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  1. IMG_7641.jpg

    Looking beautiful, I am sure your happy with all your efforts.  Can't wait to see it finished.  
  2. Rumbled!

    I think about you often, so good to hear from you.  Best to you and Rosemary.  So, happy to see you pop in to say hello. 
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    A beautiful house waiting to be a heirloom for sure.  Would love to have it.  But, just putting the roof on and it's finished, is just an gross understatement.  Obviously, they have never built a dollhouse.  Too bad it's so far from me.
  4. Ultrasonic cutters

    Congrats on your new tool purchase.  You must let us know how you like it.  I think it will be a great new power tool.  I look forward to see what you create with it.
  5. New Grandmother (Gigi)

    Congrats, Gigi, to three beautiful granddaughters.  What a great gift to give those precious three girls.  You will find a wealth of information about building the Beacon Hill on the internet.  This the first house I built, a little frustrating at times, but so worth it.  Just take your time, and enjoy the build.  Ask questions, we love to answer them.  It will be fun for you and they will the love the house that Gigi built. Welcome to the forum. By the way, I have a house in Spartanburg in SC, that's not too far from you.  I still live in Houston, but will move to Spartanburg soon, I hope.  So, we will be close when I move.
  6. Ultrasonic cutters

    Wow, that Wondercutter, or a tool that performs similarly,  looks interesting.  I think it would come in handy in all aspects of miniature building.  Kind of pricey, is right, but if your in the market for a tool like this, I think it looks very promising.  Thanks for giving a heads up on a new tool that we miniaturist can use.  
  7. When do you give in? (or don't)

    Good point, you wouldn't if you were only hooking up the adapter.  I have several different runs in the Granville, including LED's so I needed to have both colored wires.  I really like his wire because it's solid wire, not a twisted strand like other wire.  So, much easier to twist together and solder connections.
  8. When do you give in? (or don't)

    You don't need to buy the whole kit.  You can just buy the power supply, the adapter, a spool of red and black wire.  You don't need the other items in the kit since you already have the wiring pretty much finished.  
  9. She Has Arrived

    Yep, and she better come with money bags attached somewhere under that dress, because this house will take tons of $$$ to finish.
  10. She Has Arrived

    I couldn't agree more.  Reminds me so much of Gone with the Wind.  I feel special that Carrie would take the effort to make me the perfect inhabitant of the house.  Thanks for you so fitting comment. 
  11. She Has Arrived

    From the album Lawbre Rosedawn

    Look what the mailman brought me today.  My dear mini friend Carrie, @Mid-life madness, made her as a special gift to me.  Her name is Colleen.  After arriving, she looked at her housing options and has decided to take up residence in the Rosedawn.   I think she made the right choice.  She is absolutely gorgeous.  I am so happy she came to live with me and I am so lucky to have such a special friend.
  12. When do you give in? (or don't)

    Kathie, I also use CR2 electrical supplies and I used the large eyelets to connect the red and black wires to the tape wire.  Haven't had any problems using those.
  13. The Rosemont

    Thank you Carrie.  I can't believe its done.
  14. The Rosemont

    From the album Granville

  15. The Rosemont, AKA Granville

    From the album Granville

    She is done after 2 years of construction.  I didn't finish her until after the sun went down so know pics in the daylight.  I will post pics in the sunlight over the holiday weekend.  She is one great house.