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  1. MerrimackBathroomWallpaper.jpg

    I love this! My grandmother had poodle wallpaper in her bathroom. 
  2. My first dollhouse is built!

    I love what you did with your Fairfield. It is a work of art. 
  3. fairfield-detail-2.jpg

    I agree. This is such a gem. Beautiful job!
  4. Early Spring Dollhouse kits sale!

    Oh Carmen. I have always wanted the First Lady. I'm sending you a pm.  
  5. Exterior complete!

  6. Estate Finds

    I love these chairs. I have never seen them anywhere.
  7. Dollhouse kits for sale

    I sent you a message about the Craft Creations Victorian house. Just wanted to add - your Elizabeth Anne is gorgeous. I wish you didn't have to part with it.  Diane
  8. Can you tell me about this artist? JKD furniture

    That is a beautiful chair. I googled Jacqueline Kerr Deiber  and found that she wrote an instruction manual for Nutshell News called "Caned Caned Collectables.   
  9. New project

    I just looked closer at my house and see I was wrong, I did put a piece of strip wood along the edges of the bay where it meets the house.  I think the stairs pop apart pretty easily. I didn't use them because I wanted something more dramatic in that hall.
  10. New project

    I put the side window trim on opposite from the way you have it now (switch the right bay trim with the left side trim). I think there is another piece of trim to fill that blank area on the front wall. What are you going to do with the stairs? I ordered a spiral staircase from him - but I don't like the way it looks. I really want a curved staircase - but no one makes one. I changed the bathroom door opening, too. The way it is now it opens into the bedroom instead of the hall. I love your color combination. It really is going to look beautiful.
  11. New project

    I was able to use the trim on another house. I can't wait to see how you finish yours. I've always love the Lace House. 
  12. New project

    Looks great. I also found dark edges could not easily be removed. I stained mine. I still haven't put the window or door trims on - I don't anticipate a problem putting them on after I wallpaper and paint. I thought the kit fit together pretty well. One thing I found is that scale-wise - I thought the house was very tall. The ceilings seem very high. I removed the foundation so that the house sits lower. Otherwise it looked out of scale next to my other half scale houses. I also removed all the gingerbread to fit better with tudor style.
  13. New project

    Now the fun starts! His kits go together nicely. I can't wait to see how yours comes out. 
  14. New project

    I am working on this house right now. I made mine stucco with dark stained wood trim. I like the idea of a light wood stain. The wood trim has the burnt edges which might be hard to paint a light color. 
  15. Cherry Cake aka:..holy moly them stems is small!

    Wow is right!