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  1. Tiny flotilla of ships

    Fabulous decor item!
  2. 694D1C02-A150-4A8F-8AEB-772109F3FBC8.jpeg

    What a bargain! Love the colors.
  3. foundation2.jpg

    I will be painting it, but I wanted to get some of the house color on first before I decide on the color. Same for the roof.
  4. foundation1.jpg

    From the album Winchester

  5. 5c3e55c029cb9-Liningroof.jpg

    From the album Winchester

    Started the tedious job of lining the roof sections
  6. Winchester

    Finished the foundation and started lining roof sections (on two step step stool!) l)
  7. foundation.jpg

    Thank you all. The stone is simulated limestone called Lannon stone. I purchased the Lawbre component kit with the house and the foundation stone was included.
  8. Winchester

    Thanks! That's a beautiful finish. Same lannon stone I believe.
  9. Winchester

    Finished putting on 1st side of foundation. Have always painted foundations so this is a first. Thinking of a grey-brown but haven't decided. Also decided on what the rooms will be. With 13 rooms not much is left out!! (except a bathroom. I dislike doing those)
  10. foundation.jpg

    From the album Winchester

    Completed 1st side of foundation.
  11. An awwww... moment

    We once had a tall golden retriever that helped himself to strip steaks sitting on the back of the stove ready to grill. He wasn't piggy about it as he snared one for the basset hound who was too short to do her own work!!
  12. An awwww... moment

    Love them all- big and little!!
  13. chimney.jpg

    From the album Winchester

    Purchased from Mason Miniatures on Etsy. Made of real miniature bricks by a former mason. Does have weight to it as it is solid.
  14. Winchester

    Finished sorting, priming  name labeling,exterior components. Since I am incorporating several fireplaces, I needed a chimney. It arrived today. It is a solid piece faced with miniature bricks. The maker used to be a mason. Can't do much today as my eyes were dilated earlier.