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  1. Carl & Ellie's chairs

    Those are soooo cute.  Love all the bright and cheerful colors your house and furnishing have.  
  2. San Francisco R14-3060.JPG

    She's a beauty.  Your going to have so much fun transforming her.  Too bad she got wet on the way home.  Hopefully she will dry out and be okay.  After someone posted where to purchase the plans for this house I ordered them.  I love this house!
  3. IMG_0621.JPG

    Wow, the granite on the fireplace is gorgeous.  You did a great job on the bricks too.  It looks so real.  Love that beautiful chandelier, it will look spectacular in the room, and just perfect fit for the style of house. 
  4. Entry and Dining room floor

    It was, it took me a whole day to make it.  I even bought The Chopper to use to cut all the pieces.  I don't think I could have made the floor without it.
  5. Repairing wooden floor?

    Someone will come to your rescue I am sure.  I know what I would do, but it's probably not what the seasoned experts think is the right way to fix this problem.   It would be so helpful if you can post a picture.  I understand your frustrations, it took me several hours to post pictures to an album I started yesterday.  I post stuff all the time from my phone, but just not directly.  I send it to myself in an email, then download it to my computer, and then upload it to the site.  But, if that is not an option for you, hopefully someone will also come to help you on this problem. You will get the answers you need, in time.  I look forward to seeing the pictures of your house.
  6. Dining room wallpaper

    I too love this wallpaper so much.  It fits so well with the house.
  7. Kitchen right side

    It's acrylic sheet you get at home depot and spray one side with the stone spray paint.  The credit for the counter tops goes to @Sable she is the one that came up with the technique.
  8. Kitchen a work in progress

    Why yes the are.   I bought them used off ebay.  I will tell you, miniature cabinets do not like being stripped.  But, sanding wasn't an option on so many cabinets and drawers.
  9. Siding, windows and front door installed

    I am really trying to copy the original house, The Rosemont.  I am going to see it in May, when I go to the Dallas show.
  10. Living Room Floor

    Of the two floors I made this was the easiest one.
  11. Dry fit back.

      It's definitely one of the roomiest home I have built.  The BH is big, but the rooms are on the smaller side, the SF555 is just small on the inside.  It was really hard to decorate that house.  I lot of the things I bought for that house that wouldn't fit are going in this house.  I really do love this house.  
  12. So Sad My Beloved Dog

    He was a beautiful dog and I am sure the best companion.  I am at a loss for words, losing your best friend is the worst thing ever.  So, very sorry for your loss.
  13. Dining room wallpaper

    From the album Granville

    I can't finish the wallpaper as I am waiting for a sconce to come in for the other side of the room.  The wallpaper is placed on the wall to make an allowance for the baseboard.  
  14. Kitchen right side

    From the album Granville

  15. Kitchen a work in progress

    From the album Granville

    The kitchen is coming along.  I had bought these used Bespaq kitchen cabinets and stripped, repainted and glazed them.  The stove is from Elf Miniatures and the flooring are 1 inch vinyl tiles with strips of hardwood between them.  I don't have the trim on the door to the dining room on yet, waiting to finish the wallpaper in that room so I can glue down the floor.