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  1. The Living Room

    Everytime I see the Madison, I think that it should be adapted into the tv house from "Little House on the Prairie".  
  2. I'd suggest foregoing the navy sweater with the temperatures this summer. LOL     Thanks for the information on the club.  I was wondering if there was anything in this area.  I'm not quite sure of my schedule for next weekend, but I'll send you a message to let you know day, I'll be coming.  
  3. Wow! This is less than a mile from my house, and I'll be teaching summer school about a block away.  I'm not signed up to attend, but I will definitely stop by for the public vendor sales on Saturday or Sunday.  Thanks for posting this. PS: I'd like to meet a fellow miniaturist if you would like to get together sometime.
  4. Frustrated

    When I'm not sure if I'll like something (trim, etc.), I glue it in with a hot glue gun.  That way it is easy to remove it without damage if I don't like it.  When I make a final decision, I reglue it with tacky or wood glue.
  5. What a wonderful way to remember your grandparents and their home.  Great idea and great room box.
  6. I vote for the first one.  I love that you have such vivid memories of your dad's secretary and her car.  It also really does look like an old car that you would find buried in the garage of an old house.
  7. Tatsuya Tananka miniature dioramas

    They are really creative!  His macro photography skills are impressive too.  His ability to capture the details of such little objects really brings them to life.  
  8. Help Identifying House

    I have a Rutherford at my mom's house that I built in high school.  I had no idea when I started it how big it would turn out.  It needs a lot of redecorating as I built it before the days of the internet and online stores and only had the resources in Walmart and the local craft store to work with, but I would love to turn it into all that it could be.  I'm hoping to convince my brother to bring it to me in his truck one of these days. The only negative that I recall was that it came with these thick, hard-to-cut shingles.  I only ever shingled one side of the tower roof before I decided that it didn't really need shingles after all.  I guess removal of those shingles would be my first project. :)
  9. IMG_2434.JPG

    I love the wood trim.  It reminds me of the old house my grandparents lived in.
  10. San Franciscan Basement - Left side.JPG

    It looks good.  The thumbnail pictures makes it look like a real house.  
  11. Glencroft rehab blog

    Kathie and Ann- Thanks.  It actually was just a very minor finger burn, but thanks for both of your concerns.  Learning about how well it works was worth it.  I just used it this afternoon when I realized that I had glued the side of my stairs a 1/4 off in my Beacon Hill that I'm working on.  I was able to save the stair side with minimal damage to it or the wall.
  12. Glencroft rehab blog

    I learned the painful way that if I keep my metal scraper where I'm blowing the hot air, it gets really hot and scrapes the glue off easier.  
  13. Glencroft--space next to fireplace?

    I believe it is for wood storage.  I saw real versions of this when I was house-hunting last year.  My Glencroft is currently on hold, but I was trying to figure out to reconfigure it to make it a secret passage between the first and second floors.
  14. The Stone Floor of the Old Manor

    Thanks.  I figure it will be like my real house- a never-ending project. :)
  15. Aging effects

    If the walls are painted, you could try a crackling product.  You first paint with a darker shade then apply the crackling product and then paint the walls again with a lighter color.  When it dries, the paint appears to be peeling.  This is a picture of an abandoned cabin that I made.  This isn't best example of how it works because it was the first time that I used it for the trim, but it gives you an idea.  You can buy it at craft stores or online at Amazon.