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  1. Greetings from a newbie in WI

    Hi Leslie, I also live in Wisconsin, in Oak Creek to be more specific. I also love the Victorian era and wood working and sewing! It would be awesome to share some inspirations. See you around, you are in the best mini hands here, and everybody loves to help! Welcome!
  2. selling some more miniatures on ebay

    I know the feeling, I keep checking mine too!!
  3. Real Good Toys

    As a matter of fact, yes, she does. The Van Buren / Greenhouse from 2007 came from a GL The Van Buren kit. The Santa Cottage from 2007 came from a GL The Arthur kit. The Willowcrest house from 2008 came from a GL The Willowcrest kit. The York Town house from 2008 came from a GL The Willow kit. The Tudor Cottage from 2008 came from a GL The Glencroft kit. The Vineyard Cottage from 2008 came from a GL The Vineyard Cottage kit. The Mint Julep house from 2008 came from a GL The Willow kit. The Country Side Tudor from 2010 came from a GL The Glencroft kit. The Coral Island House from 2010 came from a GL Theresa kit.  The Key West Island Manor from 2011 came from a GL The Beacon Hill kit. The New Gothic Victorian from 2011 came from a GL The Tennyson kit. The Victorian Darling House from 2014 came from a GL The Chantilly kit. The Willowcrest Manor from 2017 came from a GL The Willowcrest kit. In my opinion, Greenleaf offer kits that line up better with older times, like the fabulous Victorian that so many miniaturists favor and love. Better quality kits are more plane and square, don't offer many of the beautiful details than the simpler kits treat us with. Also, for people who want to be able to sale their houses, once finished, they might be better off with the Greenleaf kits. In my own experience I have to say that ALL of the Greenleaf houses that I built are sold out. People this days want the beauty and quality of the expensive houses but can afford, or want to pay, for the inexpensive ones, so to be able to do any satisfactory transaction you will need to seriously consider to deal with the splinters, sanding, etc of the lower costs kits, otherwise you can end up with a house full of nice and expensive dollhouses that nobody are willing to buy. I made the mistake of not keeping any of my Greenleaf houses so I must have to get me a kit and build one for my collection. Once you finish them, I have to agree with Holly, they are sooo beautiful!  
  4. selling some more miniatures on ebay

    Another thing that they do is that they want to decide which items should include FREE SHIPPING, and keep on pushing you to do it!. When you sale an item, if you accept offers as they want, you give free shipping, and you pay the Ebay Final Value fee, the Final value Fee on Shipping, plus the Paypal fee, you very easily end up giving your item for free . I can't even imagine how it is when you have a "STORE", Ebay and Paypal plus the carriers for sure make their cut, but do the sellers make their cuts? I am beginning to doubt it.....I have been disappointed with my "sales" many times. Watch out!
  5. Dollhouse kits Sale, Vintage, rare, retired.

    1/144" scale NESM Gingerbread Mansion kit is sold. Thanks everybody! Enjoy your new kits!
  6. Dollhouse kits Sale, Vintage, rare, retired.

    The 1" scale Madison kit is sold. The 1/4" scale Hermes Shoe House kit is sold.
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Tim, you've got super lucky because I haven't seen lately any Hofco kit not even for the full price of the VH, let alone for half. I am glad you grabbed it. MDF has been around for over a decade now. I haven't done any yet.
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The second kit looks like the one that is on Ebay for over $600, but on this one the porch roof width has the same width of the house. The kit on Ebay has the porch roof width smaller than the width of the house, and doesn't have the heart on the top window. This would be a third Charmingland kit.  
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    S. Mirabal has this finished Farmhouse with a starting bid of $0.99 and no reserve, pick up only in Massachusetts
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Like Kelly said, none of the overpriced Hofco houses/kits are selling, so i pretty much doubt that this kit will sale near close to this high asking price. I agree with you Tim.
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Another Hofco, but I think that to ask for $15K they should at least post pictures that would help the prospect buyers justify paying this kind of $, at least on focus....
  12. Last year was my first time at any show, and I went to all of them in one day, so I spent a lot of time taking lots of pictures, like probable many newbies do. This time I didn't take too many pictures and enjoyed looking at stuff more. One detail that I love about The Miniatures Show is that the vendors have fancy candy on their tables to treat everybody, shopping or not shopping, and since lots of them are from overseas, it's great to sample their candy! hihihi  This year I only got 2 things: a Miniaturas Ediciones magazine old Edition, from Spain (it has an article about making a beautiful Dollhouse Shop in 144th scale), and this Millie August red Pepperwood Farmhouse in a Courtyard (case also included). Tempted to buy some of this veggies and one of this Japanese tiny houses, but ran out of time. Hopefully next year! Ohh, and the last 2 houses from the Canadian Little Dollhouse Company were amazing!  
  13. Yet another mini closing. Sad.

    Good news!She is not closing! an anonymous donor made possible that the site stayed up. They need people posting their sales at the site to be able to stay open.
  14. Dollhouse kits Sale, Vintage, rare, retired.

    UPDATES: 1:12 scale Shenandoah kit is sold. 1:12scale Westville kit is sold. 1:24 scale Model Homes kit is sold.    
  15. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Thank you! I had no idea.