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  1. I am having a difficult time finding my way around this site. I live in Center City Philadelphia. Before retiring I worked in a Tech Dept. but mostly a the end n the Project Mgmt. are so I should be good at this. They say to introduce my self: I am 65 yrs. old, I retired early from my white color job and decided to go to culinary school where I graduated with a degree in the culinary arts. I worked for 2 years as a personal chef but then got ill and came down with lung cancel which really zapped my energy. Health wise I am doing okay today and have been looking or something to occupy my time and I think I found it here in building dollhouses. I had such a blast building the first one and am approaching it different this time and doing my 'homework' to avoid the troubles I had with the first house. Now I have to figure out how to introduce topics and how to follow the topics of other members. I am interested in finding out more about magic brik and a) how difficult it is to use and 2) how realistic it looks. I used stucco on my first house and really liked it. I really do like the look of the Willow and want to see how realistic I can make it look both inside and out. I relied heavily on glue guns on the first house; I don't have any clamps and can't figure out how to keep the piece in place until the glue dries. So that's me (well some of me) and I would greatly welcome and advise, suggestions, or directions that you more experienced builders can give me. Thanks
  2. This will be my second dollhouse, I just built the Harrison for my 3 granddaughters' Christmas present. I did find the blogs until way late in the game and man could I have done a better job if I had found them. I am doing the Willow not (for a charity auction) and am very nervous so any help/suggestions would be most appreciated. Just Grandpop