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  1. How to do inset panelling

    Thank you all! Lol Holly - I just read this out to my daughter and said - "The folks on Greenleaf are beginning to know me!"  hehehe.....  Right, now off to the airport!  The kids and I are flying down to see my beautiful Mama and the rest of my family.  Plus we're going to meet my new Great Niece!!!!  So looking forward to cuddles - she is such an adorable wee bundle!!  See you in a few days! xx
  2. Zen garden

    The garden design suits the house perfectly!!
  3. Front view

    You have done an amazing job!!  Looks absolutely brilliant!!!
  4. Evening retreat

    Wow!  Looks stunning!!
  5. eyelets for wiring

    Fantastic advice!  Thank you!
  6. How to do inset panelling

    Lol!  I wish I could! A few more....
  7. Letter X quilt (half scale)

    Wow what a gorgeous quilt!  That must have taken real patience!!
  8. eyelets for wiring

    I bought tapewire for my apothecary.  I used round wire in my Pierce.  Hubby reckons I don't need eyelets etc (raped or not - sorry....) just solder the wires to the tape wire.  Anyone do this?
  9. Shop wall behind counter

    Thanks Karin!!  It's tedious!!!  Kinda glad I have a few days off from it now - enforced rest.
  10. How to do inset panelling

    To look at closely they're not the best but do you think they tend to blend in and look okay?  After all, it's at the back of the shop and there will be so much to look at.  I was thinking about using polymer clay overnight and thinking it would be quite hard to keep the sides exact.  I can see it stretching in awkward ways while trying to cut out the shape.....
  11. How to do inset panelling

    Thanks Mike - I'll have another play with these when I can and see how I get on.  Edging it with something isn't a silly idea! Thanks all!  Here's what I've got so far - I haven't glued on the inset panels as they're not wonderful so I'll probably play around with other ideas until I'm happy.
  12. Shop wall behind counter

    From the album Outlander Apothecary

    So it's coming together.  The inset panelling is exceptionally tedious to do but I think they're turning out okay.  They're not glued on yet and I still have to go over the lower panels with more gold.  I'm glad I'm copying from pictures....
  13. Hermitage roof shingles

    Roof looks perfect!  Fits so well with the whole building.  Love it.
  14. Sleeping Santa

    Love him!  Love how he's fallen asleep with a letter and a pipe!
  15. class at the Good Sam show

    They look gorgeous!  The macarons are so cute!!