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  1. Full kitchen

    Beautiful and cozy kitchen.  Job well done!
  2. Pack ratting

    Ha,ha.  My garage looked like that yesterday after Christmas un-decoration!
  3. peeking

    What a wonderful way to bring back happy moments in your dad's everyday life.   Glad to see the decorating getting started on your beautiful SF.  It's going to be a stunner when you get her all dressed up on the inside.
  4. Christmas in the San Franciscan.jpeg

    Such a lovely Christmas scene.  You should make this your Christmas card next year.  Too cute, Rudolph nose lighting up.
  5. Sugarplum

    So sweet!  Your display captures "Visions of Sugarplums" perfectly.  Congrats on your win, you deserve it!
  6. First time builder in Texas!

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are no dollhouse stores that I know of in Texas.   The Dallas Miniature show is held in Dallas every year and a couple of members from here and I attend that show.  They have great classes several days before the show and then the show on Saturday and Sunday.  This years dates are June  24th thru the 28th.  It's a great show. and you should definitely plan to go if you can.
  7. First time builder in Texas!

    Hi SBL,  I live in Houston.  Where are you located in Texas?  I also built the Beacon Hill.  It was my first build and I learned so much about dollhouse construction.  I put lighting in mine too and for the first one it's was a trial in patience for sure.   
  8. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    Oh, my gosh does this bring back some family memories.  My grandmother lived in one of these until she moved to assisted living.  Hers was brown and white on the outside.  The inside pictures are identical to hers.   What a great project and can wait to follow along in your journey to finishing the trailer.  Thanks for the memories!
  9. The Courtyard.jpeg

    Beautiful.  You definitely have a talent when it comes to painting miniatures.  Have you ever thought about selling them?
  10. View thru the side door

    I can't imagine how many hours you have put into this house.  It's fabulous.
  11. kitchen in the daylight

    I was thinking the same thing, it looks just like a real kitchen.  A kitchen I would love to have.  It's stunning. Did you make the frig?
  12. A Very Brady Renovation

    As a Brady Bunch fan I watched it and enjoyed it very much.  So, glad to see they are replicating every single piece of furniture and decorating item.  Kind of fun to see how they find the items after 50 years.  I like the decorators they have on too.  I noticed the big ones, Chip and Joanna are not part of the decorator cast.  Guess they were way too busy launching their own channel.
  13. The Heart Stops!!

    That's enough to give a person a heart failure.  Glad that it only had a little damage.
  14. Houseworks conservatory

    What a lovely room and setting you have created.