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  1. eBay auctions

    They truly are -- but I just don't see using them, and I'm not one for "painted" furniture -- I've always preferred stained. So I feel like an unappreciative jerk listing them -- though you can see just how much skill she has in the painting! It's a shame she doesn't do that so much anymore. BUT I do feel good in that hopefully the pieces move on to those who really can/do appreciate them!  
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I'm wondering if one of those whom posted those links is related to a guy that just told me he spent $100,000 on a dollhouse?!? Mind you when I saw pics of said dollhouse it was a poorly built Duracraft farmhouse... to say the least all I could do was laugh. lol  
  3. eBay auctions

    Taking Sam's advice and letting you guys know that I'm listing some of the artisan miniatures I got at that estate sale. This is the link for the painted bed by Robin Betterley, signed and dated by her though it's in pencil so hard to see in the pics. Other pieces in half scale set being sold in other auctions along  with a similar 1:144 scale by her in the same green with pink rosebuds.  My apologies now, I'm still getting used to picture taking and posting on E-Bay!  
  4. What's everyone working on?

    Working slowly but surely on getting my work spaces cleaned up and organized, and hoping fervently that we have finally seen the last of the snow we're meant to until winter sets in again. Amazing how trying to clean up and organize can somehow make you feel so NOT organized... anyways, back to the grindstone of getting stuff moved and changed about. Thanks to those that have posted their own organization efforts -- you're helping to keep me on track with this.  
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That's the ACP Queen Anne Rowhouse I just got for $40. Nice to see another one that's finished though to get ideas on how I want to do mine up!  :)
  6. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    Thanks Carrie! I've looked on his site as well as Ebay and some other sites -- just the matter I'm not coming across anything he's really done in this scale other than a butter dish. So I'm presuming that these had to be commissioned by the woman that owned the house, as she had a truly astounding collection. I just don't want to shoot myself in the foot when it comes to listing these pieces -- and while I never thought I'd even own a piece by several of these artisans... I also know that 1:12 is still my true love in scale. So while I will work to finish off several of these 1:24 scale houses and kits, I also know these pieces are not meant to stay here with me.  
  7. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    Alright, quick question -- has anyone else come across Pete Acquisto silver tea sets and/or candelabrums in 1:24 scale? I actually found a complete tea set and a three arm candelabrum at the estate sale I went to, all marked and in their original boxes. The candelabrum still has it's original card as well. My question being, since Acquisto doesn't seem to do too much in the smaller scales -- how would one figure out the pricing? B/c admittedly, at the moment I'm sincerely overjoyed/bewildered about this lovely find!  
  8. The Rosedawn is home and my dog Molly is doing an inspection.

    I have two Lawbre houses now, and love them! I especially love my continual work on them as they both came to me as rehab type houses. Love your inspector, and can't wait to see what you two do with this beautiful house!  :)
  9. Cleaning out my stash...

    Just to give you all the heads up, I will be adding more pictures to my "sale" album here with-in the next week or so.(At least that's my hope). I had several parties contact me to say they were interested previously, and just letting those that were know -- I'm still looking to clear out some space!  My joy truly comes from the building and/or the "fixing" not so much the accessorizing. It's just taken me too many years to realize this! lol  
  10. What's everyone working on?

    Linda, you're still good -- I'm at somewhere around 60'ish now... Really should re-count and go through what I've donated and given away. But fairly certain I'm right around the 60 mark. lol Bright side, the 3 new ones I got all of them for $55, not including the fact that two of those came either stuffed full of artisan minis or still wrapped up and shoved in another box with artisan minis. Only issue being, my sleep schedule is completely off kilter now from where it should be...  
  11. What's everyone working on?

    Sooo... I got to do something I haven't before. I got to go to an estate sale of a miniaturist that was full of incredible miniatures! I managed to leave the sale after two days with not one but two new builds as well as a new kit! Oh, and bunches of minis and components to build with! To say the least I am a happy happy person here! I scored an American Craft Products 1:24 Queen Anne Row House, as well as one of their 1800's General Store kits in 1:12 scale. Last but not least the friend I went to the sale with bought a corner store. She wanted all that was in it, but didn't want the store -- so I now have that as well! If I'm correct this would have been made originally by a store in NJ, called The Toy Attic. I think it was the forerunner of what is now known as The Street of Shops by Houseworks. All told, I'm now in the midst of trying to organize all of my new goodies I got. Some I'll resell b/c while I'd love to keep all of it -- I just don't have the room. Truly was a great time in getting to see an incredible collection, as well as the delight of getting to network with other miniaturists that were there. I've enjoyed getting to keep up with you all and what you've been up to -- just the simple matter I've had to catch up on sleep, b/c I was lacking it terribly! lol
  12. Estate sale goodies

    That glass container looks like one of the many vials I save from my insulin usage -- if you ever have need for more, drop me a pm and I can send a few more your way.  Have to agree with Sam, you had some nice finds there -- and for $6, that's super impressive!   
  13. What's everyone working on?

    Tracy, can't wait to see the roomboxes, they sound incredible -- and if you've been eyeing them for two years... it sounds like you were meant to get them! ;) For myself, I've been nursing what I thought was a cough/cold for the last week and a half, but will be calling the Dr. tomorrow due to the matter of severe back pain which almost always means pneumonia for me -- and I really don't want that! So, while I've been nursing this hacking cough I've been working on a half scale A Frame house. I have literally no idea when/where I got this house from... but it's something to keep me occupied while trying to get over whatever it is I've got. So far I've been busy trimming down 1:12 shingles to 1:24, with the possibility of possibly going a bit smaller to decorate the front. I've also got a vinegar and steel wool aging solution setting up so I can get a nice silvery aged look to this... was thinking I'd do this like a Swiss Chalet style -- but it's still up in the air, as I've been browsing Pinterest and a number of home and cabin sites to try and get an idea for it. Not certain what I'll do with this one once I've got it done up...
  14. What's everyone working on?

    Karin, I love your princess! She's so beautifully done!  I did get my Ashley dollhouse out of here, done up as a stone cottage with thatch. This was my first time doing both PaperClay as well as thatch, so the house was truly a learning experience! I made it very simplistic, and left some "undone" as I was asked to for it being placed on a table for the idea of children to win... wasn't a real fan of that idea, but went with it. More details on that with the pictures in my album with it.  In regards to what I'm currently up to -- working at getting over a cold of sorts, really scratchy throat and a lot of coughing. Thankfully though, NOT the flu!   This has let me do a good bit of research in regards to my next, and originally only planned donation dollhouse project for this year. I've been informed the theme for the Children's Hospital fundraising gala will be Moroccan, so have been scouring Pinterest and most anywhere else to come up with Moorish design ideas. I have one house in particular that I think is going to be used, which surprises me b/c I had other plans for it... but it's out in the shop and I can hear it screaming "This is me!!!" Funny how it is that works sometimes... Anyways, that brings me to a question for you all -- who here has tried making their own molds for use with resin? I love the look of Ron Hubbles' walls in his Middle Eastern roomboxes, but he doesn't sell any components like that alone that I can see on his site. For all the jewelry findings and interesting bits and pieces I have collected, I think I can very possibly make my own molds to create my wall sections... but am wondering if the mold making for resin usage is all that different from clay or not? (Can you tell I came here first to ask before going on to look this all up elsewhere?) lol
  15. Cleaning out my stash...

    Added pics into my "sale album" of a French Canopy style bed, will be adding more pictures tonight if anyone is interested. Anything that has sold has been marked, and while I'm looking for certain prices on certain items -- I am definitely open to offers if they're reasonable. Please people, help me clean out some of these minis and get them to other homes they'll be appreciated... otherwise, I'm going to break down buy myself more "storage" and they're not probably going to see the light of day again for a while, while I continue on my building and moving houses out. lol