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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    Hi All, Thought it was time I showed my 'mugshot' again! I'm still in treatment, still taking the tablets and I still have all my bits.......most of them anyway! But I'm bored, bored with hospitals, bored with the weather and oh so bored with lounging about and reading my Kindle! I swore I was going to give up on miniatures for good. I sold my houses.......the two that remained anyway. I even turned down a commission to make a new 'Lake View'! Then just as I was congratulating myself on my 'iron hard' will power I had one of those moments.............to cut a long story short the 'Lake View and Basement arrive this coming week! Rosemary is just beside herself with excitement! and Alfie, even though laying stretched out in a disgusting pose in front of the fire, is wagging his tail! So.....the 3rd Lake View but I have some plans for it which may involve a little re-shaping so here I am and here it is.............photo off the web for reference.........visual (poor) to get me going.....  Nice to be back.
  2. Happy Christmas

    My best wishes to all on this Christmas Eve. Hope you all have the very best of times and with kind regards for the new year to come. xx Mike
  3. Rumbled!

    Thanks so much for the welcome....I won't try to answer individually, even though I know I should. My 'session day' today and just got back home  looking rather like I've just returned from an Arctic trek!.....You are not allowed to leave the hospital unless you are wearing gloves and a scarf wrapped around your face so every time a session ends you see upwards of ten people shuffling through the corridors looking like 'colourful mummies'! (I'm in burgundy and grey today) Re: typing Kathie, it's all done with one pointy finger.........you should see me on my piano.........Mozart.....eat your heart out!
  4. Rumbled!

    Hi All, After what I thought was a covert visit earlier in order to heap a little misery on Rebecca.....she of the wonderful Gypsy Caravan and other mini marvels. I was rumbled by Chris, Kathie and Holly. Hello Chris, Kathie and Holly. Anyway I thought it might be a little more polite of me to let you all know.....yes I'm still around. My essential, life saving, must have operation has been delayed until Santa has been.......my choice A) because I wanted to be around to ask him if it was he that damaged to inside of my chimney last year!! and B) if this is going to be my last chance at 'Merry Making' I'd rather merry make with most of my bits intact......plus Rosemary has ordered a Turkey that would scare the inmates of jurassic Park! As a 'keep me going' thing I thought I'd accept the offer of some chemotherapy which is great but my hands have gone dead! Six years ago the chemo left me with peripheral neuropathy in my feet..(Makes you walk like Donald Duck)....now it's the hands.......so much for my short lived career as a wannabe miniaturist. You'll be happy to know however that I'm re-reading my way through WW1..........I know, I should get a life! So, Hi to all........So good to know ya......Peace and Goodwill......Happy Easter......and anything else I missed! xxx
  5. Ultrasonic cutters

    Hi Rebecca, I've only just found this so hope your order is not confirmed. If you are hoping to cut against a steel rule to get accuracy you may have problems......blade breaks! It may also have major problems cutting through mount board and into a cutting mat beneath......blade breaks and thermal cut out! These machines can manage around 10 minutes before the thermal trip comes into play. I've used the same machine to cut sprues on model kits......When you try a plastic model boat kit with thousands of sprues you would see the value but if you need 'Repeatable Accuracy'.........as you do for cutting panelling  this is not the tool of choice. I have a good friend who runs a Denture repair business and he uses the same type of machine to cut the resins and plastics that he uses and for that it's perfect. You may have seen a couple of 'youtube' videos where card is cut but to my knowledge it's not stiff board and it's entirely freehand. I may be totally wrong and I hope I am but I'd do a little more research if I were you...........For the same money you could buy enough craft knifes to last you 3 or 4 generations!  
  6. Halo with a jack-o'-lantern

    What a wonderful thought Brae. Our last 4 dogs live on with us still at rest beneath the trees at the foot of our garden. Barny, Jimmy, Baxter and Kieran we love you always and we'll give Alfie the biggest hug for you tonight. The Celtic Witches were said to have white cats and this one's a beauty!
  7. eyelets for wiring

    Sorry Bob.......I just couldn't resist!.........I'll just go!
  8. eyelets for wiring

    That's no way to treat the poor eyelet!
  9. Hi Emily, I've shared this link before but it's particularly appropriate here. This London based store has an absolutely amazing variety of materials for miniatures of all descriptions. I used the brushed aluminium sheet for all manner of tasks and it scores and cuts with a knife with ease. I'm sure they export worldwide. 4DModelShophttps://modelshop.co.uk/
  10. How to do inset panelling

    Just a thought Rebecca but over here and from the model boat suppliers you can get what it known as ‘flexible Beech strip’. This comes in a variety of widths but it is used when forming the hull so it needs to bend with the minimum of wetting and it holds its form without splitting or deforming...........I can always get it here and send it if suppliers won’t ship. Try ‘Cornwall Model Boat’ or ‘Model Dockyard’...........both UK based. Personal preference is ‘Model Dockyard’ I would probably cut frames in mat board and edge in ‘rigging thread’ which is none furry and uber flexible! just a thought!
  11. Garden Shed Siding

    It's a miniature you idiot, it's designed to look the way it is!
  12. DIY Wainscotting and Panels

    Logan.......made in the USA........cost around £45 over here and with every penny..........the other pics are items made with this great tool.
  13. DIY Wainscotting and Panels

    I'll dig up some examples of panels with chamfered edges.........and a decent mount board cutter doesn't break the bank!
  14. DIY Wainscotting and Panels

    Another cutting project.....same tools, same process to make a 'Tudor.......ish ceiling' All you need is time!
  15. DIY Wainscotting and Panels

    The pics below are the process employed to make the 'furniture units' above.