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  1. I decided to go against using wallpaper on the walls but to paint them with designs or just solid colors with wood trim depending on the rooms... I know acrylic paint is water based and could  expand/warp the wood which I would like to avoid at all costs. If anyone out there has painted their homes what type and brand are the best paints to use?
  2. Garfield exterior

    Did you use siding or indented the wood to look like siding? You did a phenomial job.
  3. 20141123 224841

    Looks great!
  4. Kitchen

    We talked about how you scribed the floors instead of using sticks or other materials, did you do the same with the woodpaneling on the wall?
  5. Garfield exterior

    I love the color you picked for the house! It looks great!
  6. Attic in progress

    How did you do the floors? Everything looks great and so real!
  7. porch wiring closeup

    These are great pictures! Thanks for sharing, and I love the color of your house! It looks great.
  8. Whitewashed floor

    So I just purchased a bunch of popsicle sticks to do my entire house and was curious if this was difficult to do such as: - Did the sticks warp after painting and glue them? - Did you have to adjust all doors to the extra bulk of the floor so that the doors will open? - and how'd you cut up all the sticks to where they either didn't splinter or break?
  9. Staircase

    Yea, my daughter was taking her afternoon nap so I had the determination to get it down in that time before she wakes up. I probably made the mistake of putting it all together before painting it but I knew I had a very steady hand so painting it wouldn't be a problem for me if it was already put together. I just finished the second set and bought paint so we'll see about that once I start painting
  10. Staircase Closet

    From the album Greenleaf Garfield

    Going to buy hinges for the closet door and use scrapes to put shelves in
  11. Staircase

    From the album Greenleaf Garfield

    Staircase is finished after only an hour
  12. First Floor

    From the album Greenleaf Garfield

    Foundation and first floor complete and actually level which I'm surprised at after ripping it apart
  13. Foundation

    From the album Greenleaf Garfield

    I managed to put the foundation together backwards.... Had to rip everything apart and start all over again.
  14. Beginning the Garfield

    Thank you!
  15. Beginning the Garfield

    Yes I got it Christmas eve but just started working on it last night