  
  13. Hi From New England

    Valentine, what a pretty name. Welcome from Indiana. I sure would like to see some pictures of your builds.
  14. Hello from O-H

    Ahh the Blizzard of 78 I remember it well Holly.   Welcome Gretchen! Your gonna love this place and these people.
  15. Steampunk Build- 2015 Finished