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  1. Evening retreat

    Wow, that's impressive.  You should be so proud of your work.  It's a true pleasure to look at your pics of the house.
  2. Casa California- LA Times article

    Yes, I saw that.  He still has his account here, but rarely posts.  Mostly he hangs out on his Facebook page.
  3. Casa California- LA Times article

    He left this site a couple of years ago.  He is the one that posted the article on subway tiles, if you remember.   I don't think this forum was the genre he was looking for, like many talented builders and artists before and after him, they left looking for more content and creative insight than this site can provide.  If I can find his albums I will send you all a link.
  4. Casa California- LA Times article

    He is truly one of a kind artist and is totally dedicated to his project.  I follow him on Facebook and sometimes when I become disappointed in my attempts to create something, I look at his work and know it's possible, if you are Chris Toledo, but not so much if your name is Colleen.
  5. Letter X quilt (half scale)

    Beautiful.  Wish I had the patience and talent to create something like this.
  6. IMG_7207.jpg

    It's a beauty, and she will sell at the auction for big money.  Congrats on getting her finished.  I know it was stressful, but your charity will reap the benefits of your efforts.
  7. Abura House

    Omg, that was superb.  You should see if an miniature magazine would be interested in publishing it.  You deserve recognition for your meticulous and ingenious work.  Well, done, Keith.  By the way, I imagine your mom is so proud!
  8. Hermitage bedchamber

    What a dreamy bedroom.  Love, love the wonderful curved vaulted ceiling.  I would love to have a real room in my house like this.
  9. Hello....

    Welcome Joe to the world of miniatures.  You will enjoy every minute of creating your own little world.  Just be careful, it's addicting and so self fulfilling.    
  10. Sink and faucet

    Every picture you post is always such outstanding work.  You really have captured the modern house.  It's so refreshing to see another style in miniature scale.  Love the whole kitchen.
  11. Hermitage patio

    This is turning out so cute.  All the little touches you have added to the outside area really bring the house to life.
  12. San Franciscan Kitchen left side.jpeg

    Love the colors you are using.  Your countertops are great, did you make them?
  13. Peter Rabbit Bedroom

    Thank you for all your lovely comments. @Qubanqtee found these craft sticks on eBay.  They are the best flooring I have ever used.  They finish beautifully, as you can see.  The wood is extremely hard.  You will need an electric saw of some kind to cut them.   I used Varathane products to finish them. https://www.ebay.com/itm/132789955324?ViewItem=&item=132789955324  
  14. Moving my dollhouse studio

    Hahaha,  I can relate.  I had water damage after Hurricane Harvey in my craft room and had to remove everything to have new carpet installed.  It took me weeks to reorganize all my stuff.  I too spent more time looking at all my forgotten/packed/hidden mini's.   What is worse, I couldn't find a thing after organizing everything.  I think I work better in disarray.  Anyway, have fun exploring all your treasures.
  15. Peter Rabbit Bedroom

    From the album Granville

    This is the child's room on the 3rd floor.  I used a Peter Rabbit theme.