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  1. RGT Front Opening Country Victorian

    Manhattan Dollhouse, has it showing on their website that yes that house has been discontinued by RGT -- but that they still have some in stock. It may be worth it to shoot them an email as they do have sales ever so often that you may be able to get it cheaper than they have it currently listed...
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Will do!
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I know the woman had it priced at $150, which I thought was okay price wise. I haven't seen pics of the kit box yet though, and told her that's definitely going to be a conditional factor in regards to the price I'm willing to pay for it. Thanks so much for both of you answering so quickly! 
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Alright, just a quick question for those in the know... If you came across a vintage new in box, never been opened Little Orphan Annie Dollhouse kit, what do you think would be a good price for it? I know of late there are a couple of built options on Ebay that the folks are asking $600+, and they definitely need work in my opinion. I'm trying to scrimp and save at the moment to save money for my own personal real life project of a new roof for my folks house. BUT have come across this kit locally, and am thinking it's a really good deal that I may well regret not making an offer on. I want to be fair, but still want a good deal if I do...  
  5. Real Good Toys?

    I've noticed this too Kelly. I think right now they're running another "Cabbage Days" sale which is a decent percentage off of their stock, but again they've discontinued A LOT recently...
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Well done on identifying the Artply Franklin Jenn! Marla, have to say that 3-D printer looks very interesting!
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I'm with Holly, I'd say that's a Duracraft Farmhouse -- even has some of the railings still. Did have to laugh that they had the description on that auction as straight copy and paste from the RGT's site. Looking at that picture -- no way is that 3/8" plywood! lol
  8. What's everyone working on?

    Hi Mary Helen, nice to meet you virtually speaking! In regards to my fabric wall, I didn't use cotton fabric and wasn't too sure about the spray starch working on the fabric I was using. As it was fabric sample and I didn't have any more of that particular one, I used the spray fixative on the back of it and then ran a very thin bead of Elmer's Glue All(white pva) and was incredibly grateful that it not only glued to the wall perfectly but didn't leave a line on the fabric. As you're working with silk I would definitely see about trying whatever method on a test spot first to make sure it doesn't bleed through!  
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    Susie, I'm sorry your mother passed, but so very glad to hear she did so comfortably with your help! Thank you for your kind thoughts, I only hope I'm able to raise/sell enough to get them the funds needed -- and actually get them to accept the help. I know it's not something they ever like asking for, and I was raised by them and had a rough time asking for it for them -- but again, they need the help... and I know I just don't have the ability to do that on my own again. I am so incredibly grateful for the messages I've received in support for not only them but myself as well in doing this for them!
  10. What's everyone working on?

    Can't say I've been out in the shop all too much recently to work on the 1:6 house, b/c apparently as I'm aging I'm developing allergies I never had -- i.e. pollen is kicking my butt lately. Sooo, I was smart and moved that project into my work area in my designated craft area in the house. Main points I've managed is to get the last veneer strip laid for the bottom floor(so grateful for that!), also went ahead today b/c my second floor was still bothering me -- just wasn't as smooth as I really wanted. I had already polyurethaned it, sanded, and poly'd it again so today I went ahead and did a paste finishing wax rubbed in -- and I'm in love with that floor now! Definitely need to remember that wax more often! Super smooth, and after 15 minutes it's not coming off.    In addition I was still trying to figure out how not to use the same trim in every room -- didn't have too much to worry about in regards to the "normal" windows, they didn't come with trim. Knew I'd have to make my own(lots of miter cuts, of which I'm not a big fan), but got the trim done for the windows in the bay. Realized I didn't have enough of that to trim the windows in the tower, but did realize that some of the homemade siding I have that was cut at I believe a 3 degree angle -- that's going to be perfect. So I'll measure out what I need out of that and get that trim cut tomorrow. Oh, and last thing I can say I've managed to do is glue together an optional carpet for one of the second floor rooms. I've glued together pieces of the baseboard and chair rail I had ordered previously and used in other rooms, but in doing this it gives the baseboard just enough room to slide the carpet in if wanted or go ahead and pull it out and just have the wood floor. Figure the house is going to a little girl, she should definitely have the ability to change things as she likes without a whole lot of fuss or trouble. This seemed to be the answer to that, so was really glad I took the time to figure out how to manage it. 
  11. Did you guys know Walmer is still in business?

    I meant specifically the instructions for their old kits. They still have a good number, but I've got a few kits they made that she wasn't able to get me the instructions for -- their A-Frame Cabin, as well as the Bay Mansion. It took me 3 years roughly to finally be able to locate the instructions for that one! Now that I've got them saved, once I get the nerves up to start working on it it'll be a few years before you'll see me again! (Just kidding... I think!)
  12. Did you guys know Walmer is still in business?

    I actually did know this -- as I've spoken with Lorraine several times(Walmer's daughter) as they do still have a number of old dollhouse plans, and thankfully have shared them as I've come across kits that are hardly seen, that were by them. She's always been extremely helpful if she can be, though given I've got a couple kits by them that she was unable to help on and I've had to look elsewhere for directions on them. lol She's also a lovely font of information in regards to what they called their "drop down" design dollhouses, and how they came up with them to make it easier for children to disassemble them when their parents were moving to different army bases. Probably one of the reasons I love the old Walmer houses is that simple point of history right there!  :)
  13. Time Out

    Not certain how I missed this previously Mike, but do know you and Rosemary have continued thoughts and prayers from myself as well! Here's hoping you're able to get home and be comfortable soon!
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    Holly, that is an incredibly valid point! I think where my biggest issue has been is I emptied out my 401K a few years back when they were facing issues with the inability to make their payments on the house. I was able to get that all caught up and make sure they were able to stay in it... but when I realized they were having the issues b/c they were basically being asked by my sister to make her rent payments for her and her husband -- when they both had full time jobs. That was rough for me to try and be understanding there. As it stands my sister and I unfortunately don't talk all that much as she was offended when I turned down helping her out, b/c I knew our parents needed the help, and I know her issue is she just doesn't like to live with-in her means. Thankfully, I believe my sister and brother-in-law have grown up a bit and taken better control there -- but my parents are aware that for all the help they've tried to give over the years, they'll never get any in return. Thus where it is I was going through my dollhouse kits, and finished smaller scale houses wondering just which minis/kits I'm willing to part with to try and raise the funds I know are going to be needed. Goodness  knows my folks and I have butted heads and temperaments, and will inevitably do so again -- but they are my parents, and I'll do what I can to see that they live comfortably and try to not have to worry about their roof falling in on them. Sable, I'm with Holly in hoping they're done cutting on you -- and purely getting you back to looking like you with the skin grafts etc. I know that for myself, red haired with super white skin, I tend to avoid being out in the sun all that much due to how quickly I burn. However, in the same breath I've had some really severe burns before that I've no doubt will haunt me later on as I continue to age. Just want to say thank you to those of you whom have asked in regards to the campaign I started for my folks, as well as simply said a prayer -- it is all more appreciated than you will ever know!
  15. What are you up to today? This week?

    I haven't mini'd as much as I'd have liked here the last few days -- lots of sunshine, but it's been paired up with what seems to have been a constant deluge! Which means typically I just pull my hair into a ponytail and try to avoid mirrors and seeing how my hair frizzes out everywhere. I wish at this point that was all I had to worry about, but unfortunately with the recent rain it's caused what was a small leak in my parents' roof to become a major leak and took down a pretty good sized portion of their bathroom ceiling. As I don't have the money to have all that's going to need repaired done, I bit the bullet and started a Go Fund Me account to try to help them raise the money they'll need. Was amazing to see the people that donated right off do so -- then of course I mentioned the possibility to my mom that a campaign like that may be a good way to get them the help they need(was thinking I could give her the link and she could share it herself)... instead she burst into tears asking me that I hadn't done anything like that and wouldn't b/c it would be like them "airing their dirty laundry". That is something I will never understand -- it's not "dirty laundry", in my eyes and I believe those that have already donated it's the simple matter they are older and in what is supposed to be their retirement home and need help. So now I'm basically in the position I'm hoping and praying the Go Fund Me campaign at least helps me raise more of the money needed to get their roof fixed, but I'm also having to try to keep it super secret so I don't upset my parents... I literally have felt very much like I was between the proverbial rock and hard place. I love my folks, but boy oh boy could I do without their pride. I know I've been foolish in my life and pride has been a bi portion of it, but I'd like to think I learned that at times you just have to be humble and ask for help. Right now in looking at their house, I truly think if they have a lot of snow this winter coming the roof will probably cave in, and I just can't see sitting back and letting that happen to them. Wish there was an easier way to come up with the funds they need(you know like a winning lottery ticket), but I've been very budget minded lately too so the likelihood of just wasting money on something like pure chance hasn't even been a possibility! lol Anyways, sorry for writing the book and just want to say it was nice to be able to read and catch up with some of you guys' daily lives and not just your minis! Hope you all are well, and Jeremy I hope that trip goes well and your wife's build goes incredibly!