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  1. IMG_0798.JPG

    Wonderful table
  2. Saltspring Farmhouse back

    Very nice house
  3. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Thinking about meatloaf with loaded scalloped potatoes, or chicken and biscuits. It's too early for a concrete decision
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    A rainy day here today, and I'm planning to relax with some crafts and maybe an audiobook.   I've been chatting with a cousin of mine who started cross stitch a couple years ago and loves it. It inspired/guilted me into doing something with my WIP. Got the sewing basket out, my Ott-Lite all ready, hot chocolate steaming nearby chart. I spent 25 minutes looking for it with no luck. Fine, I won't be discouraged; I'll just work a bit on my felt ornaments....the new packet of beading needles I have has holes that can only be strung with human hair. Back to chart searching. still no luck. By this time, the hot chocolate is iced and I'm Briefly entertained getting out minis but decided they would probably disintegrate if I touched them. I found a plastic canvas cross stitch ornament kit in my needlework stash, and got started. So far, it's going well so there's hope for me yet!
  5. Questions about Painting MDF!!

    Pretty house I got a lot of stuff from DHE when I was furnishing my Vermont Jr and always found their shipping to be quite speedy. Were the shipping charges reasonable? Just so you know, the sample cans at Home Depot can be tinted to any color you want. My store also does color matching from whatever sample you have like a piece of fabric or scrapbook paper.
  6. Questions about Painting MDF!!

    I use the sample cans of Behr paint with primer from Home Depot to paint all my houses. Covers the MDF very well with no bleedthrough, plus they are very affordable. A $4 can will do way more than 1 house.
  7. Hidden Treasure

    Great idea!
  8. Shower stall tiling.JPG

    I think it looks great...minus the wonky bit. Could you maybe just redo the piece on the left ?
  9. 1 to 1 scale work

    I love the built-in...beautiful house
  10. I did it!

    Great little house, If you want to stay period style, I'd probably leave the stairs where they are. Victorians liked big grand houses filled with ornate trims and color.  An "in town" house like this one would have had a small yard. My aunt lives on a street full of 120 year old Victorian homes (hers included) and all the yards are quite small.
  11. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Tonight it's going to be the last of the salmon I have in the freezer. I usually do it in my instant pot and probably will again tonight because it''s too late to try something else.  No-salt seasoning, some lemon juice over top and butter. Pressure cook 3 minutes and done. Easy-peasy. I'll do some rice and vegetables to go with.
  12. Trying to get a grip

    I can relate to the feeling. School started in September, and I just don't feel like we are in the groove of it yet. I think it's the weather. We've been getting hurricane leftovers instead of cool fall temps. I actually had the AC running for most of the weekend Wish I had been with you for the Earth&Tree visit, love that store.
  13. Santa Rosa Fire

    So terrible. I'm so glad she was able to make it out in time. I remember when Kelly(kellyannmo) had to evacuate her home last year because of fires.
  14. My cat would claim that for her own about 5 seconds after it came through the door
  15. 59dac442872ad-temporary4.jpg

    I recognized your work from the thumbnails, very nice!