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  1. Stained Glass

    I use 3M lead tape, I would have to check on the thickness. I've read that the lead golf tape is difficult to make curves with. I cut it in very thin strips and that keeps it flexible for curves. Still takes a lot of time and patience. 
  2. Stained Glass

    Thanks! Yes, they're both mini. The left window is one of a set of 3 for my Alison Jr. The right window was the first one I made so I just used a clear transparency sheet for the experiment. I now use thin, rigid acrylic/plexiglass sheets from hobby lobby. It supports the weight and holds shape better than the transparency sheets. 
  3. Stained Glass

    I use gallery glass on clear plastic. For the lead lines, I cut thin strips from adhesive backed lead tape. I place my clear plastic over a printed version of my design so I can work from a template. I like the texture & realism you get with this method, but printing a design on clear transparency sheets is a nice alternative. 
  4. 3D Papercrafts

    The first two pictures in my first post show the box cards which fold flat. The third picture is houses & gift boxes. Hopefully that makes more sense. 
  5. 3D Papercrafts

    They don't the picture with the houses is just little 3d houses & boxes with a removable roof or lid. I tried to separate that picture from the text about the cards but I'm on my phone & it didn't work out.  I've also started making these paper cut light boxes using heavy Watercolor paper, a deep shadow box and LED strip lights. This one is a scene from the book Where the Wild Things Are. I use my silhouette cameo and Illustrator software to make these. 
  6. 3D Papercrafts

    My other main hobby is 3d paper crafts. I make a lot of box cards which are getting cards that fold flat to fit in an envelope, but pop up for display. These are a few examples. It's surprising how much people love getting a handmade card in the mail!  I also make a lot of 3d houses, putz houses and gift boxes. I use my silhouette cameo to cut all of the pieces out of cardstock & patterned paper. 
  7. Watercolor Game Changer

    True, they aren't cheap but you don't need too many since you can always mix colors. I got them for Christmas and I wish it hadn't taken me so long to try them out, 
  8. Seasonal Landscaping

    This is a really good idea but as you mentioned, I don't know how well it would work with a larger 1:12 scale house. I was thinking of landscaping for a RGT house and they are so heavy! 
  9. Watercolor Game Changer

    I love using watercolor washes when making miniature flowers and for coloring items made from air dry clay but I get frustrated that the color sometimes runs when I seal the surface. Because of this I've started working with Derwent Inktense pencils and blocks and I wanted to share how useful they've been.  They work the same as traditional Watercolors & Watercolor pencils but once dry, the color is permanent. You can add additional washes and sealants without worry that the color will run. You a also use them to permanently color fabrics which creates a lot of possibilities for mini work! I'm finding that I can get more vibrant colors than with traditional watercolor. 
  10. Seasonal Landscaping

    That's a great idea, thank you! That makes a lot more sense than what I originally had in mind. I would love to see hers, does she have pictures posted anywhere? 
  11. Seasonal Landscaping

    I am starting to plan my first landscaping project but I get hung up on how to switch it up to account for different seasons as I decorate the house accordingly.  Does anyone have suggestions for the best way to incorporate a large tree that could be swapped out? I'm thinking of making 2 - one with a lot of green leaves and one with a few late fall leaves. I can't visualize how to anchor it to the base, while making it interchangeable. 
  12. 58f828648ca49-2017-04-1922.07.43.jpg

    It's looking really good! I'm working on a house the same color and I see so few RL and miniatures with this green/red/yellow paint scheme that I was starting to wonder if I've made a huge mistake. 
  13. SF555

    I love this house! I have the kit but have been too intimidated by all of the sanding and those windows to start. I'm looking forward to following along with your build! 
  14. Replacing windows on the Beacon Hill

    I also have a cameo and the vinyl method works great!  When I want to make stained glass windows, I cut thin strips of lead tape. There are a few examples in my (very out of date) Alison Jr. album.