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  1. Prices -- Wow!

    I gave up on buying electric or battery-powered lights because they were so expensive.  That said, I'd had a lot of fun and satisfaction making lamps and ceiling lights out of odds and ends of plastic, jewelry chains and findings, and other things.  
  2. I've built the Dura-Craft Shenandoah kit - unless you REALLY, REALLY want a log cabin for some reason, my advice is to try a Greenleaf or RGT kit first.  They are much easier and faster to put together.  The Shenandoah with its 700 or so individual pieces is quite difficult and not the best choice for a first build.  Just saying...….
  3. Refurbishing Old Harrison Dollhouse

    I've made dollhouse kits more stable by gluing blocks of wood in the corners of the base (under the first floor).  I've put corner trim on vertical outside corners of the house and glued horizontal pieces of trim on the outside walls to cover up the places where the tab/slots are.  Another thing that helps is to put baseboard and cornice molding in the interior rooms making sure walls get glued to floors in the process.  Good luck with your project.
  4. Hello from a fellow Minnesotan!  It's a very enjoyable hobby and this is a great place to get ideas.