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  1. There will be a miniature garage sale in Tulsa, Oklahoma starting at 8am on Saturday, July 29. It is in a private home so if you'd like to know more, please shoot me a PM ans I can either answer your questions or share the email address of the person in charge.
  2. The Southwest Round Up Show and Sale is returning next summer! June 16-17, 2018 in Oklahoma City. Looks like they're recruiting dealers and teachers to put on workshops. More details on this PDF in Google Drive.
  3. photos

    Yay. :/ Glad we have an external hard drive for storing photos, but I still have a lot on Photobucket that I apparently need to move off. They also changed their app and I haven't been able to back my cell phone pictures up to their site since sometime last year. I thought it was an issue on my end but now I'm wondering. Oh well.
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Remember the odd lot of random bits of trim and siding leftover from an Arthur that someone posted on ebay last month? Well, I messaged and told the guy what he has, but it didn't sell and he's relisted it with the exact same description of "not sure if it's the whole house or not" malarky. At least it's $8.99 now instead of $9.49 (plus $8.15 shipping). :deadpan voice: Woo. Big savings on such an amazing lot. Now this. This is what I came to post about. There's a Kickstarter for a small 3D printer that looks like a very nice deal. The husband and I are thinking of backing it so we can get one at the cheaper price. He's not ready to pull the trigger quite yet though. My trigger finger, on the other hand... ;) And now for the craigslist enabling: Alexandria in Wichita, KS for $125: (Good thing I found one for $40 a while ago or I'd be frothing at the mouth for this one) Plantation dollhouse in Tulsa, OK for $100: One of those plasticy front-opening houses (Sharon has a very nice one) in the Tulsa area for $40: A new Ikea dollhouse in the box in Tulsa, OK for $25: (I was thinking, "Gee, that looks just like a Lundby! ... Hey genius, it says Lundby right on the box." I are brilliant. :D )
  5. Chinese copied my beach house?

    Holy cow! That couldn't be a closer copy! My in-laws do craft shows and there are often people there who just take pictures of the pieces. They shoo the jerks out but 6 months later or so, very similar pieces start showing up in stores.
  6. Ceilings ??

    I used embossed paper that looks like a tin ceiling in my Orchid: It's difficult to see the details on that one but there's a similar one here:
  7. I need some help in finding a dollhouse

    Oh, I adore that house! <3
  8. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    In that case, I'm crazy creative! ;) I took a couple of panoramic photos of the two rooms my stash (and Mom's) are in. They're terrifying!  Will save them for when they're a 'before' and I have a reasonable 'after'. I'm in the midst of reorganising it all and there's a lot that isn't even miniature stuff in the bedroom (Mom used to stay with us occasionally and some of her things are still in there). I'm trying to get everything sorted into shoebox-sized boxes so there are piles of mini kitchen items on the third floor of the Arrow Royal Dream, wall decor items on the second floor, and miscellaneous decor items in the main floor. not to mention the stacks of open boxes labelled "Toys" and "Christmas" and "Flower Kits" and "Misc Garden Stuff" and "Anglophile Project" and "Trims" and "Naked Dolls" and on and on and on... My husband pitched in on Friday and it already looks much better. He moved the chair and microwave out and we're trying to get the bed out next so we can move a round table in that the current house project will go on, which will clear up the big table in the family room for small projects and the mini club. I really need to go through and sell things that I won't use, but also want to give the two nieces and one daughter I'm rehabbing houses for a chance to claim what they'd like. 
  9. Going to Kansas City?

    Lawanda, I'm so glad you got to go and met Sharon! I'm sorry I couldn't come over during the class and couldn't find you when it was over. :(
  10. Going to Kansas City?

    It was great to see you again, Sharon, and to meet you, Contrary Housewife! I learned new things from last year in the doll class and the vanity class was good too. Mom, both friends, and I had a great time and we all found some amazing new treasures. All four of us are taking Bradley's class tomorrow morning then hitting the sales tables one last time before going to drool all over the miniature museum.
  11. Going to Kansas City?

    At the motel in Lees Summit! I'll be in either a maroon t-shirt that says "Skirmish Responsibly" with fighting stick figures, a brown t-shirt that says "Serenity" with the spaceship from the Firefly TV show, or a long lavender tunic with purple and black leggings. We'll see what mood I'm in. ;) The easiest way to spot me will probably be my brown hair. It'll likely be up in a bun held with a fork but it's just past my bum if it's still damp and loose. That's not too hard to spot.
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    oooOOOOooo! It's a good thing I'm not near Chicago. <3
  13. Going to Kansas City?

    I researched the whaley out of Dana's website and youtube last year before I went and was the only one with all the needed tools but we all shared and got by just fine. It can work again this year. Day after tomorrow! Whee!
  14. Going to Kansas City?

    Has Dana emailed the instructions and tool list to you?
  15. Going to Kansas City?

    My mom, two friends, and I are going. One friend and I are taking Dana's class and I think all of us are in Bradley's class on Saturday morning. Another friend will be in the cabinet building class on Friday. We need some way of identifying each other! Maybe light-up hats that spell out 'Greenleaf'? ;) :D