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  1. History of the Visalian dollhouse

    Thanks Emily.  Just like Qubanqtee's Visalian, mine has no stair opening from the second floor to the third. The attic is very small and there is no access to the tower either. The only way to get into the tower room is to take the roof off!
  2. History of the Visalian dollhouse

    Thanks Emily, this is really awesome! I have a Visalian dollhouse. I have the 1:12 version. I am currently converting it into a semi-tree house. (Yes, I know this will make some people cringe, but I am making it my own.) I have some pictures in my gallery of what the house looked like when I found it on Craigslist. My blog has pictures of the slow conversion to a tree house.
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Wow, $15K for a dollhouse filled with Heidi Ott dolls and Melissa and Doug furniture! The Hofco Americana dollhouse is not THAT rare. I have picked up two of them in the past year both under $100.
  4. Cats and Dollhouses

    So cute!!!
  5. Cats and Dollhouses

    I forgot to mention that they also love to help with the building process.  
  6. Cats and Dollhouses

  7. Cats and Dollhouses

    Great photo Carrie! Cats love dollhouses. (I often show pictures on my blog of my naughty cats and their love of dollhouses.) Unfortunately, my beasts tend to love chewing on the edges of windows or delicate trim, so most of my houses live in the basement and other rooms where the cats are banned!
  8. Faux Metal or shingles?

    I think the roof looks amazing! Don't change it.
  9. You see a great bargain on Craigslist and you have to convince your husband that you NEED this dollhouse now!
  10. Blast from the Past

    I ABSOLUTELY remember this clip! It was my all time favourite thing on Sesame Street. After all, it encompasses all the things I love - dolls, dollhouses and cats!
  11. I finally got a Bostonian!

    Congratulations! That house is fantastic (and also on my bucket list).
  12. Pictures- in progress- Tree stump house

    Thanks, the Westville was my first dollhouse. I am currently adding paper mache to a few of my regular dollhouses to give them the texture of bark, so they are semi-tree houses (pictures are on my blog). Your niece sounds adorable!
  13. Santa's Compound

    This is really cute!
  14. Pictures- in progress- Tree stump house

    Your tree house is so cute! I am also making a couple of tree houses but on a much larger scale and they are taking forever to do. The amount of detail you are able to put into such a tiny piece is really amazing. Love it!
  15. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Oh my, I LOVE this house! It fits in with my design aesthetic and would fit perfectly in my dollhouse world. Too bad I live far away (or maybe that is a good thing!)