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  1. Vases arriv in the mail

    They're really lovely!
  2. Chantily-kitchen-wip3.jpg

    I love the furniture!  LOVE the colour!  Did you print the floor?  I've found some gorgeous tiles to print at  You could print out and spray with Matte?
  3. Chantily-kitchen-wip2.jpg

    I think it's a really pretty room and by the time you get furniture in, the tiles won't feel quite so detailed.
  4. Chantily-wip1.JPG

    I have a 1:12 Chantilly that I bought half built.  It's so lovely seeing yours!  It gives me a better idea of how mine should look!
  5. Vintage Style Kitchen Stool

    Wow! That looks fantastic!
  6. Pierce tower #2.JPG

    Tower looks excellent!  Love how you've shaped it around the roof.
  7. Chilli mix

    So cute!
  8. Glueing jig

    What are Battle Mechs?  Sounds like our youngest's would get on!   Good idea about the wood - I think I'll try that when I start my furniture next week.
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    Jeannine I'm sure I read somewhere that you'd wished that there were more detailed instructions for some of the wagon components.  I totally agree!  I have a couple of websites featuring these wagons as favourites which I have to visit when I'm not exactly sure how something goes together!  When are you going to share some pics?
  10. Pierce dollhouse.JPG

    What's the door made out of??  Looks so cool!
  11. Pierce dollhouseJPG

    Wow that looks amazing!  I love the beams too....  
  12. Turret my husband likes

    I think this fits really well - and I really like the pieces holding it up too!
  13. Glueing jig

    Oh and I was answering your original question rather than being critical -   
  14. Glueing jig

    Fair enough - I wasn't actually criticising, merely questioning as we have always wondered why.  And btw, we also call band-aids 'band-aids' and coke 'coke' not cokes.
  15. Glueing jig

    It's a Danish name and should be used as a plural similar to 'water' or 'sand'.  There are many grains of sand: There are many blocks of Lego.  It states it here.... Having a son who is very pedantic about things and has done homeschooling history fairs on Lego - I guess I've picked up on it!