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  1. I use foam board to make door ways where none are present.  The best part is that you can fit it in, see how it looks, and then remove it if the doorways do not work or you don't like the look.  Of course, this works best if you are planning on wallpapering the walls so that the foam board is hidden.   I agree with people discouraging removing entire walls.  I'm not familiar with this house, but dollhouses have load-bearing walls just like regular houses.  You could weaken the house structurally if you remove interior walls.
  2. Wallpaper Problems

    I also use tacky glue because I had similar problems with the paste.  There are usually bubbles initially but then they go away when it dries. The key is not to try and push down the bumps because you'll get creased.   Instead let them flatten on their own.
  3. Artsy article on famous dollhouses

    Thank you for sharing.  I have seen Queen Mary's dollhouse at Windsor Castle.  It is definitely a must see.
  4. I think I shared this website before, but this dollhouse artist is so amazing that I thought I would share it again.  Not only is his work incredible, but he describes the steps for each room that he creates.  
  5. 9D7E7D11-41A5-4F43-B649-F5F911B5A36D.jpeg

    I love the decorative trim on the stairs.  I have a similar trim on my stairs in my real house.  It was one of the little things that I fell in love with that led me to buy it.  
  6. Entry.jpeg

    I wish you good luck.  May you have better success than I did.  After a lot of those magic words and multiple glue attempts, I finally got all of my spindles to stay attached.  As I stood looking at it proudly, Cat Number Two flew past me into the house and took out half of the spindles.  Needless-to-say, my dollhouse still does not have a staircase with rails and spindles.
  7. I just remember that mine childhood Arthur was on a turntable with a relatively small base.  That might be another option.
  8. Have you considered doing a half scale?  I've never done one, but a lot of people here have.
  9. Beacon Hill - Interior Doors

    If you want to upgrade your doors, you can buy the premade "narrow doors".  They are closer in size than regular interior doors and require minimal cutting to fit.
  10. Estate Sale Find

    Great find!  There are so many things that you can do with a Beacon Hill.
  11. hardwood flooring

    I have gotten craft "popsicle" sticks at Walmart that were square-ended and the same cheap price as the regular ones.
  12. Laser cut Chantilly

    I'm with Holly.  I treat my dollhouses like puzzles and dry fit until things work because the directions really confuse me.
  13. I bought a Lily and a Westville!

    If you like a stone or brick look, there are some great textured brick and stone papers out there.  I've used both and had people touch the sides of my houses because they can't believe it's not real.
  14. I know that cat feeling.  My oldest, whom I've had for over ten years, is always getting stepped on or tripped over.  I keep telling her that after all of these years, I would think she'd realize that being underfoot is not a good idea. Fortunately, number three usually scoots just in time to avoid to much pain inflicted and number two is terrified of getting stepped on so he stays out of the way.  
  15. I usually recycle the the outside frame pieces, but I have a container where I put my unused parts.  I often find uses for them on other houses.  For example, the siding that comes with the Beacon Hill makes excellent floorboards.  Unused window and door trim comes in handy if you break a piece on another house.  Shingles can be used on other houses that don't come with shingles, etc.