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  1. Tables painted

    I love creating with little bits and pieces!!
  2. 3110B2AC-090C-4D99-96F8-5219CC039344.jpeg

    Fantastic idea!  They'd also be really good for helping paint dry!
  3. millie

    Love mice!!  Millie is gorgeous - is she needle felted??
  4. Tables painted

    Love the lamps!
  5. Candy-Front.jpg

    She looks gorgeous!!  Well done you!
  6. Lantern arrived!

    WOW!  This is stunning!!!  Looks perfect for this area!
  7. Great Loss For A Small World

    Gosh that is so young!  Poor family.  Thanks for the link I have never heard of these men before - what amazing talant!!   Love that Holly!!  Will remember this!!
  8. 'antique' radio for roombox

    What an awesome idea!!!!!!!  Love that!  I have an old Singer sewing machine box which I intend to use at some stage......that's the problem isn't it!  Too many projects, too little time!  Looking forward to seeing what you do with this!  LOVE mice!  I've been oogling several on Etsy for a couple of years now - to go into my treehouse.
  9. Day 9

    Love the mantel!
  10. Day 9

    I love the way the staircase winds around the wall like that!  Love the colours of the staircase and beam!  Did you stain or just lacquer?
  11. Grey option

    I really do like this - I'd have this for my kitchen!!
  12. Restaurant Botin Miniatures

    Wow!  Fantastic!  Have to say I love that kitchen the best - amazing!  Those tiles are incredible!  I'm assuming these are of replicas of the actual restaurant?
  13. What are you up to today? This week?

    Aw Lily is gorgeous!!!!!!  Good luck - having a new kitten is hard enough work, I'm thinking puppies much be much moreso!   My thoughts are with you and your town Sable....
  14. Island mock up

    Loving the grey, loving the island, agree that it could be a little smaller however.  I really like the contrasting colours - many modern kitchens have butcher block islands so that could also be an idea.
  15. What are you up to today? This week?

    One of the many reasons we chose to homeschool - bullying.  Jack was only 5 1/2 (we start school at 5 here) when we finished with school - already he was being really badly picked on.  Plus my daughter had 2 1/2 yrs of it.  Bullying seems prevalent in every aspect of society these days - I don't know whether it's people trying to feel better about themselves or out and out unkindness.  You must feel so angry and hurt on Maya's behalf.  It's so tough when we have to step back and let them deal with things.....