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  1. Taking the mystery out of punchneedle rugs

    Thanks for this.  I've always wondered about it, and now I'm inspired to give it a try 
  2. I found a dollhouse!

    Can't believe I found this partially built Walmer cherrydale in in someone's trash.  It seems to have all the parts except for 1 window.  I wish it weren't primed with dark paint, but I think I'll have to sand it all off anyhow because the wood isn't smooth.  Of course, I'm still rehabbing 2 other dollhouses and a new build only partially done, and we won't even talk about the unopened kits.
  3. Has anyone built this house before?

    This is from laser dollhouse designs.  I hadn't built this particular model, but I have 2 of the 1/4 inch doll houses.  They are FANTASTIC!  Everything fits perfectly and is beautifully done. I used primer over the slight laser marks, and this worked fine without needing to wipe them, but if I'd have tried it had I known beforehand.
  4. Glencroft Reimagined

    Can't wait to see it!  Please post lots of photos along the way.  The glencroft is my favorite dollhouse, but I definitely second what Elsbeth said.
  5. Swap time!

    I'd love to participate in a swap!
  6. RE: Upgrade

    After the upgrade, when I click on a topic, it takes me to the last message of the thread, rather than the first, and I have to scroll to the top. Has anybody else noticed this?
  7. Just bought a partially finished San Franciscan that seems to be complete. What have I gotten myself into?

    1. jbnmini

      A lot of fun! :D

  8. My craft room is becoming a cat foster room. I'll be moving to the basement. Happy and sad

    1. Cheverly

      Aww, I certainly understand. But, how wonderful of you to open your home to cats in need!

    2. Aquarius1

      I suppose the basement isn't good enough for he kitty cats?

  9. Happy Birthday Blondie!

    Have a great one!
  10. The House

    Great find! I never seem to have that kind of luck
  11. Finished 1/2 Scale Craftman Hill a RTG Craftman Bungalow

    When can I move in?
  12. Finished 1/2 Scale Craftman Hill a RTG Craftman Bungalow

    Beautiful! I've always loved this kit, and you've turned it into something really special.
  13. The backside of the stairs.

    Very clever idea
  14. A dovecote?

    I LOVE it!!! It absolutely does not take away from the house - which is pretty awesome, I might add. Please leave it. If you decide you don't like it, I'd be happy to take it off your hands
  15. Have fun with your build, and post pix. We love eye candy!