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  1. All the pieces

    I am making a half scale little briana cottage. I love how these kits are packed. Yours is going to be beautiful!
  2. That is a shame. I had been to the store many times over the years. It has to be so difficult to keep a brick and mortar store going.
  3. I have ordered from them both on eBay and their website. An item was out of stock, and they notified me right away and refunded my payment immediately. 
  4. If you're looking for wallpaper...

    {{hugs}} I am so sorry for your loss. 
  5. The very best half scale house?

    I agree that most kits now come with the windows. What I would do if I had the fancy windows and doors (which really are the expensive part) is build a shell out of foam board. You could design it however you wanted, and the cost would be minimal. Other than that, I would search for a Real Good Toys shell so you could use your components.
  6. Help, really stuck with my Fairfield now

    I love a storybook themed house. Goldilocks and the three bears maybe? I originally made a Fairfield into a haunted house. Many of the Halloween Village decorations were the right scale. 
  7. If you're looking for wallpaper...

    Kelli, that is sad news. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.
  8. If you're looking for wallpaper...

    Hi Kelli. I have been searching for years for an old Millie August/Schumacher pattern that I can't remember the name of. It is an all over pattern of birds/flowers. Do you think you could look and see if you have it? It has been impossible to find on ebay. Thank you!   Diane
  9. Adding patina to fake copper?

    Michaels sold a kit that included copper colored paint, a very dark blackish green paint, and a pale greenish paint. You were supposed to sponge each color to get the aged copper look. I have used it on my copper roof.
  10. I just have to get t a Fairfield. but ...

    I love the Fairfield because there are so many things you can do to the original kit to make it unique. Have fun with yours!
  11. Spindles

    That's great. I hope he makes them in 1/24th scale. 
  12. Spindles

    That looks like the new house design from laser dollhouse design. I love that porch. I wonder if you could contact the owner to purchase them separately. 
  13. MerrimackBathroomWallpaper.jpg

    I love this! My grandmother had poodle wallpaper in her bathroom. 
  14. My first dollhouse is built!

    I love what you did with your Fairfield. It is a work of art. 
  15. fairfield-detail-2.jpg

    I agree. This is such a gem. Beautiful job!