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  1. Carson House i've built sold to NIKE"S Ceo Mark Parker. Woohoo!

    1. chapchap73

      Congratulations to both of you!

    2. Debora59

      Very exciting congrats!!!, Your Carson Mansion is one amazing structure!

  2. Carson mansion 1/12 scale

    yes summer, it has removable walls for access and each floor comes off
  3. Carson mansion 1/12 scale

    thanks all, debora, i plan on putting the final touches on it and finishing the inside of the garrison house and taking them both to the tom bishop show in atlanta ga in mar 05..
  4. Carson mansion 1/12 scale

    From the album carson mansion

    Here is a photo of my project just about completed, i had my son take a photo of me standing beside it to give everybody a idea of just how big the house is,...thanks for following along!,Ron
  5. Carson manison 1:12 scale

    From the album carson mansion

    Carson manison 1:12 scale built by ron james,photo showing 1st floor living room area,

    © ron james

  6. Carson manison 1:12 scale

    From the album carson mansion

    Carson manison 1:12 scale build by ron james, photo of 1st floor dining room.

    © ron james

  7. Carson

    yes kari, about a year and a half into this current build
  8. Carson manison side view (walls removed for easy access)

    yes kari, it is