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  1. Garfield dollhouse

    I've built several Greenleaf dollhouses, including the Garfield.  It's not the easiest, but it's not the hardest I have built.  A couple of strategies I use is I label all of the sheets and group them by structural vs. decorative and by what order I need them.  I do multiple dry fits with as many pieces as possible together before I glue anything.  I also use a battery-powered Dremel to sand my pieces (corded can be too powerful if you're not careful).  It cuts down on sanding and splinters in fingers.  Finally, I gather all of the soup cans from my cupboards and use them to hold walls up while they are drying. There is one big advantage to working with the thin wood of Greenleaf dollhouses.  You can add or subtract doors and windows or change their shapes easily because the wood is easy to cut.  I've also used leftover scraps to add walls and to change the front door location..  I was able to transform my Garfield into a Tudor/Jacobean era manor house just by a few renovations.  
  2. 56b93b047bb73-20150301-152.jpg

    From the album Tudor Manor Kitchen

    The whole kitchen with a few cats of course to keep down the mouse population.  The chickens in the basket will eventually go on spits at the large fireplace.  In the meantime, the basket seemed a good place to ensure they don't get lost.  
  3. 56b93b047bb73-20150301-152.jpg

    Thank you.  
  4. 56b93af9ded92-120150301-8.JPG

    From the album Tudor Manor Kitchen

    The shelf behind the stove was a gift from my grandmother for my first dollhouse when I was a child.  It seemed perfect for this kitchen.  
  5. 56b93af787195-120150301-3.JPG

    From the album Tudor Manor Kitchen

    Large fireplace and bread oven.  
  6. 20150301-6.JPG

    From the album Tudor Manor Kitchen

    The Shady Brook has only a partial second floor and no steps or ladder.  I decided to build my own floor from wood "beams" and add steps to the kitchen  staff's quarters.  I ran out of stucco on the fireplace side and couldn't hide the seam.   It's on my to-do list.
  7. Buttercup 1

    I realized my problem after I posted this.  I received two second floor sheets.  The first floor sheet is on the way. :)
  8. Maus Haus, Buttercup to Orchid Bash

    Thanks for the help.  I realized after I posted this that I had received two second floors instead of a first floor.  Greenleaf is sending me the correct sheet.  It was an impulse buy so I'm still waiting for my inspiration as to what it's going to be.  I'm currently working on a Glencroft so I have some time yet to decide.  
  9. TBH_FE.jpg

    Congratulations!  It's wonderful!  
  10. Maus Haus, Buttercup to Orchid Bash

    Hi, I just did my first dry fit of my Buttercup tonight and noticed there are no slots on the side with the bay window to go with the tabs on the first floor.  I was curious if you knew if there are supposed to be slots to align with the floor or is there something I'm missing.  I can usually figure these things out on my own, but this one has me stumped.  Thanks
  11. Buttercup 1

    I have a question for you regarding the side of the Buttercup with the bay window.  Did yours have slots for the tabs at the bottom?  I did my dry fit tonight and mine doesn't have slots.  I don't really get how the side is supposed to connect to the ground floor.  Thanks.
  12. Hi.  I am new to the forum but not new to dollhouses.  I built the Arthur as a kid and have built on and off over the years.  This past year I have gotten into altering dollhouses or using houses as shells.  My main project is my Tudor-era estate which includes the Garfield as my manor house, a kitchen built from Shadybrook Cabin, and a great hall built from the Orchid.  My goal is to some day have the room to attach them along with a second Garfield to make one grand manor house.  In the meantime, I am working on renovating my Pierce into something else (TBD) and hope to soon start a Tudor era Glencroft.
  13. Garfield interior wall move

    Here is a picture of my house at the time I had the wall in.  I've completely renovated it since then  so I had forgotten exactly what the configuration was.
  14. Garfield interior wall move

    I only tiled out part way for the bathroom and then carpeted a hallway across the back of the house (the open side).  I also built a wall in the master bedroom (it was a library at the time) to extend the hall to the original master bedroom entrance. 
  15. I took out the wall between the kitchen and dining room and currently have a support post until I decide what to do.  I'm thinking of putting in an archway that will be further to the right reducing the size of the dining room but increasing the size of the kitchen.  The same could be done with a wall instead of an arch. 
  16. Is this normal, or am I becoming a hoarder?

    I haven't hoarded kits yet, but I do hoard the leftovers.  I rarely build my houses to the original design so I have a lot of leftover pieces which I save.  I also save a lot of the leftover scraps, unused windows, etc.  I have two big containers of miscellaneous pieces under my bed that I'm sure I'll someday use...