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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I found this house on Marketplace and will be picking it up next weekend.  I was hoping someone here would be able to identify it.  There are no pictures of the back of the house.  The guy I bought it from doesn't know anything about it except that he got it from his neighbor lady that passed away last year and it's old.  Both @Mid-life madness and @Qubanqtee think it looks like a Clell Boyce house, but just wondering if anyone here happens to have any information on this house.  .
  2. As pictured on display

    So glad someone solved the mystery of this house.  Thanks Carrie for your detective work of finding the builder and the story behind the house.  It's been a mystery house on Pinterest forever.  You are right, the outside and the inside don't seem to mesh, but the builder had a great story behind the inside.
  3. Miss Maisy

    That's hilarious.  Callie is such an cutie. Mabeline needs to hold onto those flowers before Callie swipes them out of her hands.  And your dolls are a work of art.  Love Maisy's hair styling.  
  4. IMG_1352.JPG

    That's too funny.  She is so cute!
  5. Looking for particular online shop

    She has a lot of beautiful pieces listed on her site, too bad most of them are out of stock.  Wonder if she replenishes her stock very often?
  6. fully furnished craftsman.jpg

    Love the wallpaper choices. The woodworking and furniture fits the craftsman style perfectly.  I am sure you are pleased with your efforts.
  7. Ms. Mabeline IMG-1276.JPG

    Carrie, you out did yourself on this one.  She is so perfect in every way.
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Why oh why are all the rare houses located on the Pacific coast?  Yes, definitely someone in the area needs to scoop this up.
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Wow, that house is a bargain at that price, fully furnished and very nicely finished.  Somebody is going to get a nice house at a great price.
  10. Grandville directions

    I have the instructions.  If you pm your email address I will scan them and send them to you tomorrow.
  11. Grandville directions

    I finished a Granville recently.  I will check to see if I still have the instructions when I get home tonight.  I would be happy to scan and email them to you.  
  12. I bought a trailer!

    So happy for you Kelly, you have a lovely house to live in on your property.  How exciting for you!  Congrats!  No one deserves life to finally go their way more than you.
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That's a steal of a deal.  I paid way more than that for mine still in the box, and so did many other members on this site that bought one in the past year or so off ebay.
  14. Elf dummy fridge kit

    I think it looks great.  I think it fits perfectly into your kitchen.  I have one of their stoves in my Granville, because even though it's an old house, the kitchen has been updated to modern standards.  I don't where you would find a better modern frig, unless you built it yourself, and with your talent you could, if that is what you decide.
  15. First test with 3D pen!

    Wow, is right.  Can't wait to see what else you create with it.