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  1. Shabby Cinderella side

    She's gorgeous and the scene is perfect!
  2. lanternbed.jpg

    You iron cotton on to the waxy side of freezer paper (they don't sell it here in NZ so I had to get it in from the US).  Cut it to size and it'll go through the printer - so essentially you can print anything onto cotton that way.  Works fantastically!  That's how I did Master Raymond's coat.
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    If you look here you'll see a very simplified North Island map with volcanoes marked on it.  Auckland has 52!  
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thanks Jess and Holly for your thoughts!  Fortunately we are about 4 hours drive away so well away.  Unfortunately it seems like it was mostly tourists visiting NZ who have been caught up in the eruptions.  I've always wanted to visit the island though!!  Where I live, Auckland, there are about 52 volcanoes - most of which are only dormant not dead.  As NZ lies along the Pacific ring of fire most of us are a little blase about it.  No doubt if and when it does happen here it'll cause widespread loss and devastation.  Let's hope it doesn't happen for a few more generations at least!
  5. Done! Now for the rest of the house....

    Looks excellent!!!
  6. lanternbed.jpg

  7. lanternbed.jpg

    From the album Treehouse/Lantern

    I made the bed out of chipboard.  I printed the designs onto the cotton using the freezer paper method.
  8. birdcagelight (3).jpg

    From the album Treehouse/Lantern

  9. birdcagelight (2).jpg

    From the album Treehouse/Lantern

  10. birdcagelight (1).jpg

    From the album Treehouse/Lantern

    So, for several weeks I have been working to create a birdcage light for my lantern. I have copied the light from French designer Mathieu Challières who creates full sized pieces! The first finished light just looked too thick and bulky. I tried creating my own copper mesh but I'm not that proficient at soldering. Finally a mini friend from the US who saw what I was trying to accomplish found the most perfect 'cage'. A napkin ring from Etsy! Brae bought them on my behalf and I received them a couple of days ago. They are perfect!! Now I am happy to share my finished product!
  11. lanternlight.jpg

    From the album Treehouse/Lantern

    I used some of my spare birds on this light I created!
  12. IMG_0131 - Copy.JPG

    Wow - that is so effective!!  Looks fantastic!
  13. Front sorter

    That looks amazing!
  14. 20191125-140101.jpg

    Gorgeous wee bench!!!