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  1. Dying mini Easter eggs

    That is adorable
  2. Inglenook fireplace

    Loving the rug as well. The whole room is just a wonderfully cozy space.
  3. Cottage living room

    It's just gorgeous!!!
  4. Christmas wreath vignette

    I'm thinking you could use the decorative paper boxes that a lot of the big craft stores carry.  I have seen them in circle shapes.  
  5. Stairway3.JPG

    Love the underside!
  6. Gustav and his mill

    He looks very pleased with your work :)
  7. carpet in bath.jpg

    Oh no.... We had shag when I was a kid, but not in the bathroom.
  8. What are you up to today? This week?

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!
  9. BeachRunFotosketcher.jpg

    Love this!
  10. First floor

    Wow, that's big! You could use an wide archway to divide the spaces if you think it needs it. Loving the floor
  11. I can't remember who posted about this a while back. We are definitely planning a trip since it's so close to us.
  12. Question of Scale

    Definitely check out sdk miniatures for half scale furniture. Her kits are very well done and reasonably priced as well. I have her modern kitchen for one of my as yet unbuilt houses.....Also look for Acme fridge magnets on ebay. I have several different stove styles as well as a few fridges.  Emily (fov) uses them in her houses
  13. fun new toy

    It's under polymer clay. Those bricks look great!
  14. MerrimackFront.jpg

    Love the rug...and all the rest
  15. Real Kitchen Wall

    Nice grouping! I love that scalloped fruit plate