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  1. Kitchen

    A beautiful little kitchen!
  2. collection2L.jpg

    I know right!!!  It's pretty cool - if a bit creepy!  
  3. collection2L.jpg

    The middle skull on the top tall shelf is real, as are the bones on the third shelf down and the jaw bone by the human skull.  I bought them off Etsy and they came from around New York I think.  It's exceptionally cool to be able to add such a 'real life' flare to it!!
  4. HELP!

    I realised after I'd written this that I'd actually made my mind up already.  I ripped all the cardboard off the bottom front wall!  No matter how I had repaired it, it would have never been to my standard.  It's the front wall - people see it up close once it's opened and up close it looked shoddy.  I have since re-cut all of the bottom layer of card, painted and glued it on.  I've stopped for a coffee, but this morning I have cut all the new panelling and painted them.  All I have to do now is gild them and glue them.  There is such little wall on this piece as it's mostly taken up with windows and the door.  I'm very pleased with my decision and I'm thankful for your support!  Fingers crossed there won't be any more issues to stop me from finishing this Apothercary this weekend!!
  5. HELP!

    From the album Outlander Apothecary

    Feeling very deflated right now. I have really struggled with this front wall. The number of times I almost gave up on it and ordered a new one....Anyway, I'm still struggling. It's not wanting to close properly - despite me having measured, re-measured, fiddled, footled and test-fitted. The second story seems to fit beautifully but the bottom keeps catching. I adjust, think it should work and then have to adjust something different next time I try it. I am considering pulling all the stand out panelling completely off the inside of the bottom story and making the panelling completely flat instead. I can't do this with the second story as it's well and truly a part of the wall - but I could quite easily do it to the bottom. As it now stands, I'm really not liking that wall - it is certainly not up to the standard of the rest of the build. So....question....your opinion - should I pull off the 3D panels and create flat ones?
  6. Signage6L.jpg

    Thank you all - so appreciated coming from you talanted lot!  This is going to be completely finished today and I'm going to tidy up my Craft Cottage ready for the next project - whatever that may be!   There are things that I would do differently - there are things that aren't quite perfect.  However I realise that I have to cut myself some slack sometimes.  Everything I do is a learning curve!  Your wood work is absolutely gorgeous - I hope to be as good some day!
  7. Signage6L.jpg

    From the album Outlander Apothecary

    I am so rapt with my Cricut!!!!!  I LOVE IT!  Look at this amazing sign - it has taken so many hours to get this done.  I tried so many different ways to create this sign but I think this is the best I could do.  I had to draw and upload the swirls so that they are close to the original set.  All I have to do now is screw on the front wall/door and I'm DONE!
  8. signage5L.jpg

    From the album Outlander Apothecary

  9. As pictured on display

    Beautiful house!
  10. The Attic

    I love this!  What a fantastic idea lining the walls with newspaper!!!!!  
  11. Bathroom

    This is such a striking room!  Love the dark blue with white trim!
  12. Ah....but dollhouses are always in horror movies!  
  13. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    Wow - you really hit the jackpot there!  What an incredible amount of stuff!  I'm so glad you got your parents over to help - it's lovely to be able to share like that!
  14. Flamingo Topiaries

    Yep - that's what really does it for me!
  15. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thanks everyone!  I am thinking that my next project will be a stone cottage!