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  1. Punch needle rug

    Wonderful!  Use the smallest needle!  & I used one strand of embroidery thread.   The kit comes with tiny plastic tubes that you can cut and slide over the needle to “size” the loop.  Wonderful little treasure to have!  I actually researched the kit after I shared  the photo and was amazed at how expensive it was.  I am certain I paid no more than $40 15 years ago.  It will last forever!  
  2. Punch needle rug

    Thank you.  I purchased this little punch needle kit 15yrs or so at a small cross stitch store.  Maybe you can use the information on the label to search?  Good Luck!
  3. Thank you Gee Gee! Very sweet words!! Follow me on Pinterest “Jennifer Loves Miniatures”.  There is a board for the Beacon hill as well as my current project “stone cottage from scratch”
  4. Hi Jennifer - looking for ideas for wall treatment for my craft/Scrapbooking room. I saw you mentioned a craft room.  Any suggestions.

  5. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    How wonderful is this forum??  I've been thinking about half scale for a while now, and decided to ask your thoughts.... opened the "general Mini Talk" link and presto, here it is!  Ill spend the afternoon reading this thread!  Thanks!!
  6. Exterior complete!

    Thanks Debora!  Its paint, acrylic!
  7. Polymer Clay Roses

    I started here: but I didnt use any glue (got way too messy) I used wire instead of pins (the clay stuck like glue) and instead of rolling them in my hand, I put the little balls on a flat shiny surface and tap-tapped them with my finger tip until one end magically curled up... they formed wonderful little petals!  No need for glue at all!  Amazingly easy!!  
  8. Bookshelves for Library

    I did!!  I searched Pinterest for printable book covers, printed a bunch... brushed them with Modge Podge & cut them out.  A handful I added a few snipped strings to the spine for dimension.  Cut a bunch of little wood rectangle wood pieces, glue them up!
  9. Exterior complete!

    From the album My First Dollhouse - Beacon Hill

    Finally got the exterior complete!  Now to work on details!
  10. Polymer Clay Roses

    From the album My First Dollhouse - Beacon Hill

    Working on roses that will climb up the right front side of the house!  Polymer clay is just as easy as paper, and is much more permanent!
  11. Library & Studio

  12. Time to relax!

  13. Potting Bench

    From the album My First Dollhouse - Beacon Hill

    Potting Bench for Conservatory!
  14. Bookshelves for Library

    From the album My First Dollhouse - Beacon Hill

    Made a bookshelf for all those little books, the little corner shelf was one that I had, simply painted it to match.
  15. now with brackets and flower beds

    Lovely!  Looks so beautiful in white!  Wonderful job!