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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    quiet week after no minis last week since my daughter and here family were here to "pack".  got some of the Fire King safely packed,  wore my nerves down.......all she wanted to do was pack up all my houses.   NOT!!!  Love having my grandkids here for a week, but please, leave me to what makes me happy.  I have 6 grandkids and the closest is 5 hrs from me.  The one that was visiting lives in San Antonio, TX.  I'm not sure what possessed them to come up and "pack", the spouse hasn't put in retirement papers, so there is no hurry.  Honestly I doubt he ever will retire.
  2. What's everyone working on?

    today I started on my new diet...........................  hand sew curtains for a dollhouse and forget to eat.    I started a new project.  Pictures under "sneak peek" on Pinterest. 
  3. Hallmark ornament stove - dollhouse size?

    I put them in my "Christmas" house.  It's an orchid.  Since the rooms are small they fit well.
  4. Hallmark ornament stove - dollhouse size?

    Wow! They aren't cheap are they.
  5. New member- Building the Arthur

    I just finished my Arthurs.  There are photos on pinterest.   I did put s u ding on my latest one. I put them on after I had the base house glued.  I find it easier to wait until the house is assembled to ensure the siding matches on front and sides.   I did not use individual siding strips, but a pretty pressed MDF siding.  
  6. Beacon Hill Builders: The Next Generation

    I loaded a few more on Pinterest. This tablet takes up too much space.
  7. Beacon Hill Builders: The Next Generation

    Testing...on the tablet
  8. Beacon Hill Builders: The Next Generation

    The led strip on the Becan hill is set on a 2in piece of trim from home depot. I added decorative trim to hide the strips.  I'll try and get my big behind in there for a close up.  Have to wait for my phone to charge.   The lights on the Lily are battery mini Christmas lights. I got a case of them at walmart in Biloxi on clearance.   Most if my houses have lights on the outside.   They are on timers.  On 6 hrs, off the rest of the time.  They come on automatically. 
  9. Beacon Hill Builders: The Next Generation

    Pinterest.   Sorry.  Can't get pics to load when I'm on the phone.
  10. Beacon Hill Builders: The Next Generation

    And I left them on. 
  11. Beacon Hill Builders: The Next Generation

    My LED strip lights have been on (Becan hill) for a year, I can't get to them to turn them off.  There is no heat. ....I checked today.  Lol
  12. McGhee's Miniatures

    I'm in St Louis for VA heart dr.  Most of the time I have get my other half to drive.  I'm trying to get him to take me to the museum's "Garage sale", on April 1...fingers crossed 
  13. McGhee's Miniatures

    Oh cool!!!!... another excuse for going to St Louis.   I knew the museum was up there, didn't know about her store.
  14. *sigh*

    When I lost my dearest sister, I hurt so bad I couldn't stand it.  Part of my healing was to build a house as a tribute to her and what she loved doing.  She was a chef, and owned a little soup and sandwich shop in AR. You can see my tribute  on pinterest.  It's the "TLC" (a bash of 2 older house kits).   Build a house in her memory,  it helped my healing.
  15. It Takes A Village

    Well then......someone took my idea.  Back to the drawing board.