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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Have to admit the Crestview has been one of my absolute wants for a long time now and I always figured they were way over-priced whenever I found one. Literally was lucky enough to have a friend of mine pick one up for me for $20, and it's being shipped to me. From what I learned from the seller it was her neighbors and all parts are there. She simply was put off by the amount of pieces. I literally cannot wait until it's here!  Meanwhile, in regards to what I've been working on... I've been kind of bouncing between my various projects. The Plum Pudding is so near to being finished, but I've lost my mojo on that so have instead been focusing on my RGT's 1:6 scale Victorian Townhouse for a friends' daughter. That has actually been a bit different b/c instead of just sticking with the milled in siding, I was asked to make it look better/more realistic. Thus I've been slowly but surely getting the exterior done with my own milled siding, b/c trying to find it commercially made has been a joke in this scale. I also finally got all of the old flooring's backing pealed off of the floors. New paint has gone down, so when I glue on my hand cut veneer floors and stain there won't be bright glaring white or pink peeking out from between the floor boards. Have been working on misc furniture pieces for that as well. Slowly but surely...
  2. I found a dollhouse!

    I love Walmer houses! I'm currently working on a Plum Pudding rehab, as well as interior decor for a Walmer Blueberry Pie. Can't wait to see what you make this into, and goodness knows definite thanks for rescuing a diamond in the rough!
  3. My next project

    I agree it looks like an older Walmer model, and if you added a third bottom level to it, I'd say you have yourself a Strawberry Patch dollhouse. You can still see pics of these on the RGT's site as well, though I believe from their most recent e-mail they will be discontinuing the Lilliput line of houses if you need replacement parts at all.
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Ummm.... I have several of those in my stash.  lol
  5. I have had a delight at times in picking up a house at an estate or garage sale, that I manage to get another with it. I was going through my shop today and realized I'd not looked into a non-kit box to figure out what "extra" I got a good while ago. Long story short, I believe the kit in the box is a Dura Craft Sweet Heart Cottage -- but it's not in it's original box, and it has no instructions to compare and see what parts I may be missing of it. If anyone may have an extra set of these, I would be more than glad to pay for a copy. I just would like to know money was going to a forum member first before buying them off of Ebay or the like.
  6. What's everyone working on?

    Kelly, I personally like your room -- the carpet seems to pick up the color from the leaves in the paper. For myself, while every room is now papered in my Plum Pudding -- I was still needing to finish up some details. I've not worked on the house as much as I cared to(wasn't feeling well) but I did at least get my bathroom tile grouted tonight. In addition, I used the remainder of my tile grout to attempt stucco on the dormer front(first time trying that). So far seeing how it's drying I'm loving both the floor and the dormer. Will work on sealing it all in a few days, then just need to get outside railings glued in, and install my stairs and last of my trim inside. I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel!
  7. What's everyone working on?

    Not too much to report in regards to the Plum Pudding(that's the one in the house with me), other than I decided to install a copper ceiling in the kitchen. I painted the plate rack trim today, first time using milk paint but I like the looks of it so far. Thinking I'll do that trim in a blue color, and then the crown and baseboard painted in the slightly creamy white color of the chalk paint I used on the beadboard. I did get the first sheet of the wallpaper in on the third floor, now for the fun of trying to pattern match on a mansard roof... Otherwise all I really did in miniville today was some more cleaning in the shop and fixing of some of the miniatures I've had that needed help for too long.
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The Goodwill site has become one of my favorite sites to watch! lol  
  9. Stained Glass

    Angie, are you thinking of any sort of specific colors or theme for what you're wanting in regards to your stained glass?  
  10. Living room cord wood wall

    It could seem spacious b/c it was missing the original interior walls and I created some out of some plywood I had lying around here. I love the cord wood wall look too! Though next time I use it will probably help to remember this would typically be seen on an exterior wall not interior -- none the less, it was something fun and different to try!  :)
  11. Siding being applied

    From the album Plum Pudding Rehab

    Exactly as the caption says, this was the start of my siding -- all of which has been painted now. Definitely will be trying to get more updated pictures of my exterior progress once I'm done with the little things on the interior.
  12. New roof paint

    From the album Plum Pudding Rehab

    Picture to show the roof was no longer purple! lol I have since applied black asphalt shingles with a couple of bands of dark green shingles as well.
  13. Close up of cord wood wall

    From the album Plum Pudding Rehab

    A close up of my "cord wood" wall. I've always loved the look of these in real life, and have to say creating it in miniature was a blast and good learning!
  14. Living room cord wood wall

    From the album Plum Pudding Rehab

    A simple glance of the cord wood wall and floor looking into the kitchen at the newly installed bead board(made from corrugated cardboard). This is I do believe one of my favorite views in this house!
  15. Living room floor

    From the album Plum Pudding Rehab

    My living room floor for this rehab -- part of my use what you've had sitting around collecting dust. In this case the always loved skinny sticks and coffee stirrers! lol