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  1. What would you do? I have a HUGE dilema.

    If anyone remembers this post from YEARS ago.... ( I was looking for other information and came across this)  The short story from the very LONG saga is that the mother was most of the problem. She told A LOT of lies, which she taught the children and the father was no special treat himself.  They are now divorced.  So much BS went on that i disowned her and will never talk to her again. The boy is now a "grown man" and still has so many issues, but is also a constant liar so we do not talk either.  Its a long sad story of woe and what I believe might be some bipolar issues, narcissism, etc.    The mom even faked a suicide attempt at one point to get the attention of a boyfriend.  
  2. Hello Wonderful Dollhouse/Mini friends, some old and new names!  I've been away for a bit and just recently began FINALLYYYY getting back into minis.  As you can see form my pic I was a Garfield owner. I have to give her up when I moved a few years back and am still very sad about that... but we all have to move on from stuff.       I started a "Bookshelf" dollhouse recently. Thought I'd pop over here to say hi again and saw a bunch of friends still active.  Going to start being active again in the forum little by little. 
  3. Garfield in need of new home

    Yes along the lines of what I was thinking.Just no time for that currently. Keeping all my furniture and other DH supplies.
  4. Garfield in need of new home

    Because it is not a "solid" house (built in sections so it could be taken apart to fit through standard doors) It wouldn't be a good idea for children. I don't think I am going to build anymore houses. I'm looking into doing a "dollhouse" in a bookcase or something like that.
  5. Garfield in need of new home

    looks like it was done for me. Sorry for putting my post in the wrong place. The Garfield is waiting patiently for it's new home...
  6. Hello Dollhouse enthusiasts! I have not posted in quite a long time..... I am finding myself in a "pickle". I built my Garfield around 2006 and LOVED every minute of it. Posted lots of pics and met wonderful people on the forum and got amazing advice from experienced builders. I have gone through many changes in my life since then and the Garfield has moved with me from NJ to FL and 3 apartments since then. Unfortunately, the beautiful house takes up so much space and I find I don't have much left in our small apartment. I am hoping to find someone who can give "her" a new home. I placed a listing on Craigslist here: http://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/art/3044931466.html. I am located near Tampa, FL. If anyone is interested feel free to contact me through the Craig's list ad. I see that most of the pics in my old posts are gone, but still a couple in my gallery. I can also send more pics either current of from when I was building it. Thanks everyone! Jaimie
  7. Alzheimer's Disease

    Hi friends. I saw the post and I wanted to chime in about this topic. Not that I know alot about the subject, just that I've had some experience in it. My grandmother had some sort of Alz/demitia. Not sure which, I don't think she was ever truly dianosed. She was about only about 55-60 when it started around 1985. I was only 15 at the time. Unfortunatly at the beginning stages our family was all dealing with my aunt (her daughter/mom's younger sister) who got sick and diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. My aunt rapidly got worse and died within 4-6 months. I don't know if this traumatic even helpeed trigger her disease or not. Less than 2 yrs after that Grandpa moved them down to FL to retire. She was practically cut off from her family. My mom and her remaining sister and brother didn't really know what was going on because he never told anyone or asked for help. He took care of her for the most part and My mom and aunt came down and tried a to help take her to drs and stuff. In the early 90's I moved to FL and actualy lived with them for a while. I was about 19-20 at the time. That was a very difficult time for me. Grandma didn't know who I was. According the nurse at her "adult day care".. the theory was I was just some woman in her husband's home. Grandma would pace in the from hall between the front door, living rooma dn hallway to the bedrooms. When I tried to walk around the house she would run at me and litterally PUNCH me, just once and walk away, then start pacing again. I had friends that would come to the house and she did it in front of them too. The strange part was if it was a MALE friend... she KNEW WHO I WAS!! She would walk over and put her arms on my tell them "This is my grandaughter. I lover her." Grandpa being the a** that he was (not ever seeing it happen) basically called me a liar. My grandfather is a stouborn A** of a man who has had "outs" with all of his children for LONG periods of time. When the HIPPA laws came into effect Grandma was in a nursing home. He quickly took advantage of it put a stop to any and all family being able to call to find out how she was doing, being that we were all in NJ. The last time I saw my grandmother was over 4 years ago. I was visiting my cousin in Orlando FL. I rented a car and drove 2 hours in pouring rain to go see her. She was so thin from not eating (I remember her bast a a short portly woman), but the nurses told me that her "health" was decent. My Grandmother passed away last year after over 20 years of the "disease". I wasn't told about it until almost a week later. There was no service for her. About 9 months later my grandfather showed up at my mother's house on a Sunday afternoon. He was in their driveway when they came home from church. After about 10 years of not speaking to my mom (for what ever assinine reason of his) he finally decided that "life is too short" to not speak to them any more. My mother says sh has put it all behind adn "forgiven" him. I cannot imagine doing that. I see him at her house occasionally and the only thing wrong with him that I can tell is his hearing. June was the anniversary of her death and they met at the Naval Cementary for a brief "memorial" of sorts. My Mom didn't invite me .. probably becasue she knew I'd be way to mad at him to be able to grieve properly for my grandmother. By the way my father's mother has it as well. She is still alive and in a nursing home in upstate NY. She had 11 children and over 50 grand and great-grandchildren. The last time I saw her with a bit of her faculties she looked me and said "Which one are you?" when I said "Hello Grandma." Kind of makes me chuckle only because I think any grandmother withthat many grandchildren might have said hte same thing! It was about 5 years ago. I have seen her since then and she has gotten much worse. So I have it on both sides. I wonder if it skips a generation??? What is the chance that I will have it? My mother is now around tha age whne HER mother started showing signs. I've asked her on many occasions if she hasever looked into testing for signs of it in her and she change the subject. Sorry. Probably not what anyone wanted to read as it isn't very informative and not helpful at all. But I really needed to "say" it. I've had no one to talk to about any of this for 20 years. I was too young when it started and time had gone by for so long without having contact we were all left to deal with it on our own. I've cried through writing this whole post and feel a bit like I've done some grieving.. so thank you for reading...and good luck to you. I wish you all the best.
  8. Linda-

    I'm sure you are so overwhelmed with all that has happened and all the pouring of sympathy and condolences, but please let me add my thoughts of sympathy as well. If there is ANYTHING that I can do for you as a DH friend, please do not hesitate to let me know.

  9. How much is too much?

    Hi Linda! I just recently started reading and posting again. Wanted to add my 2 cents about the situation. LOL The person that dropped them off at your door should definately have had more consideration for you that to just drop them off. You should have been ASKED if you wanted to take care of them, or asked for your opinion. Rather than bringing the kitties to a shelter or vets office. My opinion is that the people had somewhat of a concious, but took the lazy way out, and just pawned it off on you... wiping their hands of the little creatures. Any chance you want to take a trip to Tampa with a kitty? I'll take one! We only have one (boy, age 5... both kitty and Human son!) right now and I think he'd like to have a playmate. Best of luck to you!!
  10. I actually did some work on my Garfield tonight!

    He's not tyranical. And if he's trying to see if I can cut it, its nto workign, cause he hardly gives me any work. So I'm definatley not taking anything home with me. I made the decision Tuesday night and spoke to hubby about it. I am leaving this "temp to perm" job for several reasons. The "nice guy", Fernando, got promoted and is moving back to Orlando. He was my buffer and he was the one who was helpful enough to tell me things I need to know about the company and the job specifically. The "big" boss is so brash and inconsiderate, It seems like he expects me to know how he wants me to do the job by osmosis! I've been BORED out of my mind all week and I have nothing to do. Taking very few phone messages whil waiting fo rhim to come back from playing raquet ball, or talking to everyone under the sun about his fishing boat and vacation next month. There is no possibility of getting hired perm for at least 3 months. I also realized the other day that its and hour commute each way and my son is at day care for 11 hours. That is WAY too long! I have to wake my 4 1/2 year old up at 6 am and now its still dark when I bring him to school. I hardly have 15 minutes to spend with him at night, besides eating dinner before he has to go to bed. I called the agency and told them today. Said I wanted to leave but I'd give it till Friday so the company was not left in the lurch. I waited all day for the call to come to the boss and it never came. Oh well. I've done my duty. Being a temp to perm job I don't need to even givin any notice at all. I just wish I didn't fell so responsible to have to go back tomorrow and Friday. :lol: Thanks for listening everyone!
  11. The kid is gonna be hurting...

    Had mine out when I was in my 20's. I was a smoker. I smoked after the procedure. I got dry socket AND an infection. It was so horrible that I could not open my mouth more than a piece of paper! I had to have another surgery to fix the problems. Because I could not open my mouth they had to pry it open. And because my roommate had sliced some melon paper thin for me (I was starving from not eating!) they could not anesthetize me. They had to CRANK my mouth open … one click at a time. Ten times more excruciating than “just” dry socket. Hubby had all 4 removed just 2 years ago. He’s a smoker. I explained to him weeks before that he would not be able to smoke afterwards. I knew he wouldn’t listen. And as usual I was right! Al; he kept saying was that I was nagging him. He was so looped from the anesthesia that he tried to light up as soon as we left the office! Needless to say 3 days later he had dry socket and cried like a baby! And a week later when he was feeling better I said “I told you so!” :lol:
  12. I actually did some work on my Garfield tonight!

    So nice to hear Kathie!! Even if I wasn't working with the company! I haven't learned enough about the products yet. But I have an idea of when you are talking about. Good luck to your husband for a LONG healthy life!
  13. With our move from NJ to FL now under my belt for almost 2 months now and I started a temp to perm ob two weeks ago; making almost the same as I was in NJ (WHA HOOW!); I hada a little time to dive in and get something done. I am an Executive Admnistrative Assistant for the Vice Pres. of the entire Florida Region and the Educational Director of an international company called Medtronic (makes pacemakers and such). I felt good to do the work and I even have a very small injury from it. LOL All I did was make the oval windows larger and octagon shaped to fit the windows I bought over 6 months ago. I started out trying to put some more stuff away in my little craft room. Unpacking a few more of the boxes in there. I came across the windows I bought before we moved and never got to them. I made a lot of sawdust and I'll have some cleaning up do to tomorrow, but I'm happy that I did it. We'll see how long this temp to perm job lasts. I think I've got a good chance of being offered it perm, but do I want it? The main boss the VP, basically expects me to know the job and his preferences by osmosis ! Doesn't even give me time to give him messages or ask him a question! Just says "you need to do this". He's also very intimidating and rushes around so much and he's a bit intimidating the way he talks to me. I've never had to deal with anyone like that. My last several bosses have been kind enough and understood there is a learning curve with a new job. I'm thinking that the only way to solve the problem is to sit downn and tell him straight out. I'm not going to go to a job everyday that I'm "afraid" of what I may do "wrong" and get repremanded. I am a DAMN great Admin and I do not need to take that kind of treatment. By the way... I'm the 3rd temp to perm person put into that position. The others were not as qualified as me, as told to me by the agency, and the Educatin Director and I get along very nicely. He's a "nice guy" personality, night and day from the VP! Anyway... hope everyone is doing well. I've got to get to bed. Whew, all that work I did tonight made me sleepy. LOL
  14. Happy Anniversary

    I was confused when I saw this post! The I figured out hat it my anniversary of joining Greenleaf, not my wedding anniversary!! But thank you anyway! LOL Wow has it been a year already??? Still looking for work and getting my craft room organized. Going well on both. I may have a second chance at a job I interviewed for previusly or at least another position in that same company. Got a bunch of interviews lined up for the coming week.
  15. Florida Tornado

    Hi everyone. Just popped online to check new listings. I haven't been online often because I've been so busy. I appreciate all the thoughts sent my way. So sweet! I am in Tampa, "North Tampa" actually, which is central Florida, west coast. I can't seem to find my link to that map we all joined, nor can I remember the name of it (Frappar?)! LOL I did try to update myself in there. We are 5 Minutes from Bush Gardens if anyone knows where that is! Also The Museum of Science and Industry, Univ. South Florida (although we aren't really SOUTH, more west & central) and the Sun Dome. It only takes about 20 minutes to get to downtown Tampa from here (Thank goodness I don't live in that area!!!) Ybor City, the Port of Tampa, the aquarium, MacDill Air Force Base and the Tampa/St. Pete Airport. All is fine here. My parents live basically across the highway from The Villages/Lady Lake area where most of the damages is. They are 5 minutes away from where the church is that got destroyed. I was there the next day and everything is fine with them and in the "Active Adult Village" that they live in. My cousin lives in Oviedo, just outside of Orlando and they had some scares, but are ok as well. Havanaholly - When are we going to get together? I can't wait to "meet" you!!