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  1. Hi there!  I wanted to let you know I have a few more new in box furniture pieces that I bought with the intention of decorating, but have changed my mind.   3 Spindle Chairs 2 Ornate armchairs 1 round pedestal table 1 bookcase    Living room Set - fabric couches, coffee table   Please personal message me if you're interested! Thank you!
  2. New in Box Unfinished Dollhouse Furniture 1:12

    Thanks for your help!   The upholstered pieces are cloth.   The craft room and bedroom have already sold.
  3. Hi Miniaturists, I had expectations of getting into painting and decorating dollhouse furniture, but it's just not practical right now in my life. I have several rooms of wood furniture that I'd like to sell. All furniture is in its original box but I've taken some room photos so you can see it all together. 4 piece bedroom includes double bed, side table, dresser and blanket chest/toy box. 3 Piece Craft Room – Armoire, work table, stool and tiny thread spools 3 Piece Office/Den – Bookcase, table, chair, will include book and picture frame 4 Piece Modern Dollhouse Living Room Set – sofa, upholstered chair, coffee table and ornate armchair *Note: the upholstered furniture does not come in boxes. If interested, please Message me Thank you!
  4. real dollhouse livingroom

    thank you, I designed the fabric - rug, pillows and curtains - myself.
  5. real dollhouse bedroom

    thank you! so much fun to be had with unfinished furniture.
  6. Accessories subscription box

    I just started a subscription box for miniatures (accessories) so if you don't have a club in your area, this is a virtual one. Also if you're an accessories maker and want to get your product in a future box, please let me know! Thanks!
  7. real dollhouse kitchen

    From the album Cristin's Contemporary Interiors

    These blue chairs were a DIY furniture kit from 1978 that a friend just gave me.

    © Dollhouse Love

  8. real dollhouse office

    From the album Cristin's Contemporary Interiors

    © Dollhouse Love

  9. jaimie chairs2

    From the album Cristin's Contemporary Interiors

    © Dollhouse Love

  10. Hello from Buffalo, NY

    Hi, I'm Cristin. I have always been obsessed with furniture, home decorating and room design. I am funneling that love into dollhouses, where I can design, decorate and display on a miniature scale. I also am very crafty but have not put enough time and talent into making anything for my dollhouse - so I welcome the group's inspiration!