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  1. How interesting! Thanks for finding out. 
  2. It looks very similar to mine. I bought mine from ebay, but I don't remember where it came from. It would be interesting if there was someone who copied the real good toys shells. But I do think it was a kit. The window cutouts are exactly like mine, with the rounded edge; and mine are the same as the First Lady cut outs.  It looks like yours has a number stamped on it?  I wonder if anyone from Real Good Toys would know?  
  3. Shingles on hinged roof

    Your roof came out great! I did forget that my roof does not open flush, but I have a piece of dowel that I use to keep it open to view the room. I have another house done the same way, but using asphalt roofing material. The material  is thinner, and that roof opens all the way.
  4. Nice find! I wonder if Real Good Toys made a few different 1/2 scale models in the past?
  5. Shingles on hinged roof

    Oh, thank you. It doesn't get damaged. I ended the shingles at the lower part of the hinged roof, and started a new row at the upper part of the roof. There is no overlap of the shingles when you look from the side.
  6. Shingles on hinged roof

    I have two roofs with the same issue. Mine do not look perfect at all. One thing I did do was paint the hinges the same color as the shingle to minimize their appearance. You will probably always see the gap.
  7. 1:24 scale dollhouse ID

    Oh no! I hope you feel better quickly.
  8. I just saw one on ebay, but the auction ended and it sold. Could you make a fake drawer on the newer one that scale designs sells? Does that kit have the same legs?
  9. 1:24 scale dollhouse ID

    I knew I had seen it before. I have all the Nutshell News half scale issues. I hope you get it!
  10. 1:24 scale dollhouse ID

    I actually had a Bauder Pine catalog. It was just binder pages. There were no houses in mine, mostly  Bespaq furniture. I also think there was a Bauder Pine house listed on eBay a few months a ago - a smaller one than this one, but it had the same mansard roof.
  11. 1:24 scale dollhouse ID

    I think I found it! In the Nutshell News September 1986 issue. It was built by Pat Bauder and Frank Moroz of Bauder Pine. What a beautiful house!
  12. All the pieces

    I am making a half scale little briana cottage. I love how these kits are packed. Yours is going to be beautiful!
  13. That is a shame. I had been to the store many times over the years. It has to be so difficult to keep a brick and mortar store going.
  14. I have ordered from them both on eBay and their website. An item was out of stock, and they notified me right away and refunded my payment immediately. 
  15. If you're looking for wallpaper...

    {{hugs}} I am so sorry for your loss.