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  1. Still hanging around. Ghosting. Considering doing the contest for Any one know how to make a manure pile? :)

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    2. dooder85

      my mom used to make "spider cookies" that looked like a manure pile. they were cocoa and coconut shavings

    3. dooder85

      ... loving children that we were, we called them poop cookies

    4. kat57

      Sawdust or dry herbs mixed with brown clay?? I have to admit,that's a new one on me,too. Ask Havana Holly-she has all kinds of great ideas for unusual things!

  2. Flags

    I'm not sure I want to replace the paper on the umbrellas, at least for my American friends. Yeah, it'd be nice to have cloth (and I did see how to do it on YouTube), but... they're very very festive with 4th of July theme. (Still need to take pics of my haul. I crashed/fell asleep. HARD. Just got up not too long ago.) Maybe I can change the Canadian ones to orange and white cloth though. I guess I was more concerned about the paper flags, though... Maybe I worry too much.
  3. Front porch, egg carton stone laid out.

    You know you're a miniaturist if you think 2.5x5" is "expansive". LOL. ;) I saw the process done by Joanne's Minis. I like what you can do with egg cartons too. She did a cement sidewalk with it. I want a porch like you have (spacious). I'm dying to do a porch swing!
  4. Flags

    I went to Party City today. I think they're good, but...If you got a swap package and the flag was paper, would you still like it? If paper would work, I might also be able to find a pattern online for toothpicks (for Canada)- or make my own. Also got a parasol... also paper. I intend to use them for beach umbrellas, and I think they'll do well. Hope they like what I send them. I'm so stressed that my packages won't be good enough. I'm new at swaps, so I don't know what to expect or how to SAFELY send something. Only what I see on YouTube. So nervous! Wish I'd gotten one package before needing to send one so I would have a better idea what to expect. Eeek! Picked up a doll for size comparison and every thing seems to work out all right. (WOW! I didn't realize how small a 1:12 doll is!) Of course, she doesn't bend at the waist (she's meant to be a sales associate), so making a chair pattern will be a little harder. I wonder if there's a pattern on-line? I guess I could always check. A friend is also sending me dolls- hope they bend a little more. Ooh! And I also managed to get a few horses... and a fish! Make a fish bowl/tank. For "horses", I got a pegasus for me (the only one I could find) and unicorns for the packages. Perfect size for a toy. Yipee! To be clear, Party City was not the only place I shopped. Also stopped by FanToystic (the little animals $3.60) and ToysRUs (doll $6). I got the umbrellas and flags from Party City ($6).
  5. Flags

    I need flags. I'm not sure how to go about getting them. I'm in need of 3 Canadian and 2 American flags. I have swap packages to send out next month and I thought I would go with the Independence Day theme. (Canada Day is July 1.) I was going to order them on Amazon, but I couldn't make it work. Either they were coming from 3 different sites or they were add-ons from Amazon- meaning I had to order a minimum of $25 non add-on items. What a pain! So I'm thinking I could craft them- if I could figure out how. (I'd much prefer cloth to paper.) Or trading with someone on this site. In which case, I know I should have put in trading and not here, but I'm not sure how to handle this. I was hoping someone with experience could help me figure out the right route to go. I want to get it out ASAP after July 1, but I THINK it's due (latest) by July 15. If trading- well, maybe you can pm me and we can figure out the details there? Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this. I used my best judgment based off of what I know (not much) to post this.
  6. Wow! 7 years?! Where were you, Tibet? (Supposed to be a joke. "7 Years in Tibet' is a movie. ;) ) I'm a newb. Haven't done a Greenleaf yet, though it'd be nice. I am trying to finish my Grandfather's house. (A post all by itself, elsewhere on the forum.) Welcome back.
  7. 5/22/08 What Made You Smile Today?

    My baby (Service Dog in Training partner, Reese) makes me smile every day. We have our disagreements, but we love each other. I had an episode today at checkout that reminded me of the fact. I was trying to keep myself grounded (calm, in the here and now), but the person in front of me had an issue with one of the tags on their food. It was taking a while for the manager to get there and I needed out now. I started tapping on a soda bottle I was purchasing- I must've looked like a jerk, but in reality, I was having an episode. Apparently the associate recognized me because she laid a calm, reassuring hand on my hand and smiled gently and reassuringly. She smiled and asked politely where my dog was. I told her he was at home because I was trying to run a quick errand (there's nothing quick about having a Service Dog; you have to make sure their needs are met and there's constant interruptions from understandably curious people who also want to tell you about their dogs...) and get food. I guess I can't go 5 minutes without my sweet boy. But he keeps me ticking!
  8. Considering what to make for my first swap, due in July. :D

  9. 1/6 scale hand crafted canopy bed

    wow. that looks like luxury. and maybe you should have him along more often
  10. Drowning in ideas. Does any one else ever feel overwhelmed at the extent of opporturnities in our chosen hobby? Not that I'm complaining. <3in it!

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    2. CraftyMtnMom


    3. Selkie

      I'm a fan of lists, notebooks and sketch books to keep my ADD under control.

    4. minigrandma10

      You are not alone. And everytime I get frustrated, i go to another

  11. 5/22/08 What Made You Smile Today?

    Yes, it is Saturday morgan. ;) I'm an Adventist.
  12. That's what I was thinking, when the little girl outgrew it, they could have just sold it/passed it on (depending on their budget). Or kept it for the grandkids! Assuming, of course, it withstood any way it was handled- either by child or, as rackey pointed out, the weather. That plate looked delicious- and convincing. It took me a minute to figure out if they were real cakes because they were sitting on chairs. Interesting plates! And Selkie, I concur. Do your best within your means and your child will be happy. Even if they aren't, they'll just have to make do and appreciate the effort any way. It's good for character. Where else will they learn gratitude? ;)
  13. 5/22/08 What Made You Smile Today?

    You guys make me smile every day. The bits of laughter you send along are cherished. Like, I can just imagine the scene between friends as Rackey is pulled over (how do you do that as another car and not a cop car any way?), Rackey pays to get her friend out of jail, and the two go jauntily along to get something to eat as though nothing had ever happened! That's just too much. Something else that makes me smile today is my husband, whose sweet music serenades me from the next room as he plays music about Jesus this fine Sabbath morning. Although he squeaks at times, his playing means the world to me. It's so beautiful. Maybe I should video tape him and put him on YouTube some time.
  14. Considering my "Norman"- my scratch built dollhouse.

  15. 1:12 scale dolls

    TY Selkie. You're a doll for looking that up for us. Maybe her dolls sold already.