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  1. tree exterior finished (4).jpg

    From the album Treehouse/Lantern

  2. treeexteriorfinished(2).jpg

    From the album Treehouse/Lantern

    Tree exterior done.
  3. treeexteriorfinished(1).jpg

    From the album Treehouse/Lantern

    Outside of tree complete bar the greenery.
  4. tree exterior

    Thanks all!  The paint really does make a difference and I love how it looks.  However unfortunately it still isn't tree-like enough, so back to adding more shape.
  5. old fashioned folding chair

    That is so cool Nell!!!!!!!  Love it - well done you!
  6. Tree exterior

    From the album Treehouse/Lantern

    While I'm really liking the colouring and texture, it's really not tree stump shaped.  I'm going to have to do some more shaping I think, try and get it - not round exactly, but certainly more curved!
  7. tree exterior

    From the album Treehouse/Lantern

    I might bring out the wall around the hole so that the hole is deeper.  Try to add that tree trunk curve.....
  8. 3 part door construction

    Wow - what a brilliant idea!  What workmanship!
  9. Front door

    What a stunning door!!!  Love it!  Fantastic work as always!
  10. Front entrance

    That is utterly beautiful Keith!!  LOVE the door, love the wood!
  11. Bed and quilt

    Thanks!  I'm slowly getting better at working with fabric!
  12. I will be leaving you guys at the end of September!

    Oh my gosh that is freaking exciting for you!!!!!!  How amazing it is to have your own land and now finally things are happening on it.  I wish you all the very best and hope that your adventure won't be too arduous.  I for one will be gagging for each of your updates and will be living vicariously through you - I hope you don't mind, tough if you do! 
  13. Exterior tree trunk/burrow

    Thanks!  Except I then realised that tree's are normally round.....