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  1. 1/7/07 New Word Game

  2. 1/7/07 New Word Game

  3. 1/7/07 New Word Game

  4. 1/7/07 New Word Game

    idiot minijunkie types too fast for me,that is why my word is wrong gynecology
  5. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes I,M not getting older because I,m still a big kid,what can I say I play with dollhouses
  6. Question for left-handers...

    I'm a lefty too. believe it or not I knitted and crocheted in my youth. lived with mom and four sisters. mom was a lefty so I was taught left handed so keep trying lefties can do anything (this comment probly has the guys wandering)
  7. Halloween Poem

    T'was the eve before Halloween The sky started to rumble like I've never seen The lights in the Greenleaf Warehouse began to flicker And in the corner you could hear a ghostly snicker Mini Man creeped in to look around And from a box he heard a strange sound To his amazement a Haunted House began to assemble A cold chill in the air made him tremble As the door opened it was full of ghouls and ghosts And a witch stood there as the host A spell was cast for Mini Man to come in That is when the nightmare begin No matter how much he began to scream and shout There was no way out Mini Man was overwhelmed with fear For he knew the end was near All of a sudden he popped awake Relieved that it was all a fake Looking in the mirror, Mini Man could see the slime on his face gleaming Perhaps I wasn't dreaming Build the Haunted House if you dare For Mini Man has issued a warning Builder Beware!
  8. I was all ready to sell out today...

    I was thinking more on lines of an electric chair :angry:
  9. I was all ready to sell out today...

    glad to see everone is glad I joined the forum. it is differnt. as you can see i can't type or half spell . WHWTFD what does it mean? (women helping with the frilly details) LOSBB-WHWTFD
  10. I was all ready to sell out today...

    yall sure have alot of letters for things i don't have a clue about LOSHBB is good I have some letters to add to it LOSHBB-WHWTFD thinkabout what it means. I'll tell you later
  11. 12/09/05 What Makes You Smile

    knowing my wife loves me as much as i love her helping sienors do things watching the wifey play with her dollhouses
  12. I was all ready to sell out today...

    Glen,i have to agree with you GI Joe is not a doll and tools are not a toy. at least not mine as Tim the tool man would say agh,agh, more power!
  13. I was all ready to sell out today...

    you give in to easy you wimped out
  14. Formally Introducing Myself

    ;) thankyou everyone for the welcomes to the fourm. glad yall like our houses all the houses i have seen has been great. keep up the good work.