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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I think I have one of those hiding in my treasure room.
  2. Newbie Questions--Arthur Kit

    For primer I have used the least expensive white,  white interior base paint.  Most of my color paint is the sample jars from Lowe's and home depot.  I'm an "oops" shopper.   I don't think I've ever actually labeled much.  I keep the pieces in the sheets for as long as possible.   Pictures? ? When I remember to.  But just for me mist of the time.
  3. Stained Glass

    I watched her by accident the other night.  3d pen in on my want list now.
  4. Stained Glass

    My one and only attempt was for the tower window on the Beacon Hill.   I used a pattern under the window material,  golfers tape and paint from a suncatchers kit.  My pattern was a hummingbird.   Like it, but it's not perfect.
  5. Dollhouse Book Reviews

    WOW!!!!!  Had no idea there were that many different books on miniatures.  Where did you all find these??? My daughter was working at a major bookstore in Valdosta and she could never find any for me.
  6. Suggestions. on Allison house

    Sorry for all the trouble .  I take pictures with my phone and rarely use my laptop.  I've tried many times to put pictures on here with my phone and it never works.   Thanks for adding a link. 
  7. Suggestions. on Allison house

    Pinterest. " Allison ".   I can't post pictures here from my phone.????? 
  8. Suggestions. on Allison house

  9. Suggestions. on Allison house

    It's actually peach????  Well "baby blush", guess that could be pink. Lol.  Trim color is vintage coral.  Both from Lowes samples. The more I look the more I'm looking for the saw.  
  10. Favorite power tools?

    My spouse uses me to keep big boards steady.
  11. Suggestions. on Allison house

    So, I'm not going to have enough bricks (I made over 400 lol) or patience, to do the whole house.   I'm adding clapboard siding.  My question...paint the brick or leave as is.  I've put work in progress on pinterest under " Allison"    as I stare at the pictures,  I'm not sure I like the cross mulions in the curved window. .thoughts??
  12. What are you up to today? This week?

    Sabel....how are you healing?
  13. What's everyone working on?

    OMG! !!!!! What a great find.  Pieces missing or not, scrap wood will help.   Hope the instructions are there.   I shouldn't have moved to no where .  Lol
  14. Favorite power tools?

    I have never ordered from micro mart...but they send me a catalog every once in a while.   SO.....tempting