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  1. Staircase - calling mathematicians

    This is the staircase I'm doing.  You can't tell so well from this picture, however they are oval and in an oval room.
  2. Hi from the UK!

    Hi Sabrina!  I love your enthusiasm!  Reminds me of me a few years back!  First thing - I LOVE Bromley's - I have their 1:12 brick, stone and quoin stencils and use them with either spackle or paint thickened with a thickening compound that artists use.  Second thing is probably something you'll need to learn yourself.  So many of my projects I've planned down to the 'enth' degree and bought everything I figured I'd need for it.  Very rarely have I used all the things I've bought!  I did a Gypsy wagon from McQueenie Miniatures (another UK shop and they have amazing kits) and bought all this trim etc and then didn't use a single bit of it!  For my latest - a mid 18thC Parisian Apothecary based on an actual tv series set - I studied all the pics I had and ordered everything I figured I'd need for it.  Again - I used very little of what I bought and ended up buying more on and off of what I DID want to use throughout the year it took me to complete.  I know you do need stuff to get started, but also understand that everything tends to take longer than you think it will.  After all, paint has to dry, glue has to set.  You will have time throughout the build to purchase what you need for the next step and as you go your thoughts and opinions may change.  And bear in mind that I'm in NZ and most of what I order takes at least a fortnight to get to me!    Good luck - so looking forward to seeing how you get on!
  3. Staircase - calling mathematicians

    Thankfully the railing I'm doing is all wrought iron!  I think it would be relatively simple to bend a thin flat piece of wood for the bottom.  I think if you soaked the wood, bent in however far you need, clamp it into position and let dry that should work.  However if you want a round curved handrail I don't know how you would achieve that!
  4. I've never thought of it!  I guess I haven't thought anything was good enough to be signed - although I have a few pieces I could do now that I think about it.  I like the idea of the name of the kit, manufacturer etc and the paint colours.  Very good idea!  @Mid-life madness  - Looking forward to finding a 'Carrie Original' of my own at some point in the future! 
  5. Finished 18th c Pennsylvania stone house

    What a beautiful wee cottage!  I love everything about it - but particularly the beams, brickwork and stonework and the wooden paneling!  Now off to look at your website!  
  6. Coffeehousefinished (12)L.jpg

    Yes - exactly!  I have a few that I couldn't help ordering, I mean they're so cheap and pretty darn cute!  I did this while I was pondering how to start the next 'big' project.  
  7. Coffeehousefinished(2)L.jpg

    He tried out three of the plants - I don't think they needed to be catnip.   
  8. Birds on a Branch - 11 hours

    Wow what patience you have!  It'll look amazing when you're finished!
  9. Winchester

    It's looking fantastic!  Love that mirror under the stairs!
  10. Coffeehousefinished(53)L.jpg

    From the album Various Minis

    Showing the size by use of a pen!
  11. Coffeehousefinished (50)L.jpg

    From the album Various Minis

  12. Coffeehousefinished (43)L.jpg

    From the album Various Minis

  13. Coffeehousefinished (39)L.jpg

    From the album Various Minis

  14. Coffeehousefinished (24)L.jpg

    From the album Various Minis

    Archie chewing on a plant.....all in appreciation of mum's work of course!
  15. Coffeehousefinished (22)L.jpg

    From the album Various Minis