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  1. Bead Cage Light

    Wow, that turned out really pretty.  Love the pattern it illuminates.
  2. New Photo Album

    Wowser,  can't wait to see what you do with this beautiful home;  Post many pictures of the restoration.
  3. Beacon Hill Staircase (with mod)

    You can use your carpet runner on the second floor stairs  They face toward the back. This looks great.  So glad you got the stairs in.
  4. BeaconHill-corridor-wip1.jpg

    Yeah, you got the stairs in.  Loving your wallpaper choice for this area.  It looks GREAT!
  5. IMG-2139.JPG

    Aw, this is such a cute house.  I love the color of the roof and the stucco looks great.  I am sure you are very pleased with it.
  6. Gustav's Mill

    This is really one of the first miniatures I have seen that has actual movement.  It's hard to believe it's so small.  Pictures are surely deceptive.  I know you must have put so much time and effort into this endeavor.  You are someone I aspire too.  Is there anything you can't accomplish in miniatures?  
  7. Beacon Hill Staircase (with mod)

    I did look tonight and the "dead zone" is actually what the term says.  Unless you put a light in the back corner of the stairwell you can not see anything .  You would have to stick your head into the house at an contorted angle and still wouldn't see much.  There is no view of this area from the second floor. Applying a staircase runner to these stairs is a waste.  You do not see the stairs (treads)  after applying the balusters.  I know the feeling, I have several stair runners that I love, and so far the houses I have built have the stairs in the opposite direction to see the treads. I never thought about replacing the wallpaper or ever giving this house a reno.  When I pass, this house will go to one of my children or grandchildren, whom are past 20 years of age, so I assume they will either give it away or love it the way it is, since grandma built it!
  8. Stairway3.JPG

    Wish I would have thought of that.  Maybe, next time.  Thanks for the lovely comment.
  9. Stairway3.JPG

    Thanks for the nice comments. The handrail I bought from Manchestire Woodworks on ebay.  It's laser cut.  The newel post I made myself.  The actual staircase is from the dollhouse kit,  I just gussied it up with trims.
  10. Lighting

    Then you should do the lighting, because that is what you want to do.  That is what is so fun about these houses.  You make the decisions.  I just wanted to let you know about how little hands can do a lot of damage to a lighting system.  I know this, because my big hands have damaged my own lights!
  11. Lighting

    This is just my opinion about dollhouse lighting.  If your children are going to play with the dollhouse I wouldn't put in lighting.  The lighting available for these houses are very delicate and some can be quite expensive.  You can certainly make your own, and I have seen some fantastic home made lights on this forum.  I have not used LED lighting yet, so maybe that is a sturdier option.   Even with soldering the connections, bumping a light with your hand too hard can break it.  If your children are just going to be admiring your hard work and not playing with the house, then the options are all that you mentioned.  I use tape wire, but it took me awhile and a lot of practice to get the art of installing it and making it work consistently.  I know others like round wire.  I think the agreement would be they both work it's your preference on which you use.
  12. Stairway3.JPG

    From the album San Fran 555

  13. Beacon Hill Staircase (with mod)

    I am pretty sure I put the staircase in from the backside of the house.   I know I put the railings and trims that you can see from the back side of the house on after I got the staircase installed.  I think that I put some of the railings on it from the opening in the second floor.  I might have put some of the trims on that is in the hidden corner of the first landing before I installed it. Honestly, you can't see much of the staircase that is close to the front door from any location.  It's kind of a dead zone.  That's why you need to install your wiring and wallpaper before installing the staircase.  If you scuff up the wallpaper in that back corner you are not going to see it.  I will look again tonight when I get home and let you know how much you can see from the second floor into that space. This was my first house to build, and I just winged it when things didn't fit together like the instructions said they would.    Maybe, Kathy B will chime in on how she got her stairs in, I think she is currently building this house.   I think this was one of the worst part of the build, so it will be all downhill until you get to those funky windows on the third floor.  Those are a doozy to get in.  Mine got altered a lot to get them to fit!  But, your building skills are probably a lot better than mine were at the time, since this is your second house.  Your Fairfield is absolutely gorgeous, by the way. Oh, one other thing, if you plan to use premade doors in your house, you will need to cut the door openings larger before you install the walls.  The door openings are too small.  I didn't realize this until it was too late, and then I had to use my dremel with a circular saw blade attached to make them larger.  It was really hard to cut them and thank goodness for the door trim to cover up all the oopsy's I had cutting to make them bigger.  On the door that goes into my baby room, (not sure what you will use that room for) you will have to buy a skinny door, because of the way the staircase goes in up to the 3rd floor.  There is not enough room for a regular size door. Good luck, and I can't wait to see the progress on you house!
  14. Beacon Hill Staircase (with mod)

    I remember fighting that staircase.  It's a devil to get in.  I thought I was going to break the stairs from the force I was using to get them in.  I think I finally just started cutting on the tabs until I finally wedged it into place.   I put on the trim/rail after I got mine in place.  It's not easy, but it can be done.  I went back to my pictures to see if I had any about putting in that staircase and if it's any help here is a pictures after I finished installing them.
  15. Kitchen.JPG

    From the album San Fran 555