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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Today I've managed to use chalk paint for the first time -- painted some corrugated cardboard which I will be using as a beadboard type wainscot in the kitchen, and have finally settled on what paper I will use for the top. Though I came across some milk paint I have that I think color wise would work well also, so that one is getting thought over a bit more. The bathroom tiles have all been lain and glued in, and I will grout them tomorrow. Thankfully after that I'll be able to put my trim work in and have that room done completely! In addition have gotten my paper for the other two areas of the Plum Pudding cut so that I believe they will be installed by the end of tonight. Have all of my trim pieces selected, and will only have two more floors to work on. The kitchen and bathroom floors are definitely going to be the easiest in this house, the living room floor was a lot of cutting -- but I loved the way it turned out. I've got a lot more to work on in regards to cutting and staining of wood tiles, but I believe when I get done that will be the last of those in my stash.  
  2. What's everyone working on?

    Good to know, as I've a number of DuraCrafts in my stash of kits to be built including the Marquam Hill Mansion. Over the last few days I've been fighting to get the World & Model tile paper off the walls in the kitchen of my Plum Pudding, still not certain what I'm going to use there instead -- but I just didn't like the tile paper in there! So while I have the house currently flipped upside down to strip that paper out easier I've managed to get all the paper in the bathroom done. What is a canvas type paper in a very light green for the bottom half of the wall and a blue and green mandala type patterned paper on the top half. I still need to get the trim work and flooring done in there, but then I will finally have two rooms completely done. Have to say though in actuality the last few days this house seems to be flying together in regards to papers and whatnot showing up to work perfectly in different rooms. In regards to houses out in the shop, I've managed to cut a marbled wallpaper for bathroom flooring for the 1:6 rehab house. I also took advantage of the HBS sale and got the last 5 windows ordered for the house(thankfully got notice they shipped out today). If all continues to go nicely here on the weather front I'll have the exterior finished off here shortly in either being completely re-sided, or major work done to make the milled in siding look decent again. Really leaning towards doing a homemade siding solution, and cutting my own siding strips for it. In other news, after my issues with the brad nailer the other day -- the flooring in the Blueberry Pie Townhome got done and I have one level with napkins now drying as the wallpaper. Have to say, I like how it looks so far and hope to upload pictures here with-in the next day or so if I can get my camera and laptop to work nicely with one another(an on-going battle to say the least!)  
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Thanks for that Heidi, that explains a lot!  I was seriously questioning the Alessio windows, thinking there was no way Lawbre would have finished it with those. If Janet did though, makes a whole lot more sense! 
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I don't think so as in the ad she says the windows are by Alessio, and I don't think Lawbre sells/uses anything by them.  
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Those stairs actually look pretty good in person(says the dope with a set for one of her houses). The way they made that house is typically not only are the stairs removable, but from what I've seen the ceilings/floors for the second and third floors are as well. Until they're glued in, they are only supported by the crown moldings that are installed. I agree that I like the exterior as well... but I'm fairly certain there was one very similar if not the same that sold on Ebay several years back. So if she's trying to sell a house she got in an estate sale with no extra effort put into it for that -- it just disappoints me.
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Sounds terrible to say I completely agree with that statement! I have two Lawbre houses now, and between both of them I've only spent $50 to purchase one and got the other free! lol ... I really need to get to working on at least one of them here soon. Just so many houses and kits to choose from when they speak to me they'll get worked on.  ;)
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Kelly, I saw this and thought of you! I doubt she'll manage to get that for it... but I guess you just never know.  
  8. Looking for help... in Portland Oregon

    ...and thank goodness for FB -- I believe I have the help I needed!  Yea!!!
  9. Hi all, I'm hoping someone may be able to help me... If anyone happens to live in or around the Portland Oregon area, could you kindly msg me please? I'm looking for a bit of help in acquiring a dollhouse kit in that area.
  10. What's everyone working on?

    Thanks Holly, she definitely is my helper -- she doesn't like to let me out of her sight! lol In regards to the napkins they're the typical paper napkins you can buy in packs and pitch when you're done using. The Blueberry Townhome is being done as a MacKenzie Childs inspired building. The exterior has already been decoupaged with MacKenzie Childs tissue paper in their Courtly Check pattern. For the interior I have napkins with a few different patterns to choose from, and again am trying out some different techniques for flooring etc that I've wanted to try and just hadn't as yet. Have to say, of late I've been enjoying doing the not so new to others, but new to me techniques and tweaking them just a bit...
  11. What's everyone working on?

    Well, today I and my girl in my profile pic managed to get out to our shop and work on cleaning and straightening up! A definite plus... All in all managed to get a number of wallpapers for the Plum Pudding rehab sealed. In addition to our time spent in the shop we also managed to get back to working on the Blueberry Townhome build -- have to say I had a few initial issues with my brad nailer I was using to make sure the floors were solidly in. However, once I got that under control -- that flew, so I now have floors in and am hoping to get back to decoupaging napkins in for wallpaper on the different levels tomorrow! I truly love the way this is turning out... very much reminds me of the old lithographed houses. For now, getting back to the Plum Pudding and putting in some more ceiling treatments as well as removing the tile work I had in the kitchen. I just did not like the way that was looking, and after trying it too many times to count decided to just go a different direction for the wall treatment there. lol Hoping with-in the next day or two to get pictures taken and uploaded. 
  12. What's everyone working on?

    Hope everyone had a great weekend and happy holiday if you celebrate Easter! For myself, I managed to get several things done -- which if I manage to get multiple goals met it's nearly miraculous in my mind! lol Today was a day I managed to finally get my living room floor for the Plum Pudding rehab stained to a point I think I can be happy with. That was one coat of Espresso stain, then sanded, with two additional coats of Cherry stain. BUT I love the look it's given, the depth if you will -- very much like the little people have worn the floor down and it's reclaimed wood that now comprises the floor. I think it's going to look spectacular with my cord wood wall treatment. Thankfully I also managed to get the ceiling treatment in for the bathroom in the same house, and while waiting on that to dry I went ahead and got my baseboard trim cut for the living room as well. I've thankfully also been managing more time on my 1:6 scale rehab/resuscitation from death house. Read that as a RGT's Victorian Townhome that had definitely seen better days. I ended up having to order new windows, door, and trim for this and thankfully managed to start getting all of those painted. The gal I'm doing this for has requested the outside be painted the obligatory pink for her daughter with white trim, but there will also be some lavender accents on the windows to break it up. The inside however is going to be thankfully a few different colors/finishes and not all pink so as to accommodate her Barbies as well as her Monster High dolls. I'm hoping if the weather cooperates here tomorrow I'll be able to start installing flooring, which I'm confident will take a while but is desperately needed... well to be frank everything about this house is desperately needed but one step at a time! lol
  13. What's everyone working on?

    So sorry to hear you are both dealing with the "floaters" in your eyes, Kelly and Lawanda. I know as a diabetic that's something they warn you of right off the bat to make sure you keep a watch on your eyes and that you don't experience that(apparently happens quite easily if one doesn't control their blood sugar). Prayers for both of you that your eyes clear up! For myself and minis, found the bag with all my windows, doors, and shutters for my Plum Pudding rehab. Managed to find two brand new rolls of wallpaper still in plastic wrap that are scaled really well for miniature usage, so those got stuck in my wallpaper stash. I did finish gluing my skinny stick floor together, sanded it also. I'm really thinking this floor will have a great look of an aged farmhouse floor -- really liking the way it's turning out so far! Have also started laying tile down for the bathroom floor upstairs, and am hoping to have all my papering for the second floor of the Plum Pudding done by Saturday. Jodi, let me just say well done on the organization efforts -- I wish any of my work spaces looked that nice! 
  14. What's everyone working on?

    Haven't gotten to work on minis as much as I'd like this last week, but have been working slowly and steadily gluing skinny sticks down. Just about have a completed floor and will then sand it just a bit... but I think it's going to look perfectly imperfect like an older floor that's weathered some wear and tear through the ages. Seriously looking forward to getting it done! Otherwise, have been working on cleaning up a bit in my shop and making more floor space for my pup to be out there working with me now that we're finally getting some nicer weather here. Have loved checking in and seeing what everyone else has been up to! 
  15. Suggestions...

    Hi all, Hoping that our forum of educated dollhouse builders/rehabbers may be able to point me in the right direction here. I'm looking at possibly buying an incredibly old and to my eyes lovely dollhouse -- but I know it will need restoration. I do not want the value to depreciate b/c I've attempted to rectify problems with it's current condition. However, there are also no qualified rehab artisans of antique dollhouses anywhere near me. If nothing else I would at least like to find some books on restorations and the how to's of, and indeed the older houses like Bliss and Gottschalk dollhouses to educate myself more. I was amazed today that though my local library has literally no books on dollhouses or miniatures at all, the librarian called the district director and they bought the book "The Genius of Moritz Gottschalk" and are going to contact me when it's in. I know I was beyond surprised they would do so, but was incredibly grateful as that book is expensive! I've a few books on Bliss houses already, but again -- nothing in regards to the restoration of antique houses. So now I'm left wondering if there are actually any books, or if folks may be willing to share sources and/or tips on antique dollhouse restorations?  My thanks in advance for any possible help!