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  1. I actually completed a project!!

    Well done
  2. Fairy Godmother

    Such a sweet face
  3. 4th fire

    I love how much fun you are having with these ladies
  4. Is this fixable? :(

    Too funny. I had a similar incident happen a while back with a house I was doing except it was my own fault.  I dropped a heavy plate right through the roof taking out the main support.  I tried gluing it, but didn't have any confidence that it would hold weight at all so I had to scrap that house for parts. If you do glue be sure to clamp, clamp, clamp. Also since it's MDF instead of wood it gets a torn look when it breaks. This can make gluing it tricky since the fibers get in the way and make the piece longer than it was.
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    That table is fabulous!
  6. 20180322_223435.jpg

    Structural integrity is vital; he's making sure everything is up to code
  7. Coxwold022.jpg

    I love the security camera on the second floor. Great touch of realism
  8. Door frame fix

    Great solution! it looks much better.
  9. Door done.

    I think it needs a doorframe. I see some very tricky cuts in your future
  10. So you want to build a staircase ...

    Wow That is amazing
  11. Your dream house

    Holly, William Wilberforce was one of the people trying to stop slavery. My favorite house would have to be the Craftsman from the movie Zathura. It's a space themed version of Jumanji, so as you can imagine the house gets destroyed throughout the film and is fine in the end. I still cringe every time the meteor shower hits the fireplace
  12. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    Woke up to a snowy morning. Around 4 inches of the white stuff when it was all done, but a lot has already melted. Rain is forecast for tomorrow so that should take care of the rest.
  13. 40% off minis

    $19.95. I just typed grab bag into the search line
  14. 40% off minis

    I got the upgrade window/door set for the Fairfield. I bought the Fairfield in last year's sale, and it has recently taken top place in staring at me mournfully from the stash   I also got a grab bag.
  15. Wallpapering the wagon

    Love this paper, and I think you did a great job matching it.