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  1. Paint type?

    I use a Benjamin Moore with the sealer in the paint even when wallpapering because the moisture will get into the bare wood if you don't seal it and I have had the paper peel off.
  2. Built-in cupboard

    Look same floor lol.
  3. Built-in cupboard

    Looks great lisa. I think the solution is the one you thought about wile writing your post. I personally do all interior work after building the complete dollhouse I beleive  it is harder for me to do that way but I wire all my houses and without making alot of splices that can lead to failure of the electrical system I can not think of a way to do it as I go along. But anyway great job thanks for the post.
  4. Front Porch View

    Excellent job
  5. Update Harrison

    Hi lanie, So glad to see new dollhouse enthusiast. I have experience in wiring I recommend you buy a tester for tape wire there Inexspensive 2 prongs with a test light you would push the prongs through the tape starting as close to plug as possible check to see were you lost power were ever that intersection of tape is you will need to re brad that intersection and move along and repeat that process as needed there is no need to remove the old brads just relocate making sure to hit both overlaping tape I think this will solve your problem however you may need a new transformer if you find that there is no power to the very first piece of tape leaving the power source. 
  6. my furnished orchid

    I just got my furniture to day so I had to stick it in there even though its not ready