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  1. getting to know you

    WOW there are a lot of posts here. I've started reading them all but this will take time. Sci Fi readers Try Robin Hobb I LOVE her So I read alot mostly sci fi some mysteries, historical novels, biographies, the classics, I will read just about anything. I am a Hobby Hopper. That is not to say I dont love them ALL which I definetely do. I just dont focus on one hobby for long periods of time. I will say work on my house for 3 months, then get back into quilitng and do that for a while then go to knitting... Well you get the idea. I usually have a minimum of 3 projects in different mediums going at once. I love all crafting hobbies I like to know how everything is done and how it works. I have done cross stitch, embroidery, sewing (mostly halloween costumes and quilting), candle making, soap making, lip gloss making, painting (oils acrylic and watercolor none with much talent), needle punch emboidery, poly clay, jewelry making, knitting, crochet, I have a knitting Machine but still dont know how to use it. Well basically if its a craft I've either tried it or want to try it. I have been married 13 1/2 years I have a baby girl who is 20 months (Isabella) and has started her terrible 2's already. She is my world and my most challenging job to date. We do a lot of activities together, kindermusik and play groups. I am worried about her social skills since so many kids have day care and learn to be around other kids, Isabella doesnt have that social advantage. I have held many different jobs. I was in the air force for 4 years (cruise missile maintenance), worked in a nursing home as a certified nurses assistant, retail, worked for an airline doing everything from loading and deicing the plane to selling tickes and finding lost luggage, I have also worked in a biological weapons detection lab as an assistant scientist. Currently I work one day a week at Hancock fabrics as a crafting demonstrator, (which to me really isnt a job I cant believe they pay me for this). SO staying at home with Isa although I reguard it as my most important task ever it also very happily gives me time to pursue alot of my crafting goals and desires. Well that is more about me than anyone wants to know (sorry). I really like this forum, it's really great to meet people who are passionate about thier craft.
  2. 3/27/06 Which do you prefer at the grocery store

    I much prefer a person check me out but if I only have a few items and the lines are busy I will definetely go to the self serve lane. I wholey agree though that if you are going to be working for the store you should get an employee discount.
  3. 3/17/06 What Are You Afraid Of?

    Ah bugs are cool spiders are cool. My bigest fear is the grill, or any gas powered fire producing device. I do the grilling around here too, it sad really. Once its lit I'm fine its the lighting that scares me, I'm always afraid its gonna blow up in my face. I will try to light the grill and if it doesnt start on the first or second try I turn it off run in the house and make my husband light it. Further while he is lighting it I hide in the house as far away from it as I can get (and I take the baby with me). I guess I also have the normal fears that something bad will happen to a loved one or that I will screw up raising my daughter.
  4. My coventry cottage

    Still have alot of sanding and wood filler to do. Well its a work in progress, finally happy to be able to use the work progress.
  5. My First Doll- ohhhh Bearhouse !

    Mela those bears are just darling very precious!! I am making my first house too I have been working on it well... a while and I just now found this forum. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. doogster- I love sam the eagle!!
  6. Hi I'm new

  7. Hi I'm new

    HI I'm new to this whole dollhouse building and have no local (or not local for that matter) mentor. That being said please forgive my potentially dumb questions. I am working on the Coventry cottage, its been a trial but I am nearing the completion of the assembly process. Even though this has not exactly been a stress free type hobby WOW the sense of accomplishment is really high, so I hope to go on to do more houses. I currently live in Louisiana my DH is active duty AF, so we move around a little. I have a 20 month old daughter Isabella and I am a stay at home mom, who really makes being a mom work. Isabella is constantly on the go. I craft while she sleeps fortunetly for BOTH of us she likes to sleep. I do LOVE all things crafty. I sew, quilt, scrapbook, make cards, make candles, lip gloss, soap, knit, crochet, embroider, crossstitch. I am a sort of crafting demonstrator for hancock fabrics. I keep busy, idle hands you know. Well I hope to gain alot of knowlegde from this board and I hope I dont annoy anyone. <_<