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  1. Th001.jpg

    What a great idea! How about some PVC pipe with RL tree bark on the outside?
  2. A Friend's Dollhouse

    I've seen that one too! It makes me wish I had the room even more.
  3. A Friend's Dollhouse

    Morning all!  I have a dear friend who would very much like to reclaim some space in her home and sell her dollhouse.  It's a 1/12 scale Greenleaf Van Buren, already built, that needs someone new to love it. It's one of my favorites, and if I had the space it would already be in my house  She's going to put it up on craigslist as well.  PM me if you'd like any more info.
  4. Mod110.jpg

    I've always wanted to live in the UK for a bit. Can you rent this to me for about a month this summer?
  5. TGS-071

    Great idea!
  6. My New Etsy Shop!

    I love the coffee cup on the artist's stand. Hope he doesn't get it mixed up with the brush cleaner
  7. I guess the universe wants me to work on my dh's more

    You should never argue with the universe's plans for your time
  8. two Craigslist finds....fingers crossed

    Awesome finds!  The Newport kit is about $460 dollars and this one looks beautiful...from this view anyway. Keep in mind that the Newport is probably MDF so it's going to be heavy. I think you should get them both too Happy Birthday
  9. Book

    Maybe just a mournful bride whose groom didn't come home from the war
  10. Reminiscences

    These ladies are just terrific! I'd love to be a kitty in the corner, hearing all their stories.
  11. The Willow Half Scale

    I see the half-scale bug strikes again! You could always do your own stairs from matboard
  12. Hi. I saw you mention in a message about the classic and beachside bungalows.  You had done them. Did your little triangle roof fit on the classic.  Mine seems to short for the pitch of the roof over it.  Gosh I hope you can even understand this lol.  Ty. 


    1. chapchap73

      It does fit. but I had to mess around with it a LOT before I could see how it went together. Remember it's not supposed to be flush with the edge of the roof...there's quite a bit of overhang.Relax and have fun :)

    2. Beulah

      Hmmm lol. Ok I'll keep diddling around with it lol ty 

  13. What are you up to today? This week?

    Sable, it's so nice to hear you are doing well. We had a fun time at the game; the sun came out just long enough to give me a nice sunburn. It will fade back to my normal super-white shade in a few days Coming home we left a bit of the exhaust pipe somewhere in Queens
  14. Chateau de Champlain progress

    Love that chimney!
  15. What are you up to today? This week?

    Hubby and I are on our way to a baseball game this afternoon. Very good tickets at a great price