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  1. Paint type?

    I use acrylic craft paint mostly because it is inexpensive at Walmart, and there are a wide variety of color options available to experiment with.  I have also used latex household paint and/or primer for larger areas like ceilings.  I use a small roller for this and paint it before building the house.
  2. Do you know the name of the dollhouse?  People are often willing to share their directions.  Some are also online.
  3. Kit-bashing a Tab-and-Slot house?

    I love the idea.  It turns a simple house into something impressive. I am working on a very long-term project combining two Garfields and a Beacon Hill.  I inverted one of the Garfields and removed some of the walls in the Beacon Hill.  I just did all of the necessary pieces "inside out" for the invert.  The challenge is cutting pieces to line up doorways,etc.  I have a Dremel with woodcutting head to cut the pieces because I find it easier than trying to use saws.  I just leave a little extra when I cut so that I can trim it or sand it to get a nice, straight edge.  One thing to take into consideration when removing a whole side wall is making sure the remaining structure floors are still being supported.  The thin wood is not very sturdy so it's probably a good idea to keep some of the existing exterior wall on the side being cut off or put in a pillar or some other support. Good Luck!  I look forward to seeing the end product.
  4. 51 Prestonwood

    I love the roof and those rafters supporting it.  I hope they are salvageable.
  5. Garfield house (kitchen porch)

    I have never attached the steps because mine are bashes, but this post from someone else may help.  If you scroll most of the way down, there is a closeup picture of the steps.  I hope it will help.
  6. I would try contacting Greenleaf.  I had a kit that was missing an entire wood sheet, and they sent me a new one free of cost- no questions asked.
  7. Garfield kitchen door wall

    I've built two Garfields (one inverted).  Did you put in the Front Wall Right section (Sheet 8)?  It will create an angled corner in the middle room.  Also, you should end up with a narrow "hall" out of the kitchen to the outside door.  Part of the wall for this is the angled wall mentioned above.  This angled wall is not visible at all from the outside of the house as you should end up with 90 degree angles.  This hall is also hard to see in pictures because it is so narrow so it can be a little confusing when building it. If this doesn't help, I may be able to help you further if you can attach pictures of the problem that you are having. This album may also help you as the person has detailed pictures of every step.
  8. Exterior

    This is such a cool idea!  What a great tribute to your mom and grandparents.
  9. Matboard

    I have a hot knife that I find works well.  If I go to slowly, it sometimes leaves a brown mark, but I don't worry about it because I know I will be covering it up.
  10. You're very welcome to use it.  As a teacher, I've come to use PowerPoint for everything.  It is a great work space.  As for paper, I have used sturdy card stock and matte paper.  For "linoleum" floors, I have used photo paper.  I find it takes some experimentation to see what paper and print quality a pattern works best with.  I let the ink dry a day before gluing it.  I also use Aileen's Tacky glue to glue it down rather than wallpaper paste or the glues that have a higher liquid content.  The trick is that if you get a bubble, avoid the temptation to push it down (a lesson I've learned more than once).  Instead, let it dry on it's own, and it will usually go away.  I have never had a trouble with bleeding doing this.  
  11. Another way to do something similar, if you don't have photo-editing software, is Microsoft Powerpoint.  I use it to create blueprints, mock-ups, and to create repetitive patterns for ceiling and floor designs.  I like that it is has the rulers and grids for making things true to scale.  The old newspaper wall covering below I created my cutting and pasting old newspaper images into Powerpoint.  I did then run it through Paintshop Pro to age all of the images to a similar color.
  12. Adding accessories to the San Fran kitchen.jpeg

    I love your attention to detail!
  13. Newest Addition to Our Home

    Rescue cats are wonderful!  I have three of them- each with their own story.
  14. Doors and hinges

    I have used Houseworks doors on my Garfield.  They work for most of the interior doorways.  They also sell narrow doors that work for some of the smaller doorways.  I moved my front door to the side where the bay is and filled in around it with foam board.  The only opening I have not been able to fit a door into is the room with the step down because the doorway opening is so close the ceiling.  
  15. I have gotten people via the phone number, but I did it by leaving a message and then they called me back.