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  1. Color Choices Real and Mini Houses

    Just Beautiful!!
  2. My Mother's Childhood Home in 1/12th

    At least have their photos in the house!
  3. I haven't but will start. Have one going to an auction in Oct. I am including the building instructions with the house. Didn't really think about it before. More like "made by the old lady in the midwest"!!
  4. Winchester

    That surprises me. I thought they were basically the same house except for the top configuration.
  5. Winchester

    Have been working on the porch area. Stained doors. put in the floor and added some trim. I am having a hard time understanding the directions ( I seem to need a little more direction!) so I decided to do the best I can by the directions and looking at pictures enlarged.    
  6. Winchester

    Me too! I am just getting the basic rooms done and then will decorate add things as I go along. So I have 5 down, eight to go!!
  7. Winchester

    Lately I seem to do more looking and staring than actual working! I finished papering and flooring the sewing room. The floor I white washed. I managed to put the mangle in the kitchen back together and so far nothing has fallen off. It is from the Phoenic Model Development mangle kit.  
  8. Completed bed

  9. French Quarter House

      . I think that you will find that in the French Quarter. Really like what you are doing!
  10. Parchment

    Better! Maybe more of a creamy color, that has a bit of yellow.
  11. Test Window and Shutters

    The grey bothers me.I can see  a cream color with the green shutters.
  12. I bought an RGT Queen Anne kit!

    I can feel your excitement!! That's neat.
  13. Minimum World

    I've ordered from both Minimum World and Dolls House Emporium and didn't find shipping a problem.
  14. Please help ID this Dollhouse

    If they are the same house, it must have a name or plan number.
  15. Please help ID this Dollhouse

    Looks different to me. The above isn't sided, different roof, attic area missing (no reason not to show), window frames appear different.