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  1. Selkie

    Thanks for letting us know Kathie. I'm very saddened by this...
  2. Wallpaper paste for pre-pasted sheets

    Yes, I do.  
  3. paperclay ?? Priming the wood

    I do not prime the wood either. 
  4. My Dura-Craft VM-800 first build questions and concerns

    That's a huge house! I have one to build someday, when I get to it. Real life gets in the way... Everyone's different. I never know what color the house wants to be until I've built it, so I paint AFTER I build. Same with wallpaper, I don't know what it wants until after it's built so I wallpaper after it's built. Makes for some interesting angles sometimes, but... the only way I wallpaper BEFORE a build is if the wall that I am wallpapering will be inaccessible after it's put together (such as on the Glencroft). For bricks (did you see my ears perk up? I LOVE BRICK!!!!), I use paperclay. If you look around on the forum, I'm almost certain I did a brick tutorial on a group build on the Orchid. Wiring, I like the round wire as well. It's easily hidden behind wallpaper, etc.  
  5. The Hofco Americana is complete! Phew!

    Love the house! Et al? That's not a phrase I see a lot of people using... kinda hit my funny bone.
  6. Chrismas house

    Not necessarily a "Christmas" house, but I have built a Madison and an Adams as cabins of sorts, and eventually I plan to put them together on a base and landscape them with snow, etc. Your post is kinda giving me the idea of making that into a Christmas display.
  7. Curtains are done

    Oh my! Those are some beautiful curtains!
  8. Curtains are done

    Where are the pix?  
  9. Things are getting dangerous

    Now I'm drooling...
  10. Opinions on Shutters on the Cape may

    It looks good both ways, but I think the windows "pop" more without the shutters.  
  11. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    Back on our rollercoaster. Today it's an absolutely beautiful sunny 76 degrees. Saturday they're giving my homeplace an 80% chance of snow...
  12. *sigh*

    I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend...
  13. Walmer Victorian Farmhouse

    Awesome! Thanks everybody!  
  14. Do you pre-buy your furnishings?

    I do. I generally buy in bulk or whenever the word "clearance" is attached to something, so I have a fair stash of furniture, people, etc.  
  15. Walmer Victorian Farmhouse

    It does, except the porch posts are different and it doesn't have the side room on it. Trim is right tho.