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  1. That is cool!  I didn't even see the chair at first.
  2. Disaster Averted

    I love your floor.  I'm glad it worked out in the end.
  3. I just checked out the US-NZ exchange rate and for what they would cost in US dollars, it might be worth paying high shipping prices if they'll ship abroad.  
  4. I must confess that I don't.  I have about four projects going on right now... and then there's the roofs that I never seem to finish getting the shingles on.  I'm  fortunate that I have enough space in my work area that I can have them all sitting out to work on when I get the urge.  I used to beat myself up over not finishing them, but then I realized that the only one I'm doing this for is me so it's more important that I'm enjoying myself than completing the project.
  5. Another one to add to the hoard. Heritage!!

    It would make a great old, abandoned house.  It certainly reminds me of a few real ones that I've been in.  But, I can certainly understand the desire to rehab.
  6. First Floor

    I like all of the white.  The room is really bright and cheerful already.  
  7. This isn't a wholesale source, but I've found several dogs at those antique malls where they sell everything under the sun.  I can usually get them for a $2-3 each.
  8. Lily Roof

    Thank you both for the advice.  I'm looking forward to trying it out this weekend.
  9. Lily Roof

    I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for getting the Lily side roof pieces to bend.  I'm trying the damp paper towel technique in the directions but so far I have achieved very limited flexibility and almost no bend in the pieces.  Thanks.
  10. Clarification on Foam core ?

    This looks very handy and not very expensive.  Thanks for sharing.  
  11. Clarification on Foam core ?

    I've used a hot knife to cut foam core.  I use a metal ruler to help me get a nice straight, clean cut.  It will make the foam a little brown though it you hold it in one place too long.  Assuming you're covering the foam, the brown is easily covered.
  12. We could use a few prayers if anyone could help

    I will be keeping your daughter-in-law and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
  13. Need help removing carpet!

    You could try a hair dryer.  The heat loosens up most glue.  Start at the edge and as it softens, pull up a little bit at a time or use a putty knife and try to slide it under the carpet as the heat softens the glue.
  14. I just discovered on Amazon that they are selling Buttercups for next to nothing.  I thought that I would pass it along.  
  15. Your organization system from your last cleanup attempt has become completely disorganized.