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  1. Crystal table

    I collect crystals - I have a rather large collection!   What's the one you have by the candlestick?  Also, if you'd like any more I'm happy to send you some! 
  2. Potions Room

    Love the bedsted!!
  3. lighting5L.jpg

    Yay!  Thank you!!!  I'm currently working on filling the shelves with bottles....
  4. Painted the thatch!

    What a fantastic idea and it works so incredible well!  Looks brilliant!
  5. LightingL.jpg

    The original table I bought for this purpose was huge!  I made this one so could easily make a smaller one.
  6. Lighting4L.jpg

    Hanging that amazing sign you made for me was the most important thing!!  I may have to raise it up slightly...
  7. LightingL.jpg

    From the album Outlander Apothecary

    Apart from a clock on the mantel, bedding and maybe a couple of pictures, this is pretty much finished.  Too much furniture?  Not enough??
  8. Lighting4L.jpg

    From the album Outlander Apothecary

    I was so looking forward to hanging the sign that Miranda made for me!!!  Looks fantastic there!  
  9. Main room

    Love the door!  Love the windows!  A beautiful room!
  10. The Reading Room

    Love it and loving your ideas for it!!
  11. Nearly there!

    It's a really handsome house!!!  Very striking!
  12. electrical_(26).jpg

    From the album Outlander Apothecary

    Soldering wiring.  Very pleased with my new soldering station - my husband's was too hot for the tiny wires!!
  13. electrical_(24).jpg

    From the album Outlander Apothecary

    My husband helped me put this plus on which will make it easier to use the same power supply for different buildings.