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  1. Brick and Mortar miniature shops?

    Wow, that's even worse than I thought! They did manage to remove the Kansas City shop that closed down a few years ago but I see that the Duluth, MN shop I visited has the old address (that cost us a bunch of time, parking costs, & a lot of physical pain & bother) and there's one in Birmingham, AL that's not listed at all. This site is the reason I knew that a local miniature club existed but the contact info didn't go to the person listed at all. I'm just glad that I managed to get a hold of the arts person at the State Fair and that she decided to give me a club member's info. But yeah, caveat emptor: look the places up before going, check to see if there's a current FB page, call, email, do something to make sure they exist and double check the address.
  2. The Kansas City show is coming up June 9 and 10 in Lee's Summit, MO. There are several classes available, including some new ones and another Dana Burton class. I'll be there both days and am signed up for several classes, plus Mom and I may be joined by all the ladies who are in our new mini club. Who else is planning to come?
  3. Brick and Mortar miniature shops?

    This website has a listing of stores by state and country. They also have a directory of clubs, but I'm not sure how accurate any of it is. I've tried multiple times over the past year to update our club's contact info and have had no response with any of the methods. Still, the info is worth a try.
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I'm researching for a friend who's going to Branson soon and found these in that general area: A Joseph Angel: A neat tower of shops: And a Marquam Hill in desperate need of TLC: The Marquam Hill is on my 'want forever' list but I'm literally out of room at the moment. So stop looking at me with those big, sad windows! :shakes finger:
  5. A 1950s house

    I have friends whose real life house is a split level with 7 levels. Basement, family room (that's partly underground), main floor, kids' bedrooms, master suite, and then two more levels. A family who had it before had 10 kids and I'm assuming the upper levels have bedrooms, although my friends use it for storage and I think some is sitting empty for now.
  6. What's everyone working on?

    I just emailed my mom and three local friends about starting a 1:12 mini club in my house. Some of us are in a club 30 miles away that's primarily 1:48 scale, but others can't get there due to work and some just don't enjoy 1:48 as much as 1:12 (although they still do it because, hey - minis!). One friend has already sent a very, VERY emphatic 'YES!'.  I have several project ideas in mind, including a room corner on a tile snitched from Casey's blog and my LOVE wall shelves and wind chimes. Those would give us a good start for a few months and give them a nice little completed something to enjoy and to display other little projects in.
  7. Chandelier Installation

    I've only wired one house and I took the easy way out and used these chandelier adapters. There's a video here from HBS showing how they work.
  8. hello from Perú

    Welcome! I was excited to see you mention wonderful Peru, one of the very few countries I've visited! I enjoyed my time in Lima, Iquitos, and Ferreñafe, and hope you enjoy your time here.  
  9. What's everyone working on?

    Sadly, instead of mini-ing, I've been dealing with health crapola, homeschooling, trucking the hobbit everywhere, and... hosting a princess party. With dollhouses. They were a hit. My wee beastie is the one in the foreground. 
  10. Colorado question

    There's a listing of clubs here but it's possible they're not up to date. Our club in Kansas is listed but with the wrong contact info and I emailed them a year ago with the correct info. Still worth a try though. If you're a member of NAME, there's a list of clubs here as well.
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    There's a Brinca Dada Emerson for sale through the Facebook Marketplace in Wichita. It's not my typical style but for some reason I've always loved that house since the first time I saw one. Sadly, the husband might throw his first miniature-related hissy fit if I were to splurge $250 and bring home 1:12 scale house #17. But hey, this would be the first one that doesn't need rehabbing/building/finishing! ;)
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    :gasp!: Another Greenleafer found my favourite store! And the resident miniatures! At least half the time the husband and I go on dates, we end up wandering around one of the two Paramount antique malls (usually the west one - there's another one waaaay out east of Wichita that's not as big) and I visit that case every time. I think it's always half off but it's still too rich for my blood and I agree, those twisty legs are awesome. I've kind of been planning a date where I can bat my eyes and pull the birthday card sometime this month for one piece. ;) I'd be willing to take photos the next time I'm down there if anyone is interested in the pieces.
  13. NO! Say it isn't so!

      I was in a store in Birmingham, AL in August 2015 and another in Duluth, MN in August 2016. Norm's is the nearest miniature store to me to the west, and that's a good eight hours. It's almost as far a drive to the nearest store to the east. There used to be several around here. :(
  14. Dollhouse delivered by 'Santa'

    Very nice! They're going to love it and you should be proud of the work you've done! Good job, Jaime!
  15. How much do you spend on this hobby?

    :does a Jedi hand wave: These are not the receipts you're looking for. Move along. ;)