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  1. Dayton 3 Blind Mice Show

    Looking forward to going today. Hopefully. My niece had jet lag and is still on Alaska time. 5:00 am here, and neither of us has gotten any sleep.
  2. Miniature Duck Family

    Those ducks are delightful!
  3. Thank you! The coupons are printed and in the car. It will be fun to bring my niece the Alaska Jr. Grand Champion ribbon dollhouse builder. :thumbup:
  4. Oscar desperately wants to be in the news letter

    What a cutie!
  5. Bella in the backyard

    Dollhouses are cat magnets. My cat loves hanging out in dollhouses.
  6. Our new shelter pup

    He's adorable!
  7. Mini Beagle

    It's a wonderful beagle!
  8. Can we stop with the crash landing already????

    Thanks. That crash landing at La Guardia looks just like the one I was in at JFK. We were coming in on one engine after three went out mid flight. Since they knew we could have a hard landing, the runway was already lined with fire engines and ambulances. Fortunately, like the one at La Guardia, there were no serious injuries, although I would guess that many, if not all, of the other passengers have developed a fear of flying and especially landing.
  9. Argh! I'm flying to San Francisco tomorrow. I already have PTSD because I am a crash landing survivor from an incident at JFK back in the early 70s. I have my flight phobia meds, but the crash at the San Francisco airport and now the one at JFK frankly have me totally rattled. A friend of mine just got back from SF and said the skeleton of the Korea plane is still on the runway. I guess it's good to know that so it doesn't catch me by surprise. I'm armed with books loaded on my e~reader, some embroidery, Angry Birds, and head phones. I am looking forward to my time there; I just wish I could just snap my fingers and be there. Just venting, really.
  10. Witch House

    It's wonderful!
  11. Its our 26th anniversary today!

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Gonzo

      A belated congrats to you guys!

    3. Tuppynme

      Congratulations, may there be many more! God Blessyou both.

    4. Tuppynme

      Congratulations, may there be many more! God Bless you both.

  12. My new dollhouse

  13. Little Red

  14. Back into minis!

    Welcome back!
  15. Little House in the Big Woods Cabin (half scale)

    I love it! Thanks for the link... I have been wanting a good spinning wheel.