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  1. WP_000109.jpg

    From the album Chawton roombox

  2. WP_000114.jpg

    From the album Biedermeier Parlor

  3. WP_000110.jpg

    From the album Regency Corner

  4. WP-000035.jpg

    From the album Mini-Pets

  5. f86d35d4-d374-4c54-9965-0ddb84a8bcad.jpg

    From the album Mini-Pets

  6. d13c1638-5641-42e7-8f1a-856ee96e1463.jpg

    From the album Mini-Pets

  7. 4812f0f1-e1f4-4b30-83bd-f9fa44963de2.jpg

    From the album Mini-Pets

  8. 7556c9d7-f808-4b42-b760-9a6849e98838.jpg

    From the album Mini-Pets

  9. 43054358-33bb-4c63-9e55-be4f7d2dc313.jpg

    From the album Mini-Pets

  10. cabin4

    Indeed! Lovely shot here!
  11. Ceiling lamp installed

    Looks so cozy! Lovely bedroom!
  12. Ceiling in progress

    What a fine point of view! Love the wooden panels!