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  1. Best Thing I Ever Made!

    That's wonderful!!! Congratulations to all of you
  2. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    We are supposed to get snow here today, but I have yet to see a single flake.  It's probably waiting for me to go to work
  3. I am currently working on the RGT Bungalow. Real life has pushed it to the back burner...again, but I hope to finish it early next year. It's a really lovely little house, and if it is calling you by all means get it. They just keep getting louder and louder, and soon you will be unable to work on anything else
  4. A Christmas Gift for Us . . .

    Congratulations, your new home is lovely
  5. Westville Kitchen is done

    Definitely go with some kind of mesh. That pantry is too full of goodies to cover it up
  6. You got us out of bed for this?

    I got all my girls from here They have a very nice layaway program. They are all Fairyland dolls, and they come hairless and naked.  You can easily make your own clothes with a pattern for a Kelly doll(Barbie's little sister) or there are a lot of sources on etsy and ebay.  As I said earlier, they are total divas, currently not speaking to me because I won't let them live in the "fancy" Vermont Jr. (It's far too dusty, but they don't know that.)
  7. Meet my special family

    They are darling and must give you so much joy The gallery has an off topic section where you can see many of our furbabies. My avatar is my boy Gibbs who we lost just after Christmas last year.  I have 2 other bassets Toby and Timmy as well as Ziva, my Maine Coon.
  8. CotswoldHouse002.jpg

    This is such a nice looking shop
  9. where to buy very fine detail painting brush?

    I have these and like them very much.
  10. Wshop.jpg

    Love it
  11. What are you up to today? This week?

    Sitting here with my morning coffee trying to convince myself to hang a bit more Christmas garland before work. Methinks it won't happen   I have the 3 big trees up, fluffed and garland added. I use the cheap 9 foot garland from Michaels to fill in the bare spots on my trees because I don't like to see through them. It also cuts down on fluffing time. I also got the garland up on the back stairs, finally straight this year, and some other greenery around. I'm working 8-4 today and tomorrow, so hoping to get the ornaments and such done on Saturday. Then the boys can carry the empty boxes back to the attic so I can enjoy my pretties. My brain spasm moment of the week happened when I was getting ready to put the front stair garland.  I looked at it and said to myself, "Where did this come from? My stair garland has lights and this has none." Completely forgot the 3 hours I spent last year cutting the light strings off the garland because they had burned out. Also was wondering why I had so many loose light strings, had to buy them mid season because the garland went out. At least I will remember not to cut myself on one of my favorite ornament this year.  I put a reminder to myself in my phone last year after I cut myself...for the 3rd year in a row
  12. What are you up to today? This week?

    I am not a knitter, but I saw an artisan at Miniaturia making a VERY fine-gauge sweater with sock needles and embroidery floss. I think you'd need to get out the heavy duty magnifying glasses for it. Tatting needles would probably work well too. Today starts the transformation of my house into the Christmas house!  I'm siting in my living room which is hip-deep in storage boxes; we will not be discussing the other boxes, the full dining room table, or the stashes in my closet. I think they must multiply during the summer
  13. A Nativity Scene is on the Mantel ...

    Wherever did you find that lovely scene! It's just perfect