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  1. Bashing two houses together

    You could invert one of the Orchids so that you connect them where the bay windows are.  That would reduce the amount of cutting that you have to do.
  2. Bashing two houses together

    What a gorgeous building!  It's not in my budget right now, but I am bookmarking it for the future.
  3. MerrimackHouseFront112017.jpg

    It looks great!  Good luck with the shingling.  That's definitely my least favorite part of building dollhouses- why I have three dollhouses that are finished except for their roofs.  
  4. Gothic Fireplace progress 4.jpg

    It's gorgeous!  I love seeing the progress of your house!  
  5. Emerson Row Stairs

    That sounds really cool.  I'm always looking to put secret rooms and passages in my houses because according to the books I read every old castle and house has them. ;)  
  6. Emerson Row Stairs

    I love them.  They remind me of the stairs in my mom's house (minus the door).  I don't know if that is what I want for my Emerson, but I'm thinking that they would work well in my Orchid I started forever ago and never finished.  
  7. Emerson Row Stairs

    Thanks for the suggestions.  I like the idea of a sideboard or perhaps a cabinet.  I'll have to play around with it.
  8. Emerson Row Stairs

    I'm finishing an Emerson Row, and I'm really happy with it except for the stairs.  They are an eyesore.  I've tried changing them so that face the door so that they don't take up the whole living room, and I've tried closing them in.  I just can't get them to look right.  I've tried some other staircases but the space is so tight that I can't get them to fit.  I thought about leaving them out, but my house is an old station stop on the Underground Railroad and there is going to be a secret entrance to the basement under the steps- based on a childhood friend's real house- so really important to me to keep the stairs. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions.  Thanks.
  9. Stand/table for Lawbre Glen Cove Villa

    I have my Garfields on cheap desks from Amazon.  They cost about the same as a folding table but are sturdier.  
  10. Torn between the Lily & the Beacon Hill : - (

    Hi Karen- The Garfield wing that I have finished wasn't too hard.  I just left off the trim work and porch.  I also switched the door to the side and built out over the opening to make a recessed door.  I'm still want to change the oval windows and the balcony but these parts were done before I decided to make it Tudor.  I haven't figured that out yet.  I'd love to someday switch out the windows for casement windows as well but my budget doesn't allow it at the moment.  I'm still debating what to do about the BH roofline.  I'm thinking of leaving off the curved pieces and extending the walls out to the edge of the third floor or perhaps leaving the area as a walkway with access for archers or lookouts.  I originally was going to make the inside completely Tudor period but decided instead to make it a product of renovations of various periods such as one might find in a grand old house.  I did use granite stone paper on the outside because I can't lift the completed one now.  I can't imagine what it would have weighed if I had covered it in "stone".
  11. Torn between the Lily & the Beacon Hill : - (

    Thanks.  I have a Garfield on each side which make up the wings of the manor (one is inverted).  What you are seeing through each opening are those.  The one on the left was the first part that I finished.  Currently there is a door to the outside but eventually I'll make connecting hallways on both sides.  It's an ongoing project that I finish someday...
  12. Another house bought

    I have my "big" project that will probably be ongoing for the rest of my life, and then I have my "break" houses for when I feel like doing something different.
  13. Torn between the Lily & the Beacon Hill : - (

    I really like the Beacon Hill- someday I'll finish mine.  I did reconfigure the downstairs to give it a small central hall with a larger room on the right because I didn't like how it was laid out.  I like the more "3D" look too, but sometimes it is nice to to the less complicated "2D" builds.  The picture is from an earlier state.  I'm a bit farther along now.  It is the "older" portion of an English Tudor-era manor house so the outside, including the roofline, will look very different when I'm done..  
  14. USA Dollhouse Design

    I used plastic and velcro too.  It keeps the kitties out.
  15. NellBell

    It's very cute.  I hope it will raise a lot of money.