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  1. Overall progress shot 2

    I love watching the progress of your house.  I am definitely living vicariously through you.  It is amazing!
  2. Dollhouse Cellars?

    I love the idea of the cellar doors.  What a great, simple way to add character to the outside of a house.
  3. Using Velcro

    I've used velcro for battery-powered chandeliers.  I did have some trouble with the velcro's sticky back not sticking after awhile, but that may have been the product of cheap velcro and a kitten sneaking into the house and batting at them.

    This is a cool idea.  One of the partially restored villas in Pompeii would be a great subject.
  5. Hello - a complete newbie!

    Welcome!  The Arthur is the first dollhouse Santa gave me to build when I was child.  It was the beginning of my love of building dollhouses.  
  6. Houses and rooms of the ancient world

    I'm not sure if this link would be of interest to you.  It is to the Nationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh (my alma mater).  There are a wide variety of cultures, styles, and time periods  represented.  I have used them for inspiration.
  7. You can measure and cut wallpaper, etc. before you glue the house (but wait to install until glued) because measuring can be tricky once the house is together.  It also makes it easier to cut out windows.  Leave the paper a little longer on the side walls where you are going to attach them to the back wall.  That way you won't have seams visible in the corners.  If you do wait to measure and cut wallpaper until after you have glued, cut a template first with scratch paper so that if you make any mistakes measuring or cutting, you have not wasted a piece of wallpaper.
  8. Your dream house

    Windsor Castle or  Hampton Court.  I love the old British castles.  
  9. Lost trying to build orchid

    I'm horrible at understanding directions so I treat each dollhouse as a puzzle.  I do lots of dry-fitting and taping to make sure the pieces are correctly placed before I glue.  I will say that I have built/bashed two Orchids, and I do find it to be more challenging than it appears.  As Emily mentioned, make sure you know what you're doing with the windows before you install them.  I had already stuccoed the outside with a paint-sand mix and had wallpapered the inside when I started the windows.  It was not fun sanding/removing & painting over wallpaper to make the windows look correct when I installed them.  
  10. Fairfield

    This sounds like a cool idea.  I can't wait to see it.  I love that it won't be just a typical country church dollhouse, but that you are having Sunday School rooms and a kitchen like a real church.  
  11. Favorite power tools?

    I don't think the one I listed comes with one, but you can buy one separately.  I think that I had one from other cutting wheels that I had purchased.  
  12. Favorite power tools?

    It's not as clean a cut as a regular saw, but for basic cuts it's great.  I find it especially helpful for cutting new doors, windows, etc.  It's so much easier than trying to do it with a handsaw.  
  13. Dollhouse Heaven

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.  I think I will contact them after I give the credit card company some time to do their investigation.
  14. Dollhouse Heaven

    Thanks for the information.  I used PayPal years ago before using credit cards online became so common, but I had no idea it was safer.  I guess I'll have to start using it again.
  15. Dollhouse Heaven

    I'm sorry you had the same problem.  I'm going to have to start doing the same thing once again as soon as I get my new card.  Perhaps hackers are going after small businesses now instead of just the big ones.