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  1. Picture #2 shows it from inside.
  2. French Country Manor Update

    What I find interesting is that I had used this paper before and it wasn't compressed but looked like the photo you posted above.
  3. French Country Manor Update

    I used Red Grape Toile (with rooster border) in the Chateau. One thing I have found with some of the Itsy Bitsy papers is that the pattern on the received papers is more compressed than what I thought from the photo when I ordered. This also just happened with another toile pattern I ordered.  
  4. French Country Manor Update

    I tend to go with the Cherry Blossom. It's hard to tell whether the "red" in the Blueberry goes with the floor. I also think what kind of cabinets and appliances you are planning has an influence. Sorry about your floor. Guess working in the basement has one advantage!
  5. I am going to use an Itsy Bitsy paper.  
  6.     Seemed to take forever to get everything primed. Did get all interior and exterior frames painted. Pretty pleased with the front entrance. It was the feature that drew me to this house. Kitchen is papered and ready for the floor   .
  7. After 27 years--the dollhouse is finished!

    A beautiful house indeed!!
  8. Warped MDF-Chateau de Champlain

    I am not going to nail. I did ask about that and Gary is very hesitant to nail and he hasn't had to yet for curved sidewalls. 
  9. The milled MDF sides were both warped so that the frame did not fit on the base and the floors would fall out before I could tape them. Gary at RGT was wonderful and sent photo instructions on how to wrap around tape to bring the sides in but it just wasn't working for me. I was really down as this kit is hard to find as it was a limited edition, and I loved the front entryway. As I was in the boiler room where my husband has his tools I saw these long clamps hanging on the wall that I didn't know he had so I thought I'd give it a try. The result was perfect!! I also changed the color scheme. As much as I liked the Chippendale Rose, the more I looked at the house it wasn't pink. I settled on Wickam Gray with Hale Navy shutters, Monterey White(creamy white) for trim and a mahogany door. Pretty much like the picture and I had the grey here.
  10. Painted Lady

    This site will take you through many steps in building and has pictures to go with it! http://gr123.powweb.com/DollhouseWorkshop/Painted%20Lady/Painted%20Lady.html
  11. Got a great deal !!!

    Pages 4-5 of the instruction book should help in identifying pieces. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0164/0860/files/JM1065_A4_6-16.pdf?9600234703699743472
  12. Got a great deal !!!

    This link will be of great help http://gr123.powweb.com/DollhouseWorkshop/1065.html This is one of my favorites!
  13. I am sad to tell you ...

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am so very sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself.
  14. Cheryl's Place

    I like putting them in. The one above was my favorite but Aztec discontinued it.
  15. Cheryl's Place

    It sold for $800.00!!