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  1. Funny how things can change.

    Ian, when I started it was strictly to make a dollhouse for my niece for Christmas... That being said I now have well over 50 dollhouses and kits either in the process of being made, rehabbed, or awaiting me to open a box and let them see light. lol Both is more than good in my opinion b/c if you feel you're "stuck" on one, you can flip your attention to the other and give your ideas time to percolate.  That being said, some may feel overwhelmed with more than one project... but that's not been my experience so much.  lol
  2. What's everyone working on?

    Deborah, that building inspector is downright adorable! I also love the look of your roombox exterior.  As for myself, I had a day off today which was beyond needed b/c it's the first I've had off in over two months that I've not ended up in my workplace! While I've not gotten as much done on my Plum Pudding rehab as I'd like, I have at least gotten all of the shingles finally finished. Definite plus there for me, b/c while I love the looks of them they weren't the easiest to get put on with the resources I had. lol I am grateful that tomorrow I have a fairly early and short day at work, so that when I get home I can finish mitering my trim pieces for the kitchen and living room and I hope get those installed.  It's funny as I continue working on this rehab... can't really claim to have done a house in a specific color theme before. This one however I dare say is going to be all shades of greens, blues, and greys. Wasn't intending that initially, but every paper and paint I've picked seems to reflect at least one or more of those colors. Should be interesting once I finish it up, to see how it all looks together...
  3. What's everyone working on?

    We've managed to get a whopping 10 degrees above freezing today, so after having to go into work on my day off I came home and managed to seal some scrapbook paper that I'll be hopefully using as wallpaper. While I'm waiting on that to dry out in the shop, I've been working on finishing up my shingles on my Plum Pudding rehab. First house I've used asphalt shingles on, really enjoying them and the look they produce. Hoping if I manage to wallpaper the living room I can then put my moldings in and be finished with the first floor. This is the first house I've used any of the World & Model tile papers on(kitchen)... just going to say either I need to buy new wallpaper paste, or those really do not go up so easily as I've heard. Thankfully I got mine on clearance, but still when you go through 3 sheets just to get one wall done -- not a fun day! At this point, I'm just figuring out how I can place furniture to disguise seams and moving on from that room for the time being. I may choose to completely re-paper it, but for now I'm just calling it done! lol
  4. What's everyone working on?

    Today, I have hopes on just working on mini house issues, and not painting or spackeling in real life. lol In the Plum Pudding that I'm rehabbing, I've had the idea of a more modern twist to one of the walls for the living area, so am hunkering down to apply my background stain, and then go ahead and seal it up with some polycrylic so I can get it installed and finish up my tile paper for the kitchen on the back side. This has become a house of using up random bits and pieces for me that I've not used elsewhere, as well as very simply trying out some of the techniques I've loved seeing in real life and seeing if I could do similar in a lilliputian type way. I think when I got this house, and it was painted exactly like what you see on the Real Good Toys site of that lavender color scheme with a few accent colors that it made me cringe... not so much b/c the color scheme was bad, it's just I don't like having something looking exactly like an example shown. Now the exterior has siding applied as opposed to the smooth plywood, it has a lovely almost mint green color with a grey accent to the porches, and asphalt shingles applied in two colors. I like where the house is going, and I've yet to see the finish line -- this is very much one that is letting me know what it likes as we go along!  The kitchen right now could easily go into an old-fashioned type setting, but as it stands I think the entire house is leaning towards more modern -- especially with my accent wall for the living room. Definitely proving interesting!
  5. What's everyone working on?

    I haven't been active on here in a long while, but have been trying to read and keep up with everybody's progress. Of late I've been busy working on my real life house(spackling walls, sanding, and thankfully painting them a much more soothing color). If I could go back some 20 some years and tell my teenage self to stay away from the push pins I would in a heartbeat! lol Anyways, this has allowed me to also do some serious purging and cleaning up of my personal indoor space, which has allowed me to set up a whole new mini-ing area indoors. This way I won't be battling with the wood burning stove in the shop during the winters... if you could see the current burn scars on my hands you'd understand my joy in this. None the less, am looking forward to getting back to mini-ing here soon, and until then enjoying seeing everyone's current projects!
  6. Custom dollhouse lights

    Just speaking as a diabetic, but insulin vials could be I think easily transformed into your first option. I know I save these thinking I'll use them in mini, and have yet to -- but do have them in a few sizes. If you would like I can go ahead and measure them, and if you want real glass hanging pendant lights just msg me your address and I can mail you a few.  
  7. Creative Rep. 2 Scale vs Cir-Kit

    If you look up Happily Ever After on the web, or on Facebook if you're on there -- she swears by CR2 systems, and has a pretty good relationship to contact him if you can't do so directly. Lorilee has also always been quick and quite good in answering questions in regards to this system.   
  8. Alison Jr

    Meridith, I think you have to have a few more posts to actually get your pics to show up on here. However, I can also state very simply if you visit the manufacturer site of that specific dollhouse model, they tend to be very helpful with any questions as well.   
  9. Bathroom spa

    Love this paper for your wallpaper!  
  10. a gift.

    Going back through every "Barbie" sized album I can find on here. Funny the Barbie house I have, I had thought to change it to 1:12 scale as well, and then it got set back in my storage area of my shop while I finished other houses. Then boom, a little girl looking for a home for her Barbie's -- felt like I held off on it for so long for this reason apparently. I do love your term of a "God wink"!
  11. Do you sign your dollhouses?

    I've signed most of my houses, didn't sign the first I made for my niece. However, each of my donation houses I've signed and the ones I've rehabbed I try to sign and date when they were "fixed up". Kelly, love that idea of hiding something in there as well!
  12. Looking for 1:6 scale help

    All I have to say is thank goodness I was nursing a headache by trolling Pinterest -- took some different phrasings, but finally came up with some good blogs, Youtube channels, as well as just plain lovely patterns and ideas that may well make a difference in what I've been attempting to craft and make it better! My thanks to all of you for trying to help me out, it is beyond appreciated!  
  13. Miniatures inside a pair of shoes

    I'm going to say it's really dependent on the depth of the clear section. However, I love the idea of some of the smaller railroading items like the people and small houses being used to create a scene. Will be interesting to see what you do.  
  14. Looking for 1:6 scale help

    I was honestly thinking I recalled Regent Miniatures having more realistic 1:6 scaled furniture if it was I had to buy pre-made, unfortunately he appears to have shut down his store on Ebay for a while now. Thanks for those link Holly, I've looked at those searches a few times now -- my main thing for this is I want to furnish it realistically and not with all pink plastic. Though I may try buying a few plastic pieces and repainting them and see how that turns out...
  15. sofa I bid on....

    This is beautiful, can't wait to see it in the final setting!