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  1. Qucik question about bricking

    Personally when I've done brickwork I just make sure I use a matte sealer, which is probably the same goal of the glue/water mix. Which is to seal the brick before grouting, and specifically make it easier to clean if any of the grout ends up on top of the brick.
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Sam, if you'd like I think I have at least two sets of these if you're looking for one. Just message me and I'll see what I can find out in regards to shipping cost to Oz for you.  Hope everyone had an awesome Turkey day if you celebrate Thanksgiving!
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Don't recognize the first two, the third is the Petite Dreams house that was sold by XLarge Machine at Target. They came prepainted in that blue. The third looks like a RGT's Country Victorian that's been put together a little funky in regards to the second story porch..
  4. What's everyone working on?

    Nope, no bottle brush tree at all! That's how it's different, as a tree isn't the exact form this is going to take if I can get it to turn out right.  ;)  
  5. What's everyone working on?

    I haven't added to this in some time, but have been playing around with how to do a "different" sort of Christmas tree. While I've finished up with getting my lycopodium all formed up, I've been playing around with LED light strands the last couple of days. I'm hoping with-in the next couple of days I'll be able to upload pics and see what everyone thinks.  :)
  6. wallpaper

    Cynthia, how many pieces of this are you looking for?  
  7. Crown strips attached to support the 2nd floors

    I actually think Lawbre used to do this, as both of my Lawbre houses have come to me like this. According to the previous owners of my Nantucket it was put together by the company and they only painted some of it, and it had the same issues with the crown supporting the second floors.  
  8. I need help with Ebay

    Typically if I want to track an item or seller I don't add to "collections", rather I use the "Follow this Seller" button or "Watch this Item". That way I can just pull up my watch list to find the item or go to the "My Ebay" tab and pull up my "Followed Sellers". 
  9. Siding needed for Heritage dollhouse

    Michele, if you have a picture of the siding you're looking for I may be able to help as I have some from various Dura Craft kits in my stash of "stuff" as well as siding I have made myself. I just need a picture to see specifically what you're looking for.  :)
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    I've been attempting to organize and clean up a good bit of my crafting area indoors as well as out in the shop. This has been good in that it's getting me more focused on several dollhouses I've been bouncing back and forth between. Other major bright side is that I've been taking a lot of what I've collected thinking I would repurpose it into mini usage, and as it's been sitting and not getting used have been taking pictures and putting it up for sale. Example is a whole lot of costume jewelry, and I cannot begin to say how very good it feels to be getting pieces bagged up and shipped out with every cent going into my roofing fund for my folks!  Another big change for my family, that given was scary when it happened... but in a weird way I'm so glad it did is that my mom had a gallbladder attack a few weeks back. I've been the one voted to go with her next Monday for pre-surgery consultation with the doctors. Two big big pluses for my family though from that -- a) my mother has lost almost 20lbs in 3 weeks by changing her diet to exclude all fats per doctors orders b) between me losing it and yelling at my father to wake up and take his head out of the bottle and my mom's attack a couple days later my father has not had a drink of alcohol in over two weeks, both my mom and I have been counting the days! My mom wasn't and is not "obese", but she was definitely carrying extra weight that wasn't healthy. She has been so amazed with her weight loss, and has started exercising more with me, even if just walking a bit further with our pups each day. All I know is I can honestly say I don't think she has weighed so little since I was a kid, and she seems genuinely happy though she does miss certain foods like cheese and milk. However, for me the happiness comes from the fact that she's happy and neither of my parents has been drinking alcohol! They are both admitted alcoholics, and I am beyond amazed they've both cut it out cold turkey and are doing so well! Proof my friends whether you believe in a higher being or not that prayers truly are answered. Sometimes in incredibly unexpected ways... but answered none the less!  <3  
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That's the First Lady dollhouse by RGT's. 
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Anyone in the Pacific NW, I'm guessing shipping would be not too bad... and a cute house kite for $9.99 -- unbeatable!
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    When it was posted on the other site, the insta-wire shown was the old copper tape wire.
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Oh, I can believe it -- just shipping from Washington state to Ohio can at times go well over $80-$100, so I can't even imagine the cost of international shipping. It's disgusting honestly just how much mailing prices have gone up in the last few years -- and not just with the Postal Service, but also with services like UPS and Fed-Ex. Downright scary at times to look to even estimate shipping...
  15. La Bafana research witchy Mrs. Claus legend

    Never heard of her, and have to agree the majority of those images are downright spooky -- though I was drawn to the last one, namely b/c she just looked the epitome of a good witch, and I liked the stockings in the foreground. Definitely an interesting character and history!