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  1. Shower curtain rod

    From the album New Orleans-inspired dollhouse

    I made this curtain rod with brass wire.
  2. Ladder to the attic

    Thanks. I think I'm going to put a few knicknacks on it like a shelf.. It was really easy to make, I used Legos as spacers.
  3. Yellow bedspread

    From the album New Orleans-inspired dollhouse

    My mom crocheted this blanket.
  4. Ladder to the attic

    From the album New Orleans-inspired dollhouse

    The music room. I made a ladder built into the wall for access to the attic above the bathroom.
  5. Elora's shelf

    This room is very pretty.
  6. Graysonsupclose

    This is a very pretty house! I love the spiral staircase
  7. Goldie has passed the bar!

    I'm not sure she knows the difference.
  8. Goldie has passed the bar!

    It's a sliding scale. She does a lot of pro bono work.
  9. Goldie has passed the bar!

    We're all very proud of her. I do think she should choose one or two areas of practice and concentrate on those instead of trying to do it all, but what do I know?
  10. Bathroom

  11. Carson manison 1:12 scale

    I love that wallpaper. And the wood trim is a very pretty color