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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I have it on my watch list, but imagine it will go high.  I saw it this morning, beautiful house. I have been scoring some good deals on Offer Up:  got a Artply Barrington for $100, a Victoria's Farmhouse for $75 and a Heritage for $65 all complete in sealed boxes.  The guy I got the Barrington  from said his mother has other dollhouses she might sell, they are from her mother who has now passed.  He mentioned one of them was a Little Orphan Annie, in a kit.  Also, some other older ones.  I gave him my number and told him I would buy them.  Hopefully his mother will call me wanting to sell them.  I might have found myself a little gold mine right here in Houston.
  2. Need your prayers if you are that way inclined

    This was such a terrible tragedy. Words can't express how sorry I am that this happened.  I will keep your family and the other families on my prayer list.  
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Wow, Susie that is a great deal.  Is it already built or still in the box?  Where did you find it?
  4. The SOGGY story of my ebay RGT Newport

    Hi Jeannine, I just saw your post.  I had been stuck in San Diego the first week of September.  I am finally home, but had water in one bedroom (my craft room) and my garage flooded so I have been trying to get all the mess cleaned up.  I will try and look at the instructions this weekend and let you know the piece numbers I will need.  Thanks again for your help.
  5. My Belated Birthday Gift From My Sister

    Stunning, it's breathtaking.  You have a sister that loves you, obviously very much..
  6. Gulf Coast Friends

    I so hope things get back to a somewhat normal pace so that your BIL can be taken care properly.  I know the hospitals are having a rough time.  Ben Taub, one of the only two trauma centers we have in town went down for a couple days, and the West Houston Hospital went down after the Barker Cypress reservoir topped it's banks and they had to release water because of fear of levee failure.  It's amazing that a city, the 4th largest in the US, with 6.5 million people can be brought to their knees by water.  God certainly works in mysterious ways, and we should never take our lives and those that we love for granted. 
  7. Gulf Coast Friends

    I am from Houston, but have been spending time on a planned trip to San Diego to visit from son and his family.  I have been stuck here since Monday.  Going home hopefully Friday.  All flights were cancelled until Thursday.  I feel somewhat guilty spending time in sunny southern CA while my town is drowning in water.  I have been able to watch the local news about what is going on.  I will tell you it's far worse than what you see on national TV.  I am not sure how long it will take Houston to recover from this.  It's just heart breaking to see all the people suffering and their homes affected by this disaster.  Please keep Houston in your prayers. My home did not flood, my car was parked on the 3rd floor parking garage, and my sweet dog is with the neighbors being spoiled since no one can go outside.  So, I feel blessed. Hope to get back into the groove of real life soon.
  8. My husband is coming close to the end now

    So, sorry for your loss.  Take heart in knowing he is at peace and no longer in pain.  We are here for you, when you need us.
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Dura-Craft Southern Mansion - good asking price, make an offer an option and FREE shipping http://www.ebay.com/itm/DURA-CRAFT-DOLL-HOUSE-KIT-Southern-Mansion-SM-700/142482608853?hash=item212ca012d5%3Ag%3AvoMAAOSw01dZmw9O
  10. The SOGGY story of my ebay RGT Newport

    Hi Jeannine, I will need a template for the 1st floor and then just one of the 2nd floor because the 2nd and the 3rd floor are exactly the same.  You are such a sweetheart to do this for me.  It's interesting, that the first floor is made of thinner wood than the other two floors. So, as soon as I find out about the claim, I will need to go find some plywood the right thickness.
  11. The SOGGY story of my ebay RGT Newport

    I bought it on ebay and paid with Paypal.  It was shipped to me with free shipping.  The seller has also put in a claim for her costs.  It cost her $64.50 to ship it.
  12. The SOGGY story of my ebay RGT Newport

    I did send them a letter explaining after more research this dollhouse is too contaminated to keep.  I bought it to make an heirloom for my family, and I cannot risk the health of my family with the mold that is on the dollhouse.  I asked to be reimbursed for a new one from RGT including shipping costs.  I emailed that to them on Wednesday.  I haven't heard back from them.  They are suppose to notify me via email status on my claim, but so far, not a word.  Their site says claims are handled in 5 - 7 days.   FedEx is really hard to deal with.  When I put the trace on the shipment, you have to call the automated phone number and it's like pulling teeth to actually get a person on the phone. Even after I got a case number and an case worker to find the shipment, you still have to go through the automated phone service, get a hold of a customer service rep, then give them the case number and then they transfer you to the case worker in charge of your case.  It's such a hassle.  Why couldn't the case worker just have a direct dial number, or at least the missing packages department have a main number.   I did take the pieces of the dollhouse out of the box.  The ones wrapped in plastic were fine.  The pieces with mold are the 3 main floors and two other pieces that were loose in the box.   They are now sitting in the garage, and the moldy box is in a big trash bag in a corner of the garage.   If I don't hear something back by Tuesday, which will be a week since I entered the claim, I will put on my patience hat and try to call and find out what is going on. Thanks to everyone for your advice and kind words on my sad, soggy Newport.  I will keep you posted on the outcome of the claim.
  13. Wallpaper problem

    Wow, that is bad.  I haven't seen that happen before.  Hopefully, it will disappear when it is completely dry.
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Kelly, curious minds want to know?  Do tell.