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  1. Rebecca - prayers for your Uncles comfort - I'm glad you're there for him during this time as I know what he means to you, and you to him.  Big hugs to you, I know it's hard.

  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thank you Holly - it means a lot. xx
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    It's been lovely hearing about how things are going with you Kelly! Well I've just spent the night at my Uncle's bedside in hospital.  He had a massive heart attack yesterday which basically took out his liver and kidneys.  The kids and I spent till about 1.30am with him and then I sent them home and stayed till about 10am this morning.  He's been unconscious since about 2am.  The Dr this morning told me it could take days so I came home to shower, eat and sleep.  Trouble is the hosp is a 50min drive each way - but it is what it is.  He was moved to a ward this morning so I'll go back late afternoon evening and spend another hour or two with him.  He's a special man and has been like a granddad to my kids.  We knew we wouldn't have much longer, and to be fair I think that this heart attack is actually a blessing.  But I did hope his passing would be gentle and easy....if he stays the way he was when we left this morning, it's peaceful even if it's longer than I thought.  Ah is what it is.
  4. The cabin

    It's absolutely beautiful!!  I love this!  Wow - great house (I'm a bit jealous!!). 
  5. Act of kindness

    It's the start of an adventure!  I'm assuming your son will help?  It'll be such an awesome project for you both to do together for someone you love!!
  6. Karens room (16)L.jpg

    Thanks!!  Yes, I first found out about Aura-Soma years and years ago and I've had the tarot set and books for longer than my friend!  However she went off and did all the training and outlaid HUGE expenditure to buy all the bottles.  But yes, they're amazing and I've asked that at some point she take a photo of the 'real' bottles with the mini!
  7. Karens room (12)L.jpg

    Thanks Deb - yes she is absolutely thrilled, if a little overwhelmed!
  8. Karens room (12)L.jpg

    Thanks Carrie!  Yep - made the Agate table although it didn't like the legs overly much, I had to keep gluing one of them back on!  I have quite a few agate slices etc put away for this sort of thing.  I'm using some in Mother Nature's lantern home as well.  
  9. Karens room (13)L.jpg

    Thanks!  Yes I did make them - I made pretty much everything in the room except for the basket and little bits like a glass bottle, angel, beads etc!  I found the pictures on the internet and figured that as I wasn't making anything to sell that it would be okay to use for personal use!  Must say - I would love to be able to draw/paint like that!
  10. Karens room (21)L.jpg

    From the album Room boxes

    The outside of the room box I made for a dear friend.  The small box attached at the back holds the battery.  
  11. Karens room (16)L.jpg

    From the album Room boxes

    My friend uses Aura-Soma as a part of her reflexology and healing.  Her husband built her a back-lit set of shelves to hold all the bottles....
  12. Karens room (13)L.jpg

    From the album Room boxes

    I created all the materials.  The window seat material is based on pictures of frost!
  13. Karens room (12)L.jpg

    From the album Room boxes

  14. 5e1ebd356acfc-Karensroom(3)L.jpg

    From the album Room boxes

    I'm creating a roombox for a dear friend.
  15. occupants?

    From what I understand Carrie, not all the males are neutered......