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  1. Are You On Pinterest?

    I am - used to look at it everyday, now not so much.  I've gotten patterns for miniature carpets and lots of printies for various dollhouses items , like leaves and boxes.  It is good for organizing ideas, but as you so rightly say, it can really take up your time.
  2. Plastic kits

    I like the Chrysnbon kits a lot.  You do have to use the model kit glue like  Testor's (available at your local Walmart in the section where they sell boy's toys and plastic car models).  I've used both paint and stain on them and it generally works quite well.  They seem to me to be slightly smaller in scale than most dollhouse furniture and that can be very handy for some of the dollhouses with smaller rooms.  They are usually quite detailed and have a lot of small pieces that you have to separate and do some sanding in spots.
  3. Has anyone used this magnetic gluing jig?

    I bought one - it's very useful when building furniture kits to keep corners nice and square.  Am real glad I got it.
  4. Dolls or no dolls?

    After I bought some really nice Heidi Ott dolls, they just didn't feel or look right to me in my Simplicity dollhouse.  On the other hand, I put some little stuffed animal figures in my Christmas-themed house and loved them.  Go figure.
  5. I'm in Minnesota too, Elk River, which is NW of the Twin  Cities.  I've been on this forum for a number of years and have found it really useful for ideas and tips.  There are some really talented people on this forum (I'm not one of them) and some beautiful work to admire.  I have found that I learn from doing, so my advice is just to jump in and start working.  

  6. Time Out

    Prayers and best wishes from America's heartland are coming your way.  
  7. I've always been intrigued by this place - "Maple Street" in Roylston, Herts. - looks to be a little southwest of Cambridge.  It's both an -line and bricks and mortar store.  They have a website.  There are dollhouses displayed at the V&A Children's Museum in London although that is not real easy to get to.  
  8. Bedroom

    Nice needlework pieces!  
  9. Analyse

    I love the scarecrow!
  10. American vs. British dollhouses

    What I would like to see is an "American-style" dollhouse that came with the option of a hinged back with windows and a doorway already in the back.  How about it, Greenleaf?
  11. I have little not-to-scale animals in a 1:12 house - the Whitney.  It works for me.
  12. am I the only one

    My husband and I just exchange cards, not a big deal.  However, my mother expects (and gets) flowers, cards, chocolate, and phone calls from her daughters and grandchildren. We do it to keep her happy and to add something to her fairly uneventful life in a care center.
  13. Question about lights

    I make my own non-working lights.  Like Holly, I don't think the expense is worth it, and it is more fun for me to make the lights from odds and ends. That said, I do admire the dollhouses that others electrify.
  14. IMG_2256.JPG

    Wonderful transformation - I love the interior.   Good Job!!!!  
  15. Need help with printables

    I don't think you can print directly from Pinterest.  You can click on the image that you like, copy it, then paste it either as a photo or a Word document, then print it out from your  computer. However, you have to be very careful about copyright - it's really best to follow the Pinterest thread back to the original website and see if it is copyrighted or not.  A better thing to do is to go to the regular web sites that have free (non-copyrighted) images for miniaturists to print out.  There are a number of them.