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  1. Norwegian Air Magazine article about minis

    Thank you, Miranda, for posting this article. I really enjoyed it and liked seeing how much I related to a lot of what was being written.
  2. Loss of a loved one

    I am so glad I came here and told of what I was going through. I thank each and every one of you for your kind thoughts and the advice...I am going to put a little of everyone's suggestions together and see what happens. Again thank you all so much!!
  3. Loss of a loved one

    Thank you, Kathie, for this suggestion, I guess I have nothing to lose to just try to start and see what happens. And I have to say, I have keep reminding myself 'One day at a time' so it's always good when someone else reminds me too, thank you.
  4. Loss of a loved one

    Hi everyone, My mom passed sort of unexpectedly on 12-26-17. She had cancer but was in the hospital for something else and needed a routine, low risk procedure that was supposedly botched and she bled into her lung and died. So we lost her far sooner than we thought we would. I joined an online grieving forum but I know many here have lost loved ones and like me have used working on miniatures as a stress relief so I thought I'd ask this here. I have run the gamut of feelings, they loop around and around, mostly guilt for not having seen my mom as much as I should have, so the stress and pain has been immense. But I have had this overwhelming desire to work on one of my dollhouses that I haven't touched in over a year. I feel like it is my brain's way of trying to give me a reprieve from the pain. But here's the problem; my guilt says I don't deserve to have a reprieve and I should just keep mourning my mom and feeling guilty.  So every time I look at that dollhouse I just want to escape into it and take a break from the pain but a part of me won't let me. Has anyone else here experienced anything like this?  Thank you for taking time to read this.
  5. Can anyone identify this dh?

     I think this is the one negative I can't get past.  So I don't think I'll be making the trip to get this one. Thank you for the advice. :)
  6. Can anyone identify this dh?

    Thanks Kelly. I saw that the roof looked a little off but just thought it was a bad angle shot of the house, but that it opens makes sense, thank you for the info.  Maybe I'll reconsider this one and just have to make room for it and of course deal with the "really, another one" look from my husband when he sees it...but I know from what I've read here on this forum, that I'm not the only one who gets those looks so  I'm in good company.      
  7. Can anyone identify this dh?

    Oh, that is too funny but true.  If it weren't for the shingles I might have given it a little more consideration, but I've removed shingles before and I have to say it isn't one of my favorite things to do.
  8. Hi everyone, It is really hard not to go buy a dollhouse that is only about ten minutes away from me, even though I really, really don't need another one and have no room for any more, but at least the price is stopping me.  But, still, I am very curious what this house is. Does anyone know what this house is and who it is made by?     https://hartford.craigslist.org/tag/6153355760.html Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. I need a name for my First Lady....

    I agree with Cynthia.  Maybe you don't need hall or manor.  I also like Shadowstone and Ravenwood the most.
  10. Thank you, Kathie.  This is really helpful.
  11. Carved miniatures

    Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous.  Thanks for posting.
  12. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    Today is kind of a heat wave for us considering the temps we have had lately...sunny and 30 degrees.    I  broke down and bought a new pair of boots for this winter that stated they were good for temperatures down to -11 degrees but I didn't realize I was actually going to have the opportunity to test that claim out.  I must say, the boots kept my feet pretty warm and it was actually -12 degrees out and I was walking around in snow up to my knees.  My knees, however, were a little chilly.
  13. Garfield just arrived!

    Hi, from another Connecticut resident, and welcome to the forum. It is nice to have you here
  14. Back again

    Hi Karen. I'm sorry for your loss, my hopes and prayers go out to you. It is good to have you back and I hope you find some solace and healing back here in the dh world.
  15. Craft supply hoarding :)

    I know there are alot of us "craft supply hoarders" out there but watching this video made me feel a whole lot better about my craft supply hoarding. Thanks for sharing, Karin.